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2019 Discraft Great Lakes Open

2019 Discraft Great Lakes Open

Discraft's Great Lakes Open has come to a close, and Paul McBeth is now a 2x Champion. Kevin Jones started the day with a one throw lead over Paul McBeth, and it shaped to up be a battle throughout the day. Kevin gave Paul a stroke early going OB on his first drive of the day. Kevin would then have to settle for par on hole two while Paul landed a birdie and at that point, his lead was relinquished. Kevin would get back to a tie, grabbing a birdie on hole three to Paul's par and the battle was on. They went shot-for-shot on holes four and five before Paul grabbed two birdies to Kevin's two pars on holes six and seven.

Day two, moving day, at the Discraft Great Lakes Open has come to a close. JohnE McCray made some moves. Six birdies in a row pulled him onto the lead card for a brief moment before later playing player surpassed his total while he watched from the clubhouse. His 11 down, the hot round of the day, ended up moving him up 29 spots. His putter was on fire — three out of four from Circle 2. 100% in C1X. Moving day, indeed.

With day two in the books for Discraft's Great Lakes Open, the play was stellar as the rain held off for the morning round. Starting the day hot, Catrina Allen birdied four of the first six holes. She was able to close the gap between her and Paige Pierce to three strokes through 14 holes. This gap was a manageable deficit. Come back tomorrow, hit your lines, drop some C2 putts, and this is anyone's event to win. Then Paige Pierce closed it out.  She birdied four of the last six holes including a basket hit on hole 15, missing another ESPN moment by inches. Except for an off-target drive on 18 which hit the OB wall to stay in, she was flawless to close out the round.

​After nearly 12 hours since the first tee time of day one of the Discraft Great Lakes Open all cards from the MPO division are in the clubhouse. The hot rounds of the day came from across multiple tee times and a variety of styles of players. Outside of the competition, lightning was the name of the game today. At 2:57, lightning struck within seven miles of the course as part of a pop-up shower and so play was delayed for thirty minutes. With a restart of 3:27 play was able to resume for an hour before another delay held up play for an hour as a second storm blew north of the course. Worth noting, the course did not see a drop of rain during the delays.

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