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2020 Asia Open • R2B9 • James Conrad • Jacky Chen • Philo Brathwaite • Manabu Kajiyama • NatePerkins

2020 Asia Open MPO • Round 2 • Front 9 (First round not recorded) Featuring: James Conrad, Jacky Chen, Philo Brathwaite, Manabu Kajiyama, Nate Perkins Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy Camera & Edit: The Disc Golf Guy Location: Kaohsiung Metro Park, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Date: February 8, 2020 The Asia Open makes it's first return since the 2017 iteration and it's time to buckle up for a wild ride. Manabu Kajiyama has to be one of the favorites as he is the defending champion and he knows this temporary course and property better than any other player. However, with star power like the 2019 US Champion, James Conrad representing Innova along with teammate and early season winner, Philo Brathwaite we have to assume we are in for a good battle. Nate Perkins is also hungry to get an international victory and this is a great opportunity to do so. The one remaining face on this lead card is one you won't recognize. That's unless you've played in a local non-sanctioned event as it's Jacky Chen (PDGA #128836). Let's see if this young 22 year old can handle the pressures found on a lead card.