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Two Rounds Remain Before Cuts for Finals at NCDGC

2017 NCDGC Tournament Director John Baker during the opening ceremonies on Wednesday morning.

In the last two days of competition at the 2017 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, the teams that make up the Championship Flight have played in three team doubles rounds and one round of singles on a combined four courses here at the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex. If you’ve been following the results online, there’s a good chance you’re a bit confused as to who’s in the lead. Worry not, disc golf fans. No one knows who’s in the lead just yet. The long-awaited results of today’s rounds will determine which teams make the cut for the finals on Saturday. Finally, we’ll know who’s winning!

It’s unusual to have multiple rounds logged after two full days of disc golf and still have no official way to say who’s in the lead, but this isn’t your usual tournament.On top of having to use pools because of the size of the field, the overall team scores for the NCDGC depend on more than just the total scores carded during the team doubles rounds.

Each team consists of four teammates, all of which must complete two singles rounds in addition to four rounds of team doubles. Once all six rounds are complete, the scores from both the team doubles and the singles are all combined into one overall team score. When that is all said and done, the top 32 teams will advance to the finals tomorrow afternoon. The teams that did not make the cut will compete tomorrow as well for the “NIT” finals.

CSUMB's team captain Jenn Schopfer snags the solo birdie during her singles round on Hogback on Thursday.

It’s a bit misleading to act as if we have no idea who’s in the lead. After the opening rounds on Wednesday, the teams were split into an A-Pool and B-Pool. Although there has been some movement between the teams in the bottom half of the A-Pool and the top half of the B-Pool, the teams at the top of the A-Pool have remained mostly the same. That’s not to say that their rounds today couldn’t cause a drastic change, but it is unlikely.

The current top 10 teams which, again, are 100% unofficial, are all A-Pool teams that will play one last round of team doubles this morning followed by one round of singles in the afternoon. Of the teams ranked 11th-20th, only four are B-Pool and they’ll be playing two rounds of team doubles today, as both of their singles rounds are already in the books.

It’s all still a bit confusing to someone watching from outside the event, having only the scores online to use as a reference, but we assure that by the end of the day it will all make sense. And we will explain the results in detail before heading into the finals tomorrow.

In the meantime, follow the live scores today on and follow @pdgalive on twitter for updates, pictures, and info!

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