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2019 Amateur Worlds - Invitation to Register Criteria

2019 Amateur Worlds - Invitation to Register Criteria

Last updated: Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 12:23

All Amateurs participating in the 2019 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships must be current 2019

PDGA Amateur members and Certified Official's through the end of the event before they can register for the event. Players must also maintain their amateur status by declining pro cash at PDGA Tour Events until after the 2019 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships or they will no longer be eligible.

In order to receive an invite, players must have been a 2018 current member prior to December 15, 2018.

Qualification Criteria

1) United States Top Amateur Points earners of the 2018 PDGA Tour year.  Minimum Amateur Points Required are:

Div - Men Min Points Div - Women Min Points
MA1 1500 FA1 90
MA40 750 FA40 50
MA50 500 FA50 40
MA55 500 FA55 40
MA60 100 FA60 10
MA65 100 FA65 10
MA70 20

2) Female Amateur Legends

All 2018 current female Amateur members eligible for the FA70 division in 2019 who completed any PDGA sanctioned tournament (not league) in an Amateur division during the 2018 PDGA tour year.

3) Additional US State Invites

Any US State that did not have at least 10% of it's resident amateur 2018 Tour participants qualify through criteria #1-2 above, will have additional invites provided to the top points earners (by highest % of their Primary Division Requirement) in order to reach 10

4) International

 All 2018 current International Amateur members (country other than USA or Canada) who completed a PDGA sanctioned tournament (not league) in either an Amateur or Professional division during the 2018 tour year.

5) Canadian

All 2018 current Canadian Amateur members who completed three (3) PDGA sanctioned tournaments (not leagues) in either an Amateur or Professional division during the 2018 tour year.

Primary Invite Process:

The process for a player's primary invite uses ALL of their 2018 earned Amateur points, regardless of the amateur division earned in, to meet the requirement for the player's 2019 age bracket division.  Examples of Age Bracket Divisions:  Age 19-39 in 2019 = MA1 or FA1; Age 40-49 in 2019 = MA40 or FA40; etc.  This process allows for members to still receive an invite for Worlds even though they had aged into a new age bracket which they had not been able to earn points for in the previous year.

Additional Invite Process:

The process for an invite to any additional divisions beyond the Primary Invite uses only those 2018 points earned while actually playing in the specific division to meet that division's points requirement.

Example of the Worlds invite process:

A 2018 member who is male and age 54 had earned 350 points playing MA50, 765 points playing MA40, and 1,000 points playing MA1.

  • Since he is an MA50-aged player he receives a Primary Invite for MA50 because ALL of his Amateur points (2,115) equaled at least the 500 point requirement for an MA50 Primary Invite (even though he had less than 500 playing in MA50.)
  • He also receives an Additional Invite for the MA40 division because he had 765 points actually playing in the MA40 division which met the requirement of 750 points.
  • He does NOT receive an Additional Invite for the MA1 division as he only had 1,000 points playing in the MA1 division and the requirement was 1,500 points.

Additional Important Notes:

  • An invitation to register for Worlds, does NOT guarantee a spot at Worlds.  Timely registration is still required to get in.
  • ONLY 2018 CURRENT Amateur members (prior to 12/15/2018) earn 2018 Amateur points towards World invites.
  • ONLY 2018 Amateur points (those points earned playing in an Amateur division) count towards Criteria #1.
  • ONLY 2018 Amateur members (prior to 12/15/2018) can earn an invite to register for the 2019 Amateur Worlds

Please direct any questions regarding the Worlds invitation process to the PDGA Tour Manager.

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