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Toronto Island A/B Tier: 1987 Worlds Revisited

Summer is drawing to a close and yet memories of the PDGA Worlds linger in our consciousness. This time though, it feels a little different. This isn’t Charlotte, or Santa Cruz, or even Rochester, though you’re getting closer.

You can hear U2’s “With or Without You” on the radio and in the background someone on the TV is interviewing President Reagan and you ask yourself, "Where and when am I?”

The familiar sound of plastic slamming into chains is reassuring but you’re still not sure where you are until you look across the bay towards a downtown skyline topped by its recognizable CN Tower. Yes, you’re on Toronto Island and you’ve gone 25 years into the past to the 1987 World Disc Golf Championship.

The only occasion that the PDGA World Championships were held outside of the United States happened in 1987 and many future disc golf hall of famers were there to contest it. Seven years after the Toronto Island course was established, the cream of the disc golf world gathered on Toronto Island and it was two future hall-of famers who played into extra holes before Gregg Hosfeld prevailed over local Mike Sullivan.

This weekend, we'll celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the '87 Worlds with many of the areas top pros and emerging amateurs going up against more recent World Champions, such as Valarie Jenkins, Des Reading, Nate Doss, Avery Jenkins, Jay Reading, and yes, Gregg Hosfeld. The Miniac himself is back to duke it out on Toronto Island.

The “A” tier Toronto Island Maple Leaf is in its fifth year and we are dedicated to preserving the growth and vitality of disc golf in the Toronto area and salute all the players, past, present and future who come to challenge the 8,300+ foot layout of Toronto Island.

Located in the heart of Canada's largest metropolis, Toronto Island is a 10 minute ferry ride from the downtown waterfront, but you might as well be deep into the countryside as this jewel of a park hosts a tranquil setting with spectacular views of Lake Ontario and downtown Toronto.

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