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Minimum Age Limit for PDGA Majors

Minimum Age Limit for PDGA Majors

Last updated: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 15:51

As the PDGA remains focused on providing first-class tournament opportunities to our membership, we consistently review feedback from our players, TDs, volunteers, and staff upon completion of our PDGA Major events. After holding the first stand-alone PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championship in 2018, we observed and received feedback about our youngest age divisions, MJ6 and FJ6, that indicates that a Major tournament environment is not the ideal setting for this age group. While we want to encourage young kids to pick up disc golf, after consulting with youth and education professionals, as well as TDs with experience running Junior events, we’ve concluded the most ideal starting age for Major caliber competition should start no younger than age 8. This appears to be the “sweet spot” within our sport where kids begin to develop the mental and physical maturity needed to participate in Major-level competition.

Taking this under advisement, the PDGA Board of Directors unanimously voted at the 2018 PDGA Fall Summit to no longer offer the MJ6 and FJ6 divisions at PDGA Majors. They have also set a minimum age of 8 years old for Majors beginning in 2019. This means a child must turn 8 years of age anytime during the year in which they wish to compete in a Major. For example, a 7-year-old turning 8 on their birthday anytime in 2019 is eligible to play in a 2019 Major that offers the MJ8 and FJ8 divisions.

The Board understands some individuals have already qualified to play in the event for 2019, however, they decided this was in the best interest of our Major events moving forward. While this change would have only affected four juniors participating at the 2018 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championship, we are keenly aware that this demographic continues to grow, and we will evaluate this policy on a year-to-year basis.