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2019 PDGA Pro Masters Disc Golf World Championships - Field Events


Event Descriptions

Long Drive Competition 

*The 2019 Pro Masters Disc Golf World Championships  Long Drive Competition is not a true distance competition, as it is not a WFDF-sanctioned event.

At the teeing area, there will be 3 stations for throwers. There will also be a designated throwing area, or grid, that discs must land in. The landing area will be 50 – 75 yards wide. Discs that land outside of the designated landing area will not count and will not be measured. Players will get five throws each, and will use their own discs. If a player foot faults (releases the disc with a supporting point in front of the throwing line or outside of his or her station), that throw will be forfeited. If a throw is interfered with during flight (the disc hits a person, animal, or an administrator-specified obstacle before the disc contacts the ground), that throw will not count and the player shall immediately get a rethrow.

Each spotter shall be in charge of spotting for one player at a time. Each spotter should have 5 surveyor flags. As each throw is taken, the spotter should track the disc and spot exactly where it first contacts the ground and place a flag there. Only the longest throw is measured so, if a subsequent throw is shorter than the previously marked throw, there is no need to mark it. There is also a designated landing area. Only discs that make first impact within the designated throwing area will count. The spotter should keep track of each of the player’s throws and, if possible, should attempt to gather the player’s discs and place them next to the longest throw. After each player has thrown their five throws, the spotter shall stand at their player’s longest throw. The administrator shall laser each player’s longest throw while standing at the station that the player threw from. The administrator will then note each distance and move on to the next round of players.


Long Drive is the only field event offering all age/gender brackets.divisions in which we have eligible competitors. Awards will be issued for each division that has Long Drive competitors.

Mini Disc Golf 

This is NOT a Mini Disc Golf Federation event. Mini Golf Rules at Masters Worlds are as follows:

  1. The leading foot must remain on the tee through the entire throw. Follow through or jumping from the tee is permitted after the disc has left your hand.
  2. No runups allowed for ANY throw.
  3. Falling putts are allowed outside the PDGA 10 meter rule.
  4. If a player makes a falling putt or moves his or her leading foot from the ground during tee off or during a throw, a warning is given and a penalty stroke for further infractions of this rule. The back foot may move freely.
  5. Players play the lie and not where it went out of bounds unless the lie is hazardous to the player. This would be if a player landed on a road, path, or sidewalk or went past the point designated out of bounds. The player does not bring the disc back into bounds, but plays the lie (hazard).
  6. There is no height out-of-bounds. Play the mini disc as close to or under the mini disc as possible and no closer to the basket. On top of a roof or a building is OB. Play from as close to under the mini disc as possible, no closer to the basket and take a stroke.
  7. A throw that lands on top of the basket is considered to have completed the hole.
  8. No minis over 4 ¼ inches in diameter are allowed. Also, no minis made from wood or metal are allowed. (2011)


Mini disc golf champions will be determined for the following divisions in which we have eligible competitors: Master Men, Master Women, Master Men 60+, Master Women 60+

Putting Competition

There will be 9 stations each with a basket in which three putts of varying length and difficulty will be presented. The spots at each station will have putts worth 1, 2 and 3 points. A majority of the spots will be straight-on putts, but will also include many obstacles, elevation change and low ceiling putts that provide a good variety of putts.

Players should be in groups of no less than three and get a scorecard and pencil. Normal PDGA rules apply. Players will get one putt at each spot (1 point spot, 2 point spot, and 3 point spot) for a total of three putts at each station/basket. Each player should putt from a spot and then retrieve their putter after each attempt. The total number of points will be written for that hole/station before the next station is started. A missed putt is worth zero. Total the points after all stations have been completed (27 total putts in 9 stations) and submit scorecard.

The maximum for each station would be 6 points. A perfect game of no missed putts would have a total score of 54.


Putting champions will be determined for the following divisions in which we have eligible competitors: Master Men, Master Women, Master Men 60+, Master Women 60+

SkillShot™ Challenge presented by EDGE 


The throws required in the SkillShot™ Challenge come from a standard repertoire that most disc golfers use. To make sure that the Challenge is conducted in a fair manner, the following definitions will be used.

  • BACKHAND: Bringing the disc across the chest, and releasing it with the back of the hand aimed toward the target.
  • SIDEARM/FOREHAND: Holding the disc level and out away from the body, fling it, like snapping a towel, with palm aimed toward the target.
  • ROLLER: Throwing the disc on an angle, with a backhand or forehand release, so that it lands on its edge and rolls toward the target. The disc must roll at least half the distance to the target to count.
  • UPSIDE-DOWN: Thrown in such a manner that the disc is upside down at some time during the flight.
  • KNEELING/SEATED: One or both knees must be on the ground or player must be seated when the disc is thrown. Use any type of throw that feels comfortable.
  • FREESTYLE: Any type of stance and throwing style is allowed including rollers and upside-down.
  • OBSTRUCTED: A tree, bush or artificial structure is located about half the distance to the target on the line of play. Using the technique of your choice, throw your disc around or over the obstruction.

SkillShot™ was developed as an assessment tool for the EDGE curriculum. For more information about EDGE, visit or call 1-866-391-3343.


EDGE Skillshot champions will be determined for the following divisions in which we have eligible competitors: Master Men, Master Women, Master Men 60+, Master Women 60+