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2022 PDGA State & Provincial Coordinator Candidates

2022 PDGA State & Provincial Coordinator Candidates

Last updated: Friday, July 1, 2022 - 10:29


Patrick Miller, #55433

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I want to be your Alaska PDGA state coordinator for the following reasons.  First, I’ve directed dozens of tournaments around the great state of Alaska.  I care about disc golf enough to put my time and energy into tournaments, and I want to see it grow at the local and state level.  Second, I’ve played in dozens of tournaments across Alaska and the lower 48.  I support local clubs when traveling and want to see every city/region have a self-sustaining group to handle the local disc golf need.  Finally, I have attended numerous work parties, meetings, and course design sessions across the state.  I want to see every course looking its best.  The common thread in all of these reasons is a design to see disc golf become as popular as possible in Alaska.  This will be achieved by working with local/regional sponsors, hosting tournaments big and small, and developing more courses wherever possible to get new players into the game.  I would love to continue to represent Alaska as your PDGA State Coordinator, and I appreciate your consideration!

Professional Experience:  I have worked for and volunteered with Kachemak Heritage Land Trust, The Minnesota Land Trust, Kachemak Bay State Parks, Center for Alaska Coastal Studies, and the Kachemak Bay  Research Reserve – all environmentally-focused non-profits.  I was treasurer of our graduate school ultimate frisbee team and organized an annual tournament that would attract over 30 different club teams from across New England.  I currently sit on the Kachemak Bay State Parks Advisory Committee and am Commissioner of the Homer Softball Association.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have successfully directed dozens of PDGA-sanctioned disc golf tournaments all over the state of Alaska.  I co-manage a weekly disc golf league in Homer, Alaska, that has been continuously running for more than 3 years.  I have attended and played in dozens of PDGA-sanctioned disc golf tournaments all over Alaska and the rest of the country.  I have facilitated and attended numerous local and statewide disc golf course park clean-ups, restructuring meetings, and course design sessions.  I have maintained a good working relationship with local and statewide park liaisons to ensure smooth operations throughout the disc golf season.  And I’ve cashed an ace pot or two.  I would be thrilled to continue to represent Alaska as the PDGA State Coordinator!


Pete Ulibarri, #417502

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Hello, my name is Pete Ulibarri, Im 43 years old and I love the game of disc golf. After spending my entire youth and twenties riding and competing in BMX. I decided to start playing the game of disc golf in order to catch up with my dad and my younger brother. I became hooked, and so I’ve spent the last 13 years playing, competing, volunteering, teaching, running tournaments and growing the game here in Arizona, as well as designing and establishing new courses.

I have decided to run for state coordinator simply because I love my disc golf community and believe that I can serve them and and our sport through the PDGA in this capacity. As our sport explodes  in popularity our courses and events are filling up with exuberant new players, this is an exciting and challenging time to be involved in disc golf. If I were to have the privilege to be the state coordinator, I can only promise to do my best for our Arizona Community, be fair, be kind, and help our awesome sport grow into the future.

See you all out on the course!

Pete Ulibarri

Professional Experience:

  • 20 years as a general contractor/home builder
  • 12 years competitive disc golf professional
  • 137 PDGA events
  • 34 PDGA wins
  • 10 years Pdga tournament director
  • 5 years Homeschool teacher

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • Amateur 1 year
  • Professional 12 years
  • Course steward for Show Low DGC, Show Low, AZ. 6 years
  • Course steward for Red Mountain DGC’s Mesa, AZ. 7 years
  • Course redesign: Red Mountain DGC (North)
  • Course establishment and design: Tall Timbers DGC, Heber, Az.
  • Course establishment and design: Wilderness Ranch DGC, Pinetop, Az (Highest rated course in Arizona on Udisc )

British Columbia

Dan Laitsch, #16032

Biography/Candidate Statement:  The PDGA is a critical part of disc golf in its advocacy of the sport, its governance work in establishing the rules of the sport, and its sanctioning of competitive play. By professionalizing the sport of disc golf, the PDGA has helped bring disc golf into the mainstream of athletic competition and built the foundation for the sport's rapid growth over the past 20 years. I see my work as the Provincial Coordinator as an opportunity to advance high quality play and player experience through player and TD development, event scheduling and support, and as liaison with the PDGA and PDGA Canada. PDGA membership has grown considerably in BC over the past 15 years and it would be my hope to continue that growth as the Provincial Coordinator.

More information about me and my candidacy for the Provincial Coordinator position will be available on my disc golf web site:

Professional Experience:  Since 1990 I have worked in the field of Education as a high school teacher, policy analyst for two nonprofit global education membership organizations, and since 2005 as a university faculty member as Simon Fraser University. My work in policy and nonprofit organizations has given me an important lens through which to think about and advocate for disc sports. My history of working with the PDGA in directing tournaments, combined with my work provincially across BC, puts me in a strong position to advance the interests of PDGA members throughout the Province.

Disc Golf Experience:  I’ve been playing disc golf casually since 1996 (competitively since 2005), and an active PDGA member ever since joining in 2000. My home course is Mundy Park, in Coquitlam BC. I generally compete in Open, Open Masters, or Open Grandmasters divisions in individual events, competing widely across North America, as well as globally. While I’ve designed many temporary courses for events I’ve helped run, I was lucky enough to lead the team that designed the world class Grouse Mountain course and more recently the recreationally focused Walden Park Disc Golf Course in Chilliwack, BC. I've been Tournament Director for four of BC's premier events (the BC Open) and was TD of the first PDGA/WFDF Team Disc Golf World Championships, presented by DGA, held in Vancouver, BC in 2016. Between 2007 and 2016 I was actively involved in the governance of disc sports in BC, serving in a variety of positions (including President) within the British Columbia Disc Sports Society. In 2018/19 I returned to the Board in a position ending Fall of 2020. I've been the PDGA Coordinator in BC since September 2020. The work I was able to do in partnership with our provincial sport organization (the British Columbia Disc Sport Society) was crucial for ensuring the continuance of disc golf and PDGA events during the pandemic.

California (South)

Allen Risley, #1752

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Allen Risley. PDGA #1752.  I am currently serving out the remainder of Suzette Simons' term as Southern California State Coordinator for the PDGA. I hereby declare myself a candidate for continuing in that role.

I have been playing competitive disc golf since 1978, joining the PDGA in 1981.  I competed at PDGA Pro Worlds in 1983, 84, and 85 and in PDGA Am Worlds in 2007 and 2012.  After taking a break from competitive disc golf to start a family and career, I began playing tournaments again in 2005 and have played in Southern California PDGA tournaments as well as events across the USA.

I ran my first PDGA events as a Tournament Director in 1984 and 1985 and returned to the TD role in 2007 with the first San Diego Ice Bowl at Sun Valley.  Since then, I have continued to run these charity events, many doubles leagues and San Diego Aces monthly events and numerous PDGA-sanctioned A, B and C-tier tournaments. I have a great deal of experience as a player and tournament director and course designer/developer and wish to continue to support other tournament directors through the role of Southern California State Coordinator.

We're living in exciting times for disc golf.  Our player base has and continues to grow dramatically, and the number and types of events continue to increase.  I am committed to helping TDs continue to deliver quality events to our region's disc golfers.

Professional Experience:

  • Retired from California State University in December, 2021.
  • 2007-2021, Geographic Information Systems Technical Support Professional, California State University San Marcos.  Provided technical support,  instructional support to faculty teaching GIS-related topics as well as technical support for the campus' learning management system.
  • 1994-2007, Associate Director of the Social and Behavioral Research Institute,  California State University San Marcos.  Managed applied Social Science research projects, contracting with local state and federal government agencies.
  • 1990-1994, Associate Director of the Social Science Research Center at California State University Fullerton.  Managed applied Social Science research projects, contracting with local state and federal government agencies. Managed student computer labs for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • Playing competitive disc sports since 1978
  • PDGA #1752, joined in 1981
  • Played in PDGA Pro Worlds in 1983, 84, 85; PDGA Am Worlds in 2007 and 2012
  • PDGA Tournament Director since 1984, directing dozens of PDGA-sanctioned A, B and C-tier tournaments
  • Tournament Director of The Challenge at Goat Hill Park for 10 years, 3 times on the Disc Golf Pro Tour as Silver Series or Test Event
  • Tournament Director of dozens of Ice Bowls since 2007, Co-Instigator of the Golden Sombrero Series of Ice Bowls in 2007
  • Creator of the PDGA Course Directory in 1985


Patrick DiCaprio, #58042

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I love playing disc golf, but quite honestly I think I enjoy being a TD more.  I take great pride in the fact that I put on a quality event, and have a good history of doing so.  Seeing players come and compete while having a great experience has always been my number one goal, and at the end of the day, I find doing so quite rewarding.

This year, I am running for re-election for my second term as Connecticut PDGA State Coordinator.  Over the last 2 years, I have greatly enjoyed assisting and educating other Tournament Directors around the state.  Right from the start, I have tried to be a resource for the state and much more than just someone that coordinates the tournament schedule.

I will continue to be a resource to established TD's while at the same time encouraging others to consider running events.  We have plenty of players wanting to play in events, but not enough willing to help run them to meet that demand.  At the same time, I want to help those existing events grow and provide the most positive experience they can for the players.  This has been my focus with events I have run over the last few years and one of the main reasons that I helped establish the Connecticut Flex Series and various Connecticut Championships this year. 

Professional Experience: I graduated college in 2005 and immediately took a job in the healthcare informatics sector.  I spent the first 14.5 years of my working career doing customer support for hospital imaging systems before taking a role as a Technical Account Manager for Philips Healthcare in early 2020.  I now analyze and optimize those same hospital imaging systems I used to support, helping customers improve their work flow and make things run more efficiently.

I was also a swim coach for over 20 years, spending 11 years as the head swim coach for Seymour High School.  During those 11 years I have served as the coach chairperson for the Naugatuck Valley League, coordinating and serving as the meet director for the yearly championship meet consisting of over 200 entrants.

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing disc golf in early 2012 and quickly became hooked.  I played my first tournament that spring, and have been a PDGA member since 2013.  I quickly moved from playing events to helping run events and becoming the tournament director for events.  At this point, I have assisted or run more tournaments than I have participated in as a player.

I can say I have participated in almost all aspects of the sport in some way.  I've helped with course work and minor design changes.  I have experience vending and still do a fair amount of retail and disc trading online.  I participate in leagues when I can, and have filled in running things for league directors at times.

My resume as a Tournament Director has grown significantly over the past few years.  I now serve as the TD for the Greater Hartford Disc Golf Open (A-Tier) as well as several long standing B-Tiers in the state.  I have also helped bring to reality a series of championship level events this year to Connecticut as well as the first year of the Connecticut Flex Series.


Cameron Harbachuk, #52085

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Over the past 4 years, I have been the state coordinator for Florida and I hope that the work we have done has earned your support as I attempt to retain this position for the next 2 years. In the last 2 years, we have taken an already rebuilt pre approval process, and continued to add new enhancements to it to allow for an even smoother experience for our TDs. This new process is almost entirely automated so TDs are able to receive their pre-approval much faster than in previous years. In addition to the streamlining of the pre-approval process, we have also instituted the monthly state player newsletter. This newsletter currently reaches 650 disc golfers around the state and provides them with important updates from the PDGA as well as an updated list of upcoming tournaments across the state. I have also challenged tournament directors of long standing events to re-evaluate their events and identify areas of improvement to allow them to elevate their tier level and provide a better experience for you, the players. I believe that Florida is on the precipice of becoming the disc golf juggernaut that it should be and I look forward to continue working towards that goal.

Professional Experience: My background is in corporate finance, management and training & development. I have worked as an analyst in the retirement industry in the past and currently am the head of the billing department of an international transportation company. Additionally, I am the Executive Director for a non-profit organization that focuses on event promotion for charities. My passion is in process and people development and I strive to examine processes to try and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • Began playing disc golf in July 2008.
  • PDGA Member since 2012 (#52085)
  • 87 Total events played.
  • Founder and Event Director of annual Gulf Coast Charity Open.
  • 25 - Time Tournament Director | 4,290 Total Players
  • PDGA Florida State Coordinator 2018 - Current


Alan Koons, #31429

Biography/Candidate Statement:  As the current Hawaii State PDGA coordinator, I'm seeking re-election of the role in an effort to help continue the growth and organization of discgolf within the Hawaii community. Throughout the last 2 years of my tenure, I've been able to meet many great people within the disc golf community near and far, as Hawaii tends to get many visitors around the country and world. It has been an honor to represent the the state from the PDGA side and work with all of the great league and tournament directors within the state as well.

I pledge to continue supporting with my knowledge and experience of disc golf anywhere it may be needed by tournament directors and other competitiors. As well, to help them build on their own local clubs and organize events. I also hope to keep good communication with the PDGA on the happenings in Hawaii discgolf. I look forward to continuing the growth of disc golf in Hawaii and meeting more of our disc golf ohana!

Professional Experience:  I'm self-employed as a Sr. Technical Recruiter and have supported various Human Resources and Recruiting roles throughout my career.

Disc Golf Experience:  I've been playing discgolf for about 17 years (16 as a  PDGA member). I've been sponsored by Prodigy Disc since December 2018 as well. I lived in Buffalo, NY up until November 2018 and had been involved in multiple local clubs (NRDG and WNYDGC). I have been TD'ing events for about 12 years, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned. I toured the north east US and Canada every year to compete in tournaments as an MPO player. One of my last projects before leaving Buffalo was in coordination with Erie County and NRDG, I had led the design and installation of 9 alternate pin locations at Como Lake Park disc golf course in Lancaster NY. I've been living in Hawaii since November 2018 and have run both sanctioned/nonsanction tournaments and leagues. I've also helped organize an NADGT series the last 2 years with the help of various TD's on all islands and flew to Kauai last year to run the Premiere event. I taught an after-school disc golf class at Hawaii Preparatory Academy between August 2019 - October 2019.  In December 2019, I helped with the design and led the installation of the first public 6 hole disc golf course in Kona on the island of Hawaii at Old Airport park in coordination with Parks and Rec. in 2021, I designed and led the installation of Kohala Winds Disc Golf Course and now run a monthly league there as well. Looking to bring more courses and events to Hawaii going forward!


Mike Krupicka, #28238

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I have served as the state coordinator since 2012. As state coordinator I aim to be a resource and first point of contact with the PDGA for tournament directors and players in our state.  Illinois has a very active disc golf scene with tournaments almost every weekend, which makes scheduling events each year a challenge. I have strived for a schedule that provides opportunities for events to be able to succeed.

I will continue to promote the PDGA and believe I can continue to provide the leadership needed for our state. 

Professional Experience:  I have worked in the telecommunications industry for over 25 years as a software engineer.

Disc Golf Experience:  Started playing in 2001. I have been a PDGA member since 2005 and became a Certified Official in 2006. After volunteering at events for a couple of years, I began running events as a TD in 2008. I have now run over 100 events from Leagues to A-tiers. Over the years I have been active locally in the Discontinuum and Fox Valley Metro Disc Golf Clubs. I have served on the Rules Committee since 2019 and am currently the chair of the Rules Committee.

I, along with other leaders in the state, have established the Illinois Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2019. We intend to continue to recognize those who have made an impact on disc golf in Illinois.


Andy Hamer, #35809

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Andy Hamer and I have lived in the state of Iowa my entire life. I have been in the Iowa City area since 1986. I first played disc golf in 1990 while raising our children and then became more interested in the sport in 2001. I started competing in tournaments in 2006 which led to my wife and I starting Vicious Circle Disc Golf in 2009. We wanted to promote the sport in our area and to showcase the fabulous courses we have in our region of the state.

I am the Communications Director on the Board of Directors for the Friends of Coralville Lake. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works with local entities to ensure that the Coralville Lake area will be able to provide many different recreational opportunities, including disc golf, for years to come. I keep our website up to date and make posts on our social media outlets. We need to get our message out to the public on the urgency of the situation at Coralville Lake and I am honored to be a part of this organization that is working on a long term solution.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected the State Coordinator of Iowa, I will do my best to assist and support the tournament directors in our area. I will continue to grow disc golf in any possible fashion that represents the state of Iowa and the sport well. My experience as a disc golf competitor and tournament director in the state of Iowa gives me a unique set of skills to fulfill the duties of State Coordinator. I have good relationships with the tournament directors in the state of Iowa which will be an asset when it is time to organize tournament schedules each year.

Professional Experience:  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Iowa. I am the Assistant GIS Specialist for the City of Iowa City in the Water Division. Our department works with many sectors of the city, which requires communication and listening aptitude when collaborating with city employees in a variety of departments. My career requires me to be detail-oriented and have the ability to solve problems without supervision. These attributes would be an asset if I were to be elected to serve as the State Coordinator of Iowa.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have served as a tournament director of more than 50 PDGA B-Tier and C-Tier sanctioned tournaments and the assistant tournament director at 3 A-Tier tournaments in the area.

I have competed in more than 100 tournaments in the last fifteen years. Those tournaments have included Majors, A-Tiers, B-Tiers and C-Tiers. My experience traveling around the country and meeting new players and tournament directors has only increased my passion for the sport of disc golf. The people involved in this sport are the ones that make disc golf special.

I have been working on the courses in the area for the last fifteen years. We built a new course in 2017 which has quickly become a favorite course among players in the state. I take pride in working on the local courses. The reward is hearing compliments on the courses from disc golfers.

I am the Vice-President of the Iowa River Disc Golf Club. We work together with our local entities to maintain and improve our disc golf courses. I have excellent relationships with the local Forestry Department, Parks and Recreations and Army Corps of Engineers. I have regular meetings with staff members of those organizations on what needs to be done at the local courses.


Derek Dunn, #89530

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Hello PDGA/ Kentucky Disc Golf Players I have lived in Brandenburg, Ky my whole life. I currently am the Kentucky State Coordinator elected in 2020 to 2022 in this time i have created an google document with consistent and constant updates to make sure all TD’s and players have access and availability to upcoming tournament and future planning and responding to messages and emails to help them get there dates that would work best for them. Helped work through the process with various TD’s to help learn Tournament Manager and the growth of running a tournament.  I have also donated a basket to a local school (David T Wilson) to help further the growth of youth and the future of the sport and have encouraged TD’s to run women only events.

Professional Experience:  Currently a Auditor/Back Up Supervisor at Parker Hannifin in Louisville, Kentucky i have been there just over 4 years now looking to become a supervisor in the future. 

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing in 2009 my uncle Jerry Honaker from Richmond, KY he thought me how to play at Shillito in Lexington then later that year played in a Ace Race event. I started playing Competitively in 2016 as a MA3 rated 777 learning the game and getting better. In 2019 became my highest rated year to date 885 with a A-Tier win at Seviren Lang Memorial. Playing in the PDGA Am world championship last week of June 2022. 

  • Currently Sponsored by Flight Factory out of Pensacola, Florida
  • Have TD’s many tournaments in the past few years 
  • 2 A-Tiers Charlie Vettiner Open (In 2022 over 200 players and $10K in payouts 
  • B-Tiers includes - Brandenburg Ams, The Gauntlet (donated over $6K to Meade County Angel Ministry), Gold Vault Open 
  • C-Tiers includes - Doe Valley Championship, Dogwood Ridge, Pro/Am Masters Invitational
  • Assistant TD Otter Creek Ladies Open
  • Been running sanctioned leagues on Thursday with a championship payouts at the end of the year of around $1,000 to local players. 

I am looking forward to see what the future holds in playing and hosting events with growth and time. 


Daniel Stefanilo, #79846

Biography/Candidate Statement: Hi My name is Dan Stefanilo and I am the current PDGA State Coordinator for the lovely state of Maine.  Over the past two years I have made it my goal to make the PDGA experience for Mainers an A+. As the PDGA rep for Maine, I have worked closely with your Tournament Directors around the state in creating a schedule that fits the needs of players, course owners, and TD's. Deeper than that, I have worked with other State Coordinators from our region in making sure that the larger events around New England can be attended by all. I sent an anonymous survey to the Maine Disc Golf Scene asking for feedback on what I could do to make their experience better. I was able to take that valuable information and create a Facebook website called "Maine PDGA Events and Info". This webpage has made it easy for the social media world to keep track of event dates, pre-registration dates, links to tournaments, rules changes, and valuable other information.

If elected to serve this amazing community again, I promise to continue to work hard and make the PDGA experience in the state top notch.

I will continue to have open and honest communication.

I will continue to build a schedule that allows for Mainers and surrounding players to have choices based on tier, travel, and prior successes.

I will continue to build the PDGA info website to create traffic and discussion around Maine PDGA.

I will serve with the interest of Maine disc golfers and the PDGA as my top priority.  

Professional Experience:  I am a teacher at Sanford Middle School. I believe my profession has helped me become a better PDGA coordinator for the state. From organization all the way to using technology to reach more people, I have been given skills to thrive in this area.

My communication skills are strong because of my coaching background. I have coached varsity sports for eight years as well as other HS/MS level coaching in other seasons. Turning constructive criticism into actual change is something I take pride in.

Since High School I have been trusted with leading roles in various different jobs. I have been chosen as a captain for two sports in high school, I was selected as the class treasurer for SHS 2004, and I was also selected as captain of my college baseball team.

While teaching at Sweetser, I was entrusted to lead a group to help build a schedule each fall to help support the school. I led a school safety committee built to support the safety around school emergencies. (Fire Drill, lockdown, active shooter)

Through all my professional positions, I have learned and become the person I am today. Each step has helped give me the qualities I need to be a successful candidate in this position.

Please give me your trust and VOTE to continue to promote the PDGA, and PDGA events in Maine.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been playing disc golf since 2004. Although I am not the best disc golfer, I feel like I can make a greater impact on the sport by being an ambassador. I love playing PDGA tournaments because of the butterflies I get when I compete.

I love being a TD. There is nothing better than getting compliments that you made someone else's disc golf experience amazing. I strive to give players that experience. I run double digit PDGA tournaments every year, and love every minute of it. Our Circle 1 Flex Series is really taking off this year.

I have some very exciting goals for the next 3-5 years and I'm really looking forward to getting them off the ground.

Maritime Provinces, New Brunswick

Duncan Dixon, #14829

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am 53 years old, I have been involved with organizing people and events since I was 16.  I am a father of two boys Eli who is 12, and Tate who is 10.  My wife and I are both teachers.  We enjoy our cottage and travel. 

I have been a PDGA rep in British Columbia, responsible for the renewal of PDGA events and membership drive, in the late 90’s early 2000’s.

I have been the sole PDGA Rep for the 4 Atlantic provinces since the beginning of disc golf for the east coast.  Since 2007 we have gone from 0 courses and 1 PDGA member (me) to 33 courses, 12 more in the works or being built, and we now have 444 PDGA members and several thousand casual players.  We have run hundreds of events and have a full calendar of A,B,& C tiers PDGA events this year.  Including breaking the record for Largest PDGA event in Canadian History by almost 50%.  The previous records set in 2018, and 2019 where also held but Atlantic Canada. 

Disc Golf Experience: I have been playing and running DiscGolf events since 1998, I played my first MPO event in 2000 and have never looked back, I have played from coast to coast in events like the memorial, the masters cup, GBO, the World Championships, and Canadian Nationals.  I have played internationally as well although on a more casual level.

Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia

Adam Dowe, #77628

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Born and raised in Nova Scotia, I'm proud to call this province my home. I found disc golf in 2015 when Ben Smith installed the course in Hammonds Plains and it has become my passion.

Disc Sports have been a part of my life since the late 90's with Ultimate being my first disc passion.

If I get to be the Provincial Coordinator for NS, I will continue to support and promote disc golf throughout the province as best I can.    

Professional Experience:  My job is based on scheduling and planning, I've captained ultimate teams, I volunteer at my kids school, I spent years as a volunteer Fire fighter, sadly life took me in a different direction from that.

I am currently the elected President of my local club and have played a role in running leagues and events in and around the province since 2016.

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing disc golf in 2015 with the finest of friends using Ultimate Frisbees, quickly falling in love with the sport, both with it's simplicity and how challenging it is. We transitioned to disc golf discs within a month and haven't looked back.

I can be found running leagues, acting as TD or assistant TD for many tournaments around the province, Volunteering to maintain and update my local course. And supporting other courses around the Atlantic provinces as best I can be it financially by purchasing a membership or with volunteer hours..

Maritime Provinces, Prince Edward Island

Kyle Bates, #97837

Biography/Candidate Statement: As a well known community member within Atlantic Canada, I Kyle Bates would like to respresent the PDGA as the Provincial Coordinator.    

Professional Experience: 

  • Chef 19 years
  • Events Organizer

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • 6 years playing
  • Organizing multiple events yearly
  • Fundraising for events or donations for charity
  • Course design
  • Udisc ambassador for most courses on PEI


(Two Candidates)

Kevin Gleason, #19195

Biography/Candidate Statement: YouTube link:  Kevingleasondiscgolf

Professional Experience: I’ve been running events in Maryland for 10 years.  Co-TD of the NADGT in Baltimore 2021.  Laitude 64 Team Captain

Disc Golf Experience: PDGA member since 2001.  Maryland State Coordinator for the last 2 years.  82 career wins with 346 career events.

Hawk Corrick, #22013

Biography/Candidate Statement:  ¡Que empiece la revolución!

Professional Experience:  Generally pleasant.

Disc Golf Experience:  Association tool since 2003. 


Bob Kulchuk, #54607

Biography/Candidate Statement: I currently hold and am running for re-election to the Massachusetts State Coordinator position.

Disc Golf has given me so much and after retiring from the Board of the Ultimate Disc Alliance (BUDA) in 2015, I wanted a way to give back what I could to the sport and community that I had come to love so much.

With more than seven years of experience in this role now, I am looking forward to continuing to assist local TDs and players by representing the PDGA in 2022/23 and beyond.

Professional Experience: I have nearly 30 years of accounting and finance experience in a multitude of industries and agencies including 20 years as a CFO or most-senior finance professional role.

Disc Golf Experience: Like many of us, my disc throwing roots began 25+ years ago with Ultimate Disc. I played competitively on the local level in hat and club leagues before hanging up my cleats in 2014. As far as disc golf is concerned, I began playing in 2012. I play in both the MP40 or MPO divisions. I have stepped up my competing in recent years playing in 275 PDGA sanctioned events since I started and 300+ events including unsanctioned tournaments. I have attended the PDGA World Championships and/or the Masters World Championships every year since 2014 and look forward to playing in Masters World Championships in 2022.

In addition to playing in many tournaments, I have also taken on the Tournament Director role and have hosted 15+ tournaments including one of the largest and longest running B-Tier in New England.


Mark Stephens, #30042

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am looking forward to a final 2 years of my PDGA Volunteering as the State Coordinator of the Great Disc State of Michigan.  This would be my term of service for a total of 10 years.

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • Playing Disc Golf Badly in the PDGA since 2006
  • PDGA Michigan State Coordinator 2016-Current
  • PDGA Discipline Committee 2019-Current
  • Tournament Director of 100+ events from Majors to C Tiers.


Michel Munn, #70774

Biography/Candidate Statement: I discovered disc sports at a young age and eventually was introduced to disc golf in 2013. I played my first tournament in 2015 and ran my first tournament in 2016. I have continued to show through my actions that I can impact disc golf in a positive way and will continue that mission if elected PDGA State Coordinator of MS.

Professional Experience: For the past 19 years I have worked to help run and build a family safety consulting business. We are a customer service oriented and driven business founded on being accessible to our customers by providing expert subject matter consulting services throughout the Southeast. I oversee federal/state level compliance reviews & account management for 120+ customers and help small and large businesses navigate the complexities of regulatory agencies

Disc Golf Experience: I served for over 4 years as the local club President of the Hattiesburg Disc Golf Association and have served as a board member of the Southern Nationals Disc Golf Series. I am the Tournament Director of the Big Rip Classic A-Tier in South MS, which over the last 7 years has grown to be one of the area's marquee events each year. I was the TD of the Southern Nationals Doubles Championships for 4 years and helped grow that event into one of the largest payout doubles events in the United States. I have served as Assistant TD & Director of Operations of the Ledgestone Insurance Open since 2017 and held those same titles for the 2019 Pro Worlds.

I am the current PDGA State Coordinator for the state of Mississippi and have worked hard to bring my business and customer service experience to disc golf. I have contributed to local course design, course installation, managed small to large sponsor partnerships, and helped organize and contribute to many different charities in my local community. I have worked with schools & churches to further disc golf in the south & I continue to be a resource for area TDs.


Brian Bjortomt, #28854

Biography/Candidate Statement:  If elected to another term as State Coordinator, I plan to continue coordinating the growth of disc golf and disc golf events in our great state

Disc Golf Experience:  

  • Co-founder and President Garden City Flyers Disc Golf Club 2005 - current
  • State Coordinator 2006 - current
  • Montana Points Series Coordinator 2006 - current
  • 19 years of running disc golf tournaments
  • Co-founder Zoo Town Open
  • Co-founder Timberbeast Challenge
  • Designer or Co-designer of 2 permanent courses


Skot Meyer, #42274

Biography/Candidate Statement:  As the current Nevada State Coordinator of Nevada, President of the Reno Disc Golf Association, Founder and organizer of the Sierra Indoor Putting League, Founder and former organizer of the Sierra Tahoe Series and TD of over a dozen events a year, I am well known and my reputation speaks for itself. I have run free clinics and I have taught the sport to over 7,000 people in Nevada ranging in size from small groups of disadvantaged youth to entire schools. I am responsible for helping build and fund a number of courses as well as fund raise and assist with many more and continue to do so. I act in an advisory capacity to a number of clubs in and outside of Nevada. As President of the Reno Disc Golf association since 2011, I have helped grow our organization and the sport through my efforts with the help of many friends in the region. My efforts gained the attention of one of the most prominent manufactureres in the Sport, Innova, and I serve proudly as an ambassador for their team. Your continued help and support are appreciated.

New Jersey

Rick Hansen, #144702

Biography/Candidate Statement:  As a born and bred member of the Garden State I understand the unique geographic benefits and challenges that we have here and feel that I can apply that knowledge to helping TD's overcome any potential challenges they may have.  I have a strong planning and logistical background that I feel will help me in this role.

Professional Experience:  22 year career in technology in various roles ranging from web development to Chief Technology Officer.

Disc Golf Experience:  I was one of the so called "Covid Babies" to disc golf. Bought a couple starter sets and took the family out to our local course (Mercer County Disc Golf) and both me and my daughter fell in love.  I played in my first tournament 2 months after throwing my first disc and that is when the bug officially hit. Seeing the community and the joy of competition, I knew that I wanted to be a part of that.

I am currently a sponsored member of Team Bria and I can tell you, it isn't because of my disc golf ability. I feel I am a good ambassador of the sport both in and out of our community.

I see the growth of the sport over the past 2 years and can see it just continuing to climb and I would love to do my part to help.

New York

James Carman, #56329

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I've been a passionate disc golfer for over a decade.  I'm a motivated leader and very active in the disc golf community.  Not only do I enjoy playing the sport, but also really enjoy giving back to the community.  I'm always looking for new ways in which I can contribute to grow the local scene.

Professional Experience:  I've been in a mangement or leadership role for most of my professional career.  I worked in the restaurant industry for 10+ years and now work in the trading card industry as a product manager for multiple categories.

Disc Golf Experience:  I've been volunteering with leagues and tournaments for almost 10 years.  I serve on two local club boards, Niagara Region Disc Golf as President and Western New York Disc Golf as Membership Coordinator.  I've been a part of course design, redesign and expansion.  I've coordinated thousands of hours of work days at local courses.  I work directly with local government and parks officials. 

North Dakota

Travis Hagen, #37554

Professional Experience: Current State Coordinator of North Dakota.


Jason Schwake, #25743

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I have been active in the disc golf community since the mid 90’s.

Professional Experience:  I have been the state coordinator for the past 2 years, and have helped in coordinating the state schedule for a few years before my term.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been involved in disc golf for over 20 years.  Running events for the last 15 plus.  I have volunteered, assisted, taught, and promoted disc golf for as long as I can remember.


(Two Candidates)

Madison Tomaino, #60798

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Hello! I'm Madison Tomaino. I've been serving as the PDGA Oregon State Coordinator the past two years and have enjoyed the position. My goal is to bring as many tournaments to Oregon as possible, and I'm available to help figure out scheduling and to help new TDs learn the ropes. I believe in a collaborative community of TDs and strive to facilitate partnership between everyone in Oregon. My goal is to be responsive and helpful!

Professional Experience:  I've been working as a project manager in the tech field for the past 9 years. These organizational skills help make me an effective State Coordinator as the number of events in Oregon continues to grow.

Disc Golf Experience: I'm an active FPO player and participate in 20-30 PDGA events every year. I enjoy traveling with my family to Elite events, and getting to watch the DGPT and PDGA event teams in action! My husband and I run several tournaments each year. You may have heard of us- All Day Disc Golf! We also run the Columbia Cup series. I'm an active member of Stumptown Disc Golf and have ties to clubs around the state. I have a passion for women's disc golf, and help facilitate leagues and tournaments specifically for women. As an active Tournament Director, I have a vested interest in the success of PDGA events in our state. As our schedule continues to flourish, I look forward to getting more and more events on the calendar!

Mike Gillespie, #20816

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am an Oregon native with over 20 years of disc golf experience. I enjoy travelling all over the state to attend tournaments and meet more disc golfers. This experience and wide range of connections has given me a broader perspective of Oregon's disc golf players and events and I'm honored to be a part of the larger Oregon disc golf community.

My goals if elected are to ensure communication among our regional tournament directors for a smooth and balanced schedule for all TDs and courses. As our sport grows, as State Coordinator I will expand that growth to areas outside of our major metropolitan areas and focus on the youth in these areas for long term goals. I'll work to resolve imbalances in tournament scheduling, improve the quality of the events run across the state, and as always, promote and grow the sport of disc golf.

Professional Experience: 

  • Grounds Maintenance, Oregon Trail School District, 2011-Present
  • Owner/Operator at Red Line Disc Golf, 2013-Present
  • Owner/Operator at Spee Dee Vending, 2016-Present

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • PDGA Member, 2002 – Present
  • Volunteer Coordinator of Timber Doubles League, 2018 – Present
  • Owner/Operator at Red Line Disc Golf, 2013 - Present
  • Tournament Director, 14 PDGA Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Participation in over 150 PDGA events 

South Carolina

(Two Candidates)

Nathan Murphree, #149184

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am a 41 year old father of 2 that has been disc golfing for almost half of my life; I became a disc golfer in 2003. I am in IT by trade, and have worked at one of the largest IT companies in the world, so I have shown my ability to excel beyond expectations.

I recently joined the PDGA after spending my entire disc golf career, completely convinced it would ruin the enjoyment I have cherished with the sport.

As I have gotten older, I have come to realize  that both the recreational, and the professional areas of disc golf reflect on the sport in different ways to those unfamiliar with it.

YouTube Link: NM - SC PDGA Coordinator (

Professional Experience:  I started in IT in 1997. Over the course of my career, I grew from a lowly PC Technician in SC, all the way to a Service Reliability Engineer in Apple's iCloud Mail Engineering group. I currently work for Sectigo, a certificate authority.

As a side project, I wrote a free CLI tool called discsearcher that allows the user to search for, and filter discs based on the following criteria; model, manufacturer, speed, glide, turn, fade, rim depth, rim width, diameter, and height.

Disc Golf Experience:  I started a disc golf club in South Carolina, helped get a course built, ran charity events, ran casual events, helped other club leaders with tournament prep for their own events (sanctioned and not), have donated tons of stuff for charity events, and have played over 130 courses (NC, SC, GA, FL, CA, NV) to date. My disc golf career has given me a solid understanding of what makes disc golf work, and what makes it fail.

Vern Weygandt, #75126

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am a retired public school band director in York, Union, and Spartanburg counties. I am currently an adjunct college professor at Converse University and USC Upstate, teaching courses in music education and popular music. I have been playing disc golf since 2011, after I was introduced to the sport by a teaching colleague. To be blunt, I owe my life to disc golf. When I first started playing, I weighed close to 240 lbs. and thanks to the sport enticing me to get off the couch, I dropped to close to 70 lbs. and am thankful to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. More specific to the position of state coordinator, my background in education and my experiences as a TD would inform the work that I would do for the state in a methodic, detail-oriented manner.

YouTube Link: Great Courses of South Carolina (

Professional Experience:

  • Tournament Director (2018-present)
  • Spartanburg Spring Fling
  • Hub City Halloween Open
  • Throw the Pipeline o Hub City Summer Points League
  • 2021 SC Masters Championship
  • Hub City Mixed Doubles (a Throw Pink event)
  • Former Innova Ambassador
  • Former president, vice president, and board member of Hub City Disc Golf Club

Disc Golf Experience:

  • PDGA member since 2017
  • Certified PDGA official
  • Player in 63 PDGA events with 10 wins
  • Assist with design/installation on various courses in Spartanburg/Greenville counties
  • Create/maintain the Great Courses of South Carolina YouTube documentary channel
  • Faculty sponsor for USC Upstate disc golf club (FA2022)


Steve Cross, #38724

Professional Experience: Been here for two years and I want to continue. Information Technology for over 40 years

Disc Golf Experience: Playing since around 2007. Enjoy the sport. Not very good but I have fun.

Texas (North)

Tanner Girouard, #88077

Biography/Candidate Statement: Results-focused disc golf professional with specialties in event planning and vending services. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging disc golf and tournament knowledge to promote the growth of the sport across Southeast Texas and beyond. I’ve played 227 events in the last five years and I’m PDGA Official Certified. I would love to give back to the sport that has given so much to me.

Professional Experience: Manager at David’s Vending LLC (January 2011– December 2020)

Cultivated new vendor relationships using dynamic communication and negotiation skills. Managed annual budget covering all company purchasing needs. Conducted market research to determine appropriate pricing. Selected and negotiated contracts with supply vendors to obtain top-notch pricing on parts and equipment.

Disc Golf Experience: 

  • 2021 & 2022 - Lone Star Disc Team Captain and Touring Pro
  • 2020 - Prodigy Disc Tournament Team
  • 2019 - Prodigy Disc Tournament Team
  • 2018 - Placed top 10 in 34 out of 39 sanctioned tournaments.
  • 2017 - First year playing disc golf and moved up to the open field


Dave Roper, #29903

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am seeking reelection as PDGA Utah State Coordinator to continue my opportunity to serve the disc golf community. My prior experience, ethics, and organizational skills make me an excellent choice. As State Coordinator, I have worked with TDs to help resolve dozens of scheduling conflicts. I would be honored to receive your vote for re-election and pledge to continue trying to best serve our players.

Professional Experience:  As an engineer, I know accuracy is critical. I also excel at root cause analysis which helps me resolve Utah tournament scheduling conflicts with both in and out of state events.

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing competitive disc golf in 2006 in So Cal and have played at about 150 different courses across the US. I moved to Utah in 2009 and have been involved in the Utah disc golf scene since. I ran the 2011 Creekside Open and 4 big events at Solitude (both Monster Energy's and both Mello Yello's). I've been the state coordinator since ~2014 and am now competing in the MP40 division at as many of the Utah events that I can.

Virginia / District of Columbia

Bob Cannon, #26532

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Since discovering disc golf in 2004, I have committed to being involved in maintaining our local courses, public and private, and promoting the sport of disc golf. I have a good rapport with many of the Tournament Directors in Virginia and strive to work closely with clubs and TDs in our state and surrounding localities. I have assisted with the Virginia Women's Disc Golf Series over the past several years. If re-elected I will continue to represent the PDGA in a professional manner and continue to encourage others to join our organization.

Professional Experience:  31 years with the Department of Defense in Dahlgren Virginia

Disc Golf Experience:  I began playing disc golf in 2004. In 2005, I became a member of the Spotsy Disc Golf Club (SDGC) and entered my first tournament. In January 2006, I became a PDGA official and have served as President of SDGC since 2007. Beginning in 2007, I have been the tournament director for the Loriella Challenge. I played in the Amateur Worlds in 2007 and 2008. In 2009, I started playing in the Professional Masters Divsion. I have played the Pro Worlds in the Masters Division in Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Vermont and Tennessee. I finished 7th in Pro Masters 50+ Division in Vermont and 13th in Pro Masters 50+ Division in Tennesse. I co-hosted a Women's Global Event in 2016, 2018 and 2021. I was a member of the 2019 United State's Women's Disc Golf Championships Organizing Committee which was held in Spotsylvania. I have been a member of the Innova Ambassador Team since 2015. I am a current board member of the Virginia frisbee Hall of Fame.

West Virginia

Johnny Sias, #1700

Biography/Candidate Statement: Nearing one term as WV State Coordinator I am seeking re-election for the coming term.  I will continue to represent the PDGA in a positive light and professional manner.  Additionally, I will work with current and new tournament directors to better schedule West Virginia's B and C tier PDGA disc golf events through increased communication with added emphasis on the correct approval process.  When needed, I will serve as a liaison to the PDGA with scheduling and tour issues.  Besides the outlined duties of the state coordinator, you can rest assure I will be forthright and honest with everyone.  Lastly, as Covid concerns are reducing I will revisit the idea of organizing a WV State Tour, something I had hoped to do in this current term as state coordinator.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and ultimate support.

Professional Experience: I worked for a mining manufactory for 38 years building machines from the ground up. I have built machines that are in Africa, Canada,Mexico, China, Poland, and the United States. Many of the machines went in Coal mines and some in Gypsum, Gold, Silver and Limestone mines. My wife and I built our house, cleared the land and I laid the block/brick, all the while, working a full-time job and playing disc golf every year.  

Disc Golf Experience: Current Experience: One term as PDGA WV State Coordinator.  Proud member of Innova's All Star team and Team Innova Ambassador.  Maintaining two private courses.  Continue to assist parks with course design.  Organizing events. 

History: I been playing disc golf since 1978, with the exception of a 5 year span when we were taking care of my parents. My wife and I ran the PDGA membership and renual from 1984 to1986. I have ran or helped run tournaments pretty much every year since 1980. 2001 PDGA Hall of Fame. 2014 West Virginia Hall of Fame. 4 time world Champion: 1986 Open Champion, 2012 Grand Master, 2013 Sr. Grand Master,  2019 65+ and, 2019 World putting Champion.


Zach Meeker, #42225

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Zach Meeker. I live in Cheyenne, WY and play disc golf through out the front range (WY and CO). I enjoy keeping up with the PDGA tournaments in our area, running and advising on local events and introducing the sport to others through positive interactions.

Professional Experience:  I am a business professional specializing in Information Technnology. I have a passion for problem solving, innovation and learning.

Disc Golf Experience:  I joined the PDGA over 10 years ago. I have played, directed and consulted on many PDGA sanctioned events in Wyoming over the past 10 years.