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Heritage Park

  • Hole 3 - The wood structure is a playing surface.

Rosedale Park

  • Hole 8 - All shots that come to rest OVER the white line but NOT on the Island play as a Hazard Area.  Play it where it lies, add one penalty throw.
  • Hole 17 – The culvert is in-bounds.

Waterworks Park

  • Hole 1 – The area painted around the fallen tree is played as a Relief Area.  Play it just as you would an OB area, but without a penalty throw.
  • Hole 3 – There is NO mando.
  • Holes 4, 5, & 6 – The Shelter OB is defined by paint and concrete on the backside.
  • Hole 17 - The Mando is the LEFT side of the tree.