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Super Class Competition and Equipment

Super Class is a new class of discs introduced in 2009. These discs are “super” in several ways. They comprise the largest diameter, tallest height, bluntest rim and heaviest weight discs up to 200 grams that are approved for PDGA play. The ‘Scamp' logo above and the Laserian typeface can be used by manufacturers on hot stamps to identify Super Class discs and retailers can use them to identify the category for advertising. 

While all discs that meet the Super Class specifications are approved for regular PDGA competition, there’s also a new competition category called Super Class events. Super Class events require all players to only use Super Class discs. Other than being restricted to Super Class discs, these events are run just like regular events and all tiers are available for sanctioning. 

The following article discusses the wide ranging reasons for developing the Super Class format:  Throwback to the Future

Here is the list of discs currently approved for Super Class:  Super Class Discs Feb 2009

Super Class discs are also identified in the PDGA Approved disc file in a far right column:  PDGA Approved Discs

Blunt edge

This chart shows where Super Class discs fit in the range of all blunt edged discs approved for PDGA competition. All PDGA approved discs are called Hi-Tech and cover the whole chart except the upper right corner with the gray gravel color.

Among Hi-Tech discs are the subset that meet the new Super Class specs (bottom pink and white areas and also the subset that meet the older Vintage Class specs (left green and white areas). Vintage Class is a category of discs that continue to be used by players in several overalls events. Essentially any blunt edged disc with a diameter of 23.7 cm or higher is a Super Class disc.

The following document shows some of the differences between Vintage versus Super Class discs:  Blunt Edged Wing Ratio

This table shows the World Open distance records for Hi-Tech, Super Class and Vintage discs as of February 2009. Open World Distance Records since 1970. The records for Super Class discs for different age groups are shown here: Super Class World Distance Records 

Here is document that shows pictures of a variety of Super Class discs and some possible options for bags to carry them until the disc golf manufacturers develop bags specifically to carry these slightly larger diameter discs. These discs and bags are from Chuck Kennedy’s collection which doesn’t include every Super Class disc mold. The bags examples shown are not endorsed by the PDGA. However, all of the discs pictured are PDGA approved for Super Class. Examples of Super Class discs and bags

The new PDGA Super Class ratings are posted for players who have earned them for Super Class events in 2009.The Super Class Nationals was held Aug 29-30 at the Lemon Lake course complex just southeast of Chicago. Here is the link to current Super Class ratings: Current Super Class Ratings