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Gonzo Liberty Battle - All Adv and All Rec divisions

Gonzo Liberty Battle - All Adv and All Rec divisions

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Pro/Am C-Tier

StatusTotal Players
Event complete; official ratings processed.39

Official Results

Advanced (22)

Rick Muniz #42244
Georgetown, Texas, United States
Tony Bender #19088
Missouri City, Texas, United States
Devin Graham #44029
Austin, Texas, United States
Jeremy Grange #28180
Manchaca, Texas, United States
Matt Kessler #22946
Pflugerville, Texas, United States
Kevin Browning #35812
Austin, Texas, United States
Zack West #52005
Austin, Texas, United States
Joel Santrock #34550
Gunnison, Colorado, United States
Shane Daman #15406
Austin, Texas, United States
James Gorman #11501
Pasadena, Texas, United States
Brandon May #39022
Bastrop, Texas, United States
Austin Strickland #51742
Palo Pinto, Texas, United States
Edward Garcia #47208
China Spring, Texas, United States
Matt Maclane #25782
Austin, Texas, United States
Jason Kempinski #52402
Lakewood, Colorado, United States
Daniel Pineda #31662
Tomball, Texas, United States
Justin McCue #53853
Katy, Texas, United States
Derreck Potter #33244
Roy, Utah, United States
Mike Perez #42742
Austin, Texas, United States
Chris Hernandez #41399
Mineral Wells, Texas, United States
Zachary Ladwig #47133
College Sta, Texas, United States
Long Tees; 18 holes; Par 60
Long Tees; 18 holes; Par 60
1110.00Rick Muniz422449405994155979114
2105.00Tony Bender190889225697060932116
2105.00Devin Graham440299336192255979116
495.00Jeremy Grange281809546093257960117
495.00Matt Kessler229469395895159941117
685.00Kevin Browning358129156192257960118
685.00Zack West520059196093258951118
685.00Joel Santrock345509286093258951118
685.00Shane Daman154069485895160932118
1065.00James Gorman115019596093259941119
1160.00Brandon May390229286093261922121
1160.00Austin Strickland517426786654988121
1350.00Edward Garcia472089296093262913122
1445.00Matt Maclane257829146291361922123
1445.00Jason Kempinski524026192262913123
1635.00Dick Musselman6163124
1730.00Daniel Pineda316628866291363903125
1825.00Justin McCue538536588461922126
1825.00Derreck Potter332449056291364894126
2015.00Mike Perez427429366588462913127
2110.00Chris Hernandez413999126687564894130
225.00Zachary Ladwig471338807281867866139

Advanced Masters (5)

Wayne Dillen #34309
Wimberley, Texas, United States
Randall Crockett #7181
Crawford, Texas, United States
Andrew Romero #29488
Manchaca, Texas, United States
Kevin Ballew #15023
Buda, Texas, United States
Gary Marotz #43177
Cedar Park, Texas, United States
Short Tees; 18 holes; Par 54
Short Tees; 18 holes; Par 54
120.00Wayne Dillen343099155794160911117
216.00Randall Crockett71819206289255961117
312.00Andrew Romero294889086091161901121
48.00Kevin Ballew150239186190164872125
48.00Gary Marotz431778955992166852125

Advanced Grandmasters (3)

John Castruita #42756
Spicewood, Texas, United States
Micheal Daman #15405
Jarrell, Texas, United States
Jan Baumgardner #22361
New Braunfels, Texas, United States
Short Tees; 18 holes; Par 54
Short Tees; 18 holes; Par 54
19.00John Castruita427569265893156951114
26.00Micheal Daman154059105992161901120
33.00Jan Baumgardner223618846190163882124

Recreational (9)

Matt Gongora #50614
Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
Douglas Branch #44648
Texas City, Texas, United States
Michael Camacho #50793
Austin, Texas, United States
Thomas Witte #43324
Austin, Texas, United States
Joe Rosemond #53096
Cibolo, Texas, United States
Israel Cantu #50547
Robstown, Texas, United States
Michael Matsuda #45743
Leander, Texas, United States
Richard Molis #50575
Austin, Texas, United States
Phillip Gines #46203
Mcallen, Texas, United States
Short Tees; 18 holes; Par 54
Short Tees; 18 holes; Par 54
127.00Matt Gongora506148645893161901119
224.00Douglas Branch446488956190163882124
224.00Michael Camacho507938766685258931124
418.00Thomas Witte433248616487263882127
515.00Joe Rosemond530966388267842130
612.00Israel Cantu505478306784264872131
79.00Michael Matsuda457437456982364872133
86.00Richard Molis505758236784267842134
93.00Phillip Gines462038357972467842146