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The PDGA began 2019 with a goal of populating the Rules Committee with new voices and posted a call for candidates. We received more than 30 applications, and by the end of March a new committee had been seated.

First, we would like to thank the departing members of the Rules Committee for their hard work and dedication in recent years:

PDGA Committees oversee specialized areas of the organization and provide guidance and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. PDGA Working Groups function in the same manner as Committees, however, they only convene as needed to address specific issues. Unlike Committees, Working Groups do not hold regularly scheduled meetings nor are they required to submit reoccurring reports to the Board of Directors.

PDGA Country Representatives, State Coordinators and Province Coordinators represent nearly a hundred key PDGA volunteer positions around the globe and within the United States and Canada repsectively. Each year approximately half of State and Province Coordinators are elected and PDGA Country Representatives are appointed by each participating country’s national disc sports or disc golf governing body.

State/Provincial Coordinator roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

PDGA Canadian Province Coordinators represent over 10 key PDGA volunteer positions in Canada. Each year approximately half of Province Coordinators are elected.

PDGA State Coordinators represent over 50 key PDGA volunteer positions in the United States. Each year approximately half of State Coordinators are elected