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Kinder Krusher - Pro and Advanced

Kinder Krusher - Pro and Advanced

Event Info

Pro/Am B-Tier

StatusTotal PlayersLast UpdatedCurrent Local Time
Reserved; Sanctioning pending local law.1020-May-2020 11:41:15 EDT30-May-2020 18:18:48 EDT

Current Registration

Pro Masters 60+ (4)

Billy Bob Vigil #7310
Springfield, Virginia, United States
Duncan Yeager #7360
Pasadena, Maryland, United States
Mark Sherwood #14279
Hyattsville, Maryland, United States
Jonathan Gere #33574
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States
Billy Bob Vigil7310885SpringfieldVAUS
Duncan Yeager7360807PasadenaMDUS
Mark Sherwood14279897HyattsvilleMDUS
Jonathan Gere33574902Camp HillPAUS

Advanced (6)

Steve Burton #39844
Potterville, Michigan, United States
Shawn Coover #54841
Woodbridge, Virginia, United States
Joshua Donner #74654
Brandywine, Maryland, United States
Ryan Sparks #97120
Crofton, Maryland, United States
Evan “Long Disc” Frady #97524
Severna Park, Maryland, United States
Jonathan Spenceley #99843
Centreville, Maryland, United States
Steven Burton39844932PottervilleMIUS
Shawn Coover54841931WoodbridgeVAUS
Joshua Donner74654918BrandywineMDUS
Ryan Sparks97120896CroftonMDUS
Evan Frady97524923Severna ParkMDUS
Jonathan Spenceley99843910CentrevilleMDUS