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2018 HOFC

2018 HOFC

Throw-by-throw videos produced and edited by JomezPro, Central Coast Disc Golf, and The Disc Golf Guy.

Trophies being displayed at the 2018 San Francisco Open (left) and the 2017 Ed Headrick Hall of Fame Classic (right) that ProActive Sports Disc Golf engraved and provided. Photos: DGPT / PDGA

In a milestone year, 2017 saw a 15% jump in active PDGA membership. Tournaments have seen a 13% increase this past year to keep up with the sport’s rapid growth. As disc golf gains momentum and further recognition in the sports community, the stakes are higher than ever to create a seamless tournament experience. Between the course prep, registration, staffing and merchandising, balancing the process components can have its challenges.

Airport Info

Anyone coming to the 2018 Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic presented by REC TEC Grills by air will be best off flying into Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) in Augusta, Georgia; located 30 miles from the International Disc Golf Center (IDGC) in Appling, Georgia. However, AGS is a very small airport and flights are not always the easiest to find. If you cannot find a suitable flight into AGS, the next-closest airport is Columbia Metropolitan Airport located in Columbia, South Carolina. See the list below for more information.