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2021 PDGA State & Provincial Coordinator Candidates

2021 PDGA State & Provincial Coordinator Candidates

Last updated: Wednesday, June 30, 2021 - 10:25


Ben Swam, #52875

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am interested in continuing my service as the PDGA State Coordinator for Alabama. I have strong organizational and communication skills that play an important role in the SC position. I am well versed in problem resolution and have a strong sense of what Tournament Director's agonize over for scheduling. Acting as the SC for Alabama has been a great priveledge and I look forward to extending that role for another 2 years.

Professional Experience:  US Army Veteran; 20+ years in the Print and Mail industry, of which the last 17 have been in Management roles.

Disc Golf Experience:  

  • PDGA Member since 2012 
  • Alabama State Coordinator - 2015-Present
  • 6 years of Volunteer Service to Disc Golf Birmingham:
    • Treasurer - 2013-2015,  *Vice President - 2015-2017, *President - 2017-2019
  • Innova Brand Ambassador - 2018-2019
  • Dynamic Discs Brand Ambassador - 2019-Present
  • TD for 30+ tournaments for our local club, charities and other organizations.
  • Co-Owner - Dynamic Discs Iron City (retail store)


Robin Lambert #71655

Biography/Candidate Statement:   I have lived in Alberta most of my life and think it is a beautiful mix of prairies, mountains, and, sky. And I have been lucky enough to live all over the province though for the past 12 years I have been settled in Red Deer, Alberta. Not quite the middle but near enough that we call it that.

Throughout my life, I have always been active in various sports but over the last few years, Disc Golf has stolen my heart. It is such a simple sport but at the same time, nuanced, challenging, beautiful to watch, and, exhilarating to play. 

If I am lucky enough to become the Provincial Coordinator, I will do my level best to support all of the wonderful volunteers and competitors across the province to help to continue to grow the sport that is currently exploding. I will offer advice when it is needed and listen when it is offered.

Professional Experience:  In the past, I have volunteered with various community sports including minor league and adult soccer, and martial arts. This would include coaching, fundraising, organizing events, and being an active participant in sport. Currently, I am an active member of the Central Alberta Disc Golf Association and have been since its inception 4 years ago. Locally I have run or assisted in the local competitive league (since 2016) and have been the TD for several local and regional events.  

Disc Golf Experience: I first played disc golf in 2012 when a friend who I played Ultimate asked me to play. It was fun but it wasn't until 2014 when the bug bit me. I started playing in August of that year and by the time September rolled around I had played in two tournaments and I was fully committed to playing all the time. Since then I have played as much as possible in as many places as possible. I even bring a couple of discs of holidays just in case there is a course near where we are staying.

I love to help organize events and so have been the TD for many PDGA and non-PDGA events in the Central Alberta region. But of course, one can never do it alone so I am proud to have a great team of friends and families and a club that are always there to help prep the course, set up baskets, and make players packs.

One of my favorite things about disc golf is that while it is a solo sport, playing it alone is generally the least exciting way to play it. It is always best with a team.


Matt Loyd, #40462

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I began playing discs golf in 2007 after a college buddy showed me how to play.  I still blame him for me never graduating.  Disc golf became my life.  I dropped out of college to run disc golf events and eventually started my own small disc golf company. In 2015 I was asked to take over as PDGA State Coordinator from Doug Trantham.  Also, in 2015 started working for Dynamic Discs under the "touring and promotions" department.  I've been running disc golf events and promoting disc golf for the last 14 years and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.  

As the PDGA State Coordinator for the State of Arkansas these last 6 years I've always tried to grow disc golf here in the state I love.  It's been my passion and continues to be my passion.  As disc golf continues to grow, it's my mission to try to bring disc golf to the less represented demographics in Arkansas.  It's imperative that we grow disc golf with the youth, women, and in the more rural areas of our state.  I would love to continue to see the growth in these areas over the next several years.  

Professional Experience:  

  • 2014-2015 Co Owner of Full Blown Discs
  • 2015-2018 Touring and Promotions for Dynamic Discs
  • 2018-Present Owner for Dynamic Discs NWA  

Disc Golf Experience:

  • Playing Disc Golf Since 2007
  • 12 years as a PDGA member
  • TD of 84 Sanctioned Events
  • Course TD at 2 NTs
  • Course TD at 3 World Championships
  • Played in over 143 Sanctioned Events

Armed Forces Overseas

(Two Candidates)

Alex Worm #123529

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Hello, my name is Alex Worm and I would like to be your next state coordinator for the Armed Forces Overseas. If elected to this position my goals would be to help grow the PDGA and the disc golf community. I plan to do this by helping members stationed overseas who want to build or improve their current courses at their local military base. By establishing a course on a base before, I have the knowledge to be able to help our members understand what needs to happen and be able to give them the resources and information in order to add these new courses. Along with helping them build new courses I can help members set up a variety of events such as clinics, leagues, tournaments and challenges that help grow interest into the sport while also supporting current members. Please remember Alex Worm when it is time to vote for this position

Professional Experience:  10 Years Active Duty with experiance in Logistics planning, scheduling operations, mid-level management.  

Disc Golf Experience:  I first played disc golf while I was attending the University of Purdue in 2009. I took a step back after that to focus on school and life but after joining the military  I picked the sport back up while TDY to another base. It was here that I really got to know the disc golf community on both the military side of it and with the locals. I was able to start playing in tournaments while I was there and continued when I got back to home. Since then I have been to multiple bases overseas and have hosted some clinics and putting challenges as well as helped with multiple tournaments and other events. My proudest disc golf moment and the reason I am running for this position is because I was able set up a new course at a base in South Korea and being able to see the community grow there and helping new players learn the sport and come together was amazing.

Tom Kunneke, #51668

Biography/Candidate Statement:  As a natural resource specialist working in the environmental consulting sector for thirty-plus years I've had the opportunity domestically and globally to interact in cross-cultural settings. My professional background has primarily centered around environmental fieldwork related to habitat management, landscape restoration, aerial mapping and associated analyses.

The past ten years in Korea has given me the opportunity to grow disc golf among the Armed Forces and local community through player development, course design, PDGA sanctioning and promoting and promoting interaction between those cultures. Also during this time there has been a surge in the recreational importance of disc golf within the military. I had the fortune of being involved in the design/construction of the first permanent course in the Korean peninsula on Camp Humphreys which was instrumental in helping to jumpstart and spread the growth of disc golf across several communities. Following that I've been involved in the design and development of several more courses, which has provided the opportunity for local players and players with the DoD community to engage in cross-cultural participation.

During my time in the Asia-Pacific region I have played courses in Japan, Okinawa, Guam, Saipan, Taiwan and witnessed the need for soldiers who are avid disc golfers and based overseas to enjoy local courses. I will continue to build on that growth in the Korean peninsula while simultaneously engaging local communities and player support.

California (North)

Michael Guerrero, #10708

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Hello, My name is Michael Guerrero and I am running for reelection for PDGA State Coordinator, Northern California.  I have been the Norcal Coordinator the last two years and I have enjoyed the experiance. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone and was diffucult at times keeping up with all the cancellations. But as the year progressed and the PDGA established guidelines things started to slowly open up. 2021 looks to be one of the biggest years yet as far as tournament requests. Plus, they are filling as fast as they get them approved. 

I look forward to continue to server as State Coordinator for Northern California.  

Professional Experience:   I am a Computer Technician for a local school district so this position is a perfect fit for me. I am a Norcal Series board member and run their Facebook group and website. During the USWDGC I was the scoring manager for that event and was in charge with all the udisc scoring apps.

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been playing disc golf since 1994. That was the same year the 94 Amateur worlds was held in Sacramento California. Watching that event inspired me to start playing tournaments. In 1995 I started competing in the amateur divisions in the prestegius Norcal Series which started in 1992. By 1998 I moved up into the open divison. Between 2002 and 2008 I stepped back and took some time to raise a family. In 2008 I started playing and competing again and I havent looked back.


Ray Woodruff # 32728

Biography/Candidate Statement: I have been playing disc golf since 1996 and joined the competitive ranks in 2007. I have competed in both amateur events and professional events and currently enjoy the amateur events happening in my state. I have been involved in many events across the state and enjoy watching players attend the events and look forward to running more as time moves on.

I have been the state coordinator for Colorado since 2017 and I believe that the disc golf scene in Colorado has really taken off with events happening almost weekly, even doubling up on some weekends. Working with tournament directors is really enjoyable and I believe that I am a great resource for them to add to their skills and knowledge.

Professional Experience: I have been a telephony engineer, designing and implementing telephone switches for the past 15 years. It is challenging and provides a nice outlet for my troubleshooting skills.

Disc Golf Experience:  

  • Joined the PDGA in 2007
  • Co-Director of the Winter Warriors fundraising efforts for 5 years
  • Co-TD and TD for the Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships
  • President & Vice President of the Mile High Disc Golf Club 


Timothy Stevenson #53575

Biography/Candidate Statement: I was born into a military family in 1981 and moved around the Mid-Atlantic until finding myself in Delaware in the nineties.  After graduating Salesianum School in 1999, it took me a few years to pursue a formal culinary education; during which time I discovered not only disc golf, but the robust and ebullient community surrounding it.  Working for one of the oldest private clubs in the country for the past 14 years has afforded me the stability to start a family, foster dogs, and even sneak in the occasional round of disc golf. Creatively expressing myself and solving a constantly changing list of challenges in the kitchen is a uniquely rewarding way to earn a living.

Professional Experience: I have served as the PDGA State Coordinator since 2019, during which time I've built a good working relationship with the Coordinators from PA, NJ, and MD.  I started a publicly accessible digital calendar of regional disc golf events.  I also worked closely with the DDG board and local regulations to bring sanctioned PDGA events back to our state as soon as was possible after the COVID-19 related suspension of play.

Disc Golf Experience:

  • 2016 Delaware Am MA2 Champion, 3 time Canby Cookout Chili Champ
  • I've run Circuit Events over the years to raise funds for the DDG.
  • I was the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2018 DDGC NT Event, and have since been the Scoring Coordinator for the National Tour Events in Delaware.
  • I also coordinate the production and distribution of the DDG bag tags.


Barry Arnson, #28128

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I was born in Stone Mountain, GA and grew up in Lawrenceville, GA for most of my youth.  After graduating from Georgia Tech I stayed in Atlanta for a few years while I settled into a career.  Got married in 2006 and moved to East Point and have been there ever since.  I live with my wife, Rebekah, our two girls Audrey and Violet.

Professional Experience:   I have been working for Lanier Parking Solutions (now Reef Parking) for 14 years in managing about 25 million dollars worth of assets for a variety of clients and property management companies.  My work keeps one foot in the world of accounting as I manage budgets, P&L statements and collections.  The other foot is the world of garage management with respect to the daily, monthly, event and valet operations.  

Disc Golf Experience: I started playing disc golf in 2005 as a way to get back in shape.  The plan originally was to get back to playing Ultimate but I quickly fell in love with the sport of disc golf from that point on.  It wasn't soon after that I signed up for the PDGA and played in my very first sanctioned tournament at Redan Park in Lithonia, GA.  Since that time I became active with the Atlanta Disc Golf Organization as their webmaster/CIO, then later as the Vice-President/CFO and lastly as President/CEO ending my term at the end of 2018.  I have seen the growth of disc golf in the state go from only about 20 sanctioned tournaments a year to now two or three on a single weekend.  I have successfully ran several tournaments myself for 12 years now.  

Idaho – Vacant 


Jason LaBella. #33531

Biography/Candidate Statement:    Simply put, I love disc golf, and I'm sure you do too if you're taking the time to read this.  For me, it started as a substitute for the varsity and intramural sports I played in college, but quickly grew into something more.  By playing in and helping to run tournaments all over the state, I have developed lasting friendships with people from all walks of life while gathering a wealth of knowledge about running events from old and new TDs alike.  As I stand at the edge of joining the Masters group, I recognize that my body is slowing down and my young family is growing, so my ability to play as much as I did a decade ago has dwindled.  Since my love for the game still remains, I have been taking a more administrative role in the game, like joining the PDGA Rules Committee.  Serving as Indiana State Coordinator is a role that I would greatly enjoy, allowing me to continue to keep contact with players and TDs throughout the state, helping them run events, and sort out complicated rule issues.  

Professional Experience:  

  • TRW - Product Engineer (2006-2008), Quality Engineer (2008-2009)
  • Ivy Tech - Math Instructor (2009-2011)
  • Saint Mary of the Woods College - Statistics Instructor (2011-2012)
  • North American Lighting - Manufacturing Engineer (2011-2012), Quality Engineer (2012-2013)
  • ThyssenKrupp - Quality Engineer (2013-2014)
  • Columbian Home Products - Production Supervisor (2014)
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology - Varsity Rifle Coach (2005-2015)
  • Performance Validation - Validation Engineer (2015-Present)

Disc Golf Experience

  • Started playing in 2005
  • PDGA member since 2007, Life member
  • Have played over 200 sanctioned events
  • TD of over 100 sanctioned events
  • Founding Member of Crossroads Disc Golf Club, currently serving as Club President
  • Wintry Indiana Frozen Fundraiser Series (WIFFS) Co-founder and series director, raising over $115k since 2013 for local charities across Indiana
  • Indiana Summer Series director since 2015
  • Scoring Director for Ledgestone Insurance Open since 2015
  • PDGA Rules Committee Member
  • Co-TD of 2022 PDGA Amateur Worlds being held in Southern Indiana, volunteer at 3 PDGA Pro Worlds (2010, 2013, 2019)


Rob Martin, #51540

Biography/Candidate Statement: I'm a big believer in the PDGA.  I agree with what it does for disc golf and have progressively become more involved with the organization.  First as a player, then as a club volunteer, moving through PDGA league director and now tournament director for 9 sanctioned events annually.  I would like to continue that progression by being the Kansas state coordinator for the next election cycle.  I believe that my professional and disc golf experience will help me to coordinate sanctioning events within Kansas and also with the bordering states as needed.  I look forward to learning more about working with the PDGA, local clubs, and outside businesses.  Thank you for your vote.

Professional Experience: Variety of transportation and logistics positions over 27 years including dispatching, cross-dock supervisor, Cargo Claims Manager, warehouse receiving supervisor, inventory control and rates / marketing.  Started two vastly different at-home businesses (including Maverick Disc Golf) performing all accounting functions.  Started non-profit corporation that operated for five years.  I was the head leader that created vision and mission, incorporation, operation and eventual closing of said non-profit.

Disc Golf Experience: PDGA member since 2012 playing in 120 sanctioned events.  Owner and operator of Maverick Disc Golf.  Tournament Director for over 65 events as Maverick DG or as a club coordinator.  League Director for 5 PDGA sanctioned league sessions.  Designed and installed 2 disc golf courses.  Current courses played count of 279 in 32 states and 1 Canadian province.


Keith Bodin, #7134

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I have been the SC for Louisiana for the past 4 years and would like to continue for another 2 years.  The PDGA has come a long way in the last 4 years in Louisiana.  We were so close in 2020 to hosting our 1st A tier in the state until Covid hit.  We are in the process of trying to get an A tier back on the books and looking into hosting a major PDGA event.  I would like to be SC 1 more term to see these project through.

Professional Experience:  I have been a senior project manger in the environmental industry for the past 20 years.

Disc Golf Experience:  I started playing disc golf in 1987 in Shreveport La. I joined the PDGA in 1992.  I have owned La Cote DGC in Ragley since 2010.  I have ran several PDGA events in the 30+ years in disc golf in Louisiana.


Dan Cote #115422


Jason Wilder, #17523

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My name is Jason Wilder and I have proudly served the previous three terms (6 years) as the PDGA State Coordinator for Minnesota. My goal and commitment is to provide as professional and consistent service and communication to the players of Minnesota on all things disc golf. I would enjoy the opportunity to continue in this role in service to our members.  

Professional Experience:  I have owned small businesses, worked in corporate America and everything in
between. That experience has afforded me many opportunities to see and experience so much that informs and assists me in executing my role as PDGA State Coordinator.

Disc Golf Experience: I have been a player for 23 year and competing in tournaments for 20+. I am a two time Minnesota State Champion (MA2 and MA40) and still very much enjoy playing and competing, though I compete less now due to my other role(s) running events, which I also enjoy.


(Two Candidates)

Britany Horn, #112304

Biography:  I am 32 years old and from Park Hills, MO.  I have two sons who love playing disc golf and a daughter who I am hoping will start to love playing once there are more females in the area playing.  I started playing disc golf in 2018.  I played what seemed like every day aftr that first experience of playing.  I started playing in tournaments that year.  I held my first fun doubles tournament in Feb 2019 and then started running PDGA events in 2020.  I am currently on the Board of Trustees for our local disc golf club.  I run our Sunday Leagues and will be starting a local female league.  I have volunteered at events and have ran several fundraiser events.  I have grown very passionate with disc golf over the few years I have been playing.  I am working on growing the sport in my local area as well as using social media to get the word out to everyone about disc golf.  I also have loved being a Tournament Director and plan to hold several tournaments each year.

Professional Experience: I have been in customer service industry for 15 years working at a call center for a phone company and now with a bank.
Disc Golf Experience: I have volunteered at several tournaments.  I am on Board of Trustees for our local club and run our local league as well as starting up a female league.  I am a Tournament Director and have held several PDGA events as well as fundraiser events.

Jack Lowe, #15316

Biography:  With over 4 decades of love for this sport, I have been honored to help facilitate events the past few years.  I have ran multiple PDGA World Championships, ran NT's, A-Tiers, B-Tiers, C-Tiers, Leagues, Ice Bowls,  community events and helped to build and maintain courses.  My strength comes in understanding the full scope of our sport, and helping when asked.

Helping understand the events, procedures, and working within our regional area is something that I work hard to do.  We have so many events now, that it isn't always easy to get an event going, I work hard to help where I can, but I am human and have made mistakes.  Learning from those mistakes helps prevent future ones, and believe me mistakes have been made, will be made, and corrections happen.  The goal to me is to ensure we can all enjoy the game, and learning is a life long mission for me.  Mistakes come, and lessons learned.  I became state coordinator by accident, and I have enjoyed it.  I love meeting new leaders to our sport, and hope that my experience can help others new to the sport, or encourage those that have done it in the past to continue with minimal disruption to their goals.

I know that this asked for a YouTube link, but I have a great face for radio, and well reading this already is probably enough of me for you.  ;-)  

I will close with this.  I would appreciate your vote, and I would appreciate it more if you voted regardless.  This is one of those things that I get sad when I win with 4 votes, because I know that there are more than 4 people running events, so not even those running events voted for me.....however, I am happy if you made it this far, and truly the most important item is to have fun in our sport.  Thank those running events, because generally it is a thankless job out of love for the sport.  Appreciate those that give for you to enjoy, and finally introduce the sport to someone new.  Your impression may last a lifetime of fun and energy that you have no idea about today.  Who would have thought that I would get to meet the guy that set up a temp course in Ottumwa Iowa in 1978 this late in life only to let him know that the impression he made on me was one that I cherish to this day.

Thanks for reading.  Please vote, for me would be great, but just vote!

Professional Experience:  Recruiting for over 25 years.  From my own company in Chicago, a boutique firm in Wicker Park, to Sprint, T-Mobile, Dollar General, and many other organizations over the years.  I have helped thousands of individuals get hired, worked on helping them learn better ways to get hired, and given tips to managers on better ways to improve interviews, employee morale, and build team dynamics.

Disc Golf Experience:  

  • Started playing in 1978--started regularly playing in 1984, finally joined the PDGA in 1999.  
  • Tournament Director--PDGA AM Worlds in 2003
  • Tournament Director--PDGA Pro/Am Worlds in 2009
  • Tournament Director for multiple NT's, A, B, C Tiers over the years
  • Played over 700 courses
  • Designed or helped with designs on over 20 courses
  • Ran over 100 events, given away over $1,500,000 in cash and prizes on those events
  • Have been on the Kansas City Disc Golf Club Board of Directors or Executive Committee for most of the past 2 decades (KCFDC and KCDG)
  • Past PDGA Marshal
  • Continue to help drive community initiatives to promote the sport
  • Travel regularly to play events, Japan, Thailand, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, just to show the difference, and hey I had a 1000+ rated Round at the Japan Open, I followed it up with a Sub 900 round, so I mean there is that!  :-)


Cash Minx, #70643

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I was introduced to disc golf at a young age by my dad. Once Highschool started I decided to pick it up as a hobby and started playing tournaments here and there. I moved to Lincoln for college and after leaving college I started hitting the road every weekend for tournaments. After realising my dream of becoming a professional disc golfer wasnt necesarrilly what I wanted I shifted my goals to running tournaments and growing the sport in Nebraska. I feel I will serve well as a state coordinator because I have seen the disc golf communities in states arounds us and know how we can catch up to them. If given the opportunity I look forward to reaching out to our local communties to boost events and also reach out to touring professionals on attending our events and or coming in and running events of their own.

Disc Golf Experience: I have over 100 PDGA events under my belt with many of them being A tier and above. I run events under the company named Disc Gauntlet and we are quickly helping many of the small communties that we run events in get their facilities up to standard and also get them involved in our events.

New Hampshire

(Two Candidates)

Charlie Veysey, #75861

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Hello fellow PDGA members! I'm running for the state coordinator position here in New Hampshire. I've been a PDGA member since 2015 and have been playing the sport since 2006. I feel I'm qualified and eager to bring to the forefront some of the issues that have been discouraging growth here in NH and the surrounding regions. Currently, I'm the President of a newly formed non-profit, The Granite State Disc Golf Association, and promoting the newest tour series here in the state, The Granite State Tour. I've been a Board Member of The Live Free and Drive Tour from 2017-2020. The growth of disc golf is very exciting and I think I'm more than qualified, have a very solid reputation amongst players here in the state and perhaps most importantly willing to invest my time for the betterment of this sport we all love.

Professional Experience:  For the last 10 years, I've worked in the Architectural Industry working my way up from a intern to now working in every phase of design process. This has rewarded me with skills of forward thinking, seeing issues before they arise. It has taught me many interpersonal skills that will be beneficial in a state coordinators role. As mentioned previously, I have knowledge of the inner workings of non-profits and specifically within the sport of disc golf.  

Disc Golf Experience:  I've been a PDGA member since 2015 started playing in 2006. I've played in everything from unsanctioned events, local C-tiers, all the way to PDGA World Championships. I've been lucky enough to be featured on a lead card on a Youtube recorded round and even won! I've been lucky to have found this great sport and with its continued growth, I'd like to be even more involved in the inner workings of this great sport. I'd be honored to have your vote and take the task with great pride. My goal is to bring disc golf back to the players and provide an avenue for bigger events and less scheduling conflicts. Thank you all for the opportunity and I hope to see you on the course soon!

Tammy Coburn, #88964

Biography/Candidate Statement:   I am running for the PDGA's NH State Coordinator because I want to give back to a sport that has given and continues to give me so much.  I have been encouraged by the growth disc golf has seen over the past couple of years, and hope to continue to see it grow.  We need to adapt and grow along as more courses are being built and more players are playing.

I am a disc golf enthusiast, truly committed to enhancing and improving disc golf in our geat state of New Hampshire.  I am fortunate to be a part of such a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community. If elected, I will represent disc golf in NH in a fair, unbiased and civil manner.  I am able to listen to and work well with others.  I am open to all new and creative ideas.  I would love your support in my run for the PDGA's NH State Coordinator.

Professional Experience:  I have spent the majority of the past 25 years raising my children and woking with children in elementary schools.  I currently work in a retail store.  I have introduced hundreds of children to disc golf while working in an after school program and summer camp.

I have participated on many school related boards.  I have held positions of Secretary and President of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at my children's elementary school.  I was also the Secretary of HAMS (Hillside Association of Music Supporters) at my children's middle school.  I have organized, run, and assisted with various events and activities while participating on these boards.  This experience will benefit me while performing the duties of NH's State Coordinator.

Disc Golf Experience:  I began playing disc golf in the fall of 2014 with my husband and then teenage sons.  I became a member of the PDGA in 2016 when I started participating in tournaments.  I play many tournaments each year and finished 4th at the 2019 Amateur World Championship in the FA40 division.  I participate in three weekly disc golf tag leagues.  I started The Disc Golf Ladies of the Hollows to increase the number of women playing in the area and currently have 19 members.

New Mexico –

Everett Brophy #123177

North Carolina

Bobby Henn, #46735

Biography/Candidate Statement:  My wife Jessica and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary, have been living in Clayton for 10 years, and have a nine year old daughter Alyssa. I started playing disc golf in 2010 while I was out of town for work and Jessica would play with me on the weekends while I was home. I helped start the Triangle Disc Golf Club which ran weekly events throughout the Triangle area for most of the 2010’s. I resigned as VP to pursue running larger events. I took over as TD of the Dogwood Crosstown Classic in 2016, and since then the event has grown from 44 players in 2015 to 259 in 2021. I have been assisting with the NC Point Series since 2014 and have been maintaining the point spreadsheets since then and in recent years I have also helped coordinate the schedule.

Professional Experience: I currently work as a Park Maintenance Specialist with the Town of Clayton Parks and Rec Department. I have been fotunate enough to design and build a 7,000 ft, par 61, course in Clayton. We are currently in the early stages of designing a second course, with one other on the slate in the near future.

Disc Golf Experience: I have been playing disc golf since 2010, and a PDGA member since 2011. Tournament directing came naturally to me, and I have directed 8 events since 2016 including an A Tier. I have had the pleasure to assist in 13 events as an official Assistant TD, including 2018 Amateur World Championships, and countles others as a representative of the North Carolina Point Series. The previous 2 NC state coordinators have relied on me to help organize the scheduling and maintaining spreadsheets for the NC Point Series.


Kenneth Rollins, #7030


Biography/Candidate Statement:  Please take a few minutes to view the YouTube link provided. I served as OH State Coordinator for two terms. I wish to run for a third term. We have realized much growth in Ohio through increased courses, excellent Tournament Directors and improved communication in our concentrated regions. Y’all are doing a great things for Ohio. Keep up the momentum, get out with new players, foster the youth and volunteer when able.

Professional Experience

  • Have worked in the service industry for 40 years. 
  • Proficient with computers. 
  • Good communicator.    

Disc Golf Experience:  

  • Started in 1991. PDGA #7030. Member of Team Innova. 
  • Ohio Disc Golf Hall of Fame. Annual USDGC Volunteer. 
  • Promoter, Supporter and Course Developer. 
  • Helped organize many tournaments to include: 
    • 2010 AM Worlds, 2015 USWDGC, Gordon Holton Accolade, The 614 - Scot Myers Memorial.    


Chris Ozolins #55049

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Competitor, Organizer, Advocate. Born and raised in Port Credit, Ontario I spent the first 26 years of my life without even the faintest clue that disc golf existed, but it found me and changed my life. I spent one fateful afternoon at Bronte Creek with my partner Rachel and a 3 disc starter set and haven't looked back since. Growing up I played team sports; like many other young Canadians, hockey and baseball were staples in my weekly routine. To this day I'm still an advocate for these sports.... but discs golf is my passion; it's the cause I can wholeheartedly say I believe in the most, and it's the reason I dedicate a substantial portion of each day to advocating, organizing and helping to build our sport in Ontario. 

I believe that in order for our sport to reflect the same credibility achieved by other popular, heavily-funded sports at the provincial level, we have to continue to push our boundaries when it comes to professionalism, organization and developing our competitive continuum in Ontario. I've put a good deal of my time into developing personal relationships with Ontario's fantastic group of TDs while always maintaining an open-door policy with individuals looking to transition into the events and programming side of the sport. I've invested myself in developing an understanding of our current legacy schedule while anticipating growth trends and what that may mean for our future. With 70% year-over-year recurring growth rates through the pandemic, Ontario now has well over 100,000 active "recreational" disc golfers which will soon translate to a corresponding explosion in the increased popularity of competitive events. I've had my ear to the ground for the last 5 years as Ontario's PDGA coordinator and it's clear as day that we're about to experience the advent of increased multi-event weekends and transition to scheduling on a more regional level, rather than the heavily province-wide base we'd previously (mostly) followed. I've personally hosted over 40 events in Ontario, including seasonal tours, and understand the hard work that goes into the planning and execution of well-run events, and can relate when discussing, planning and arbitrating with our tournament directors.

I love our sport, I genuinely care about our progress, and I'm going to make sure I'm doing my absolute best to facilitate an organized, competitive event schedule in Ontario with inclusiveness, accessibility, and integrity at the forefront.

Click below to watch a quick bio and candidate statement and get to know me better:

Professional Experience: I became Director of the Ontario Disc Sports Association in 2016, our formal provincial sports organization (PSO), and have been working ever since in an effort to push our mission and values; inclusivity, advocacy, programming and a development continuum for our sport in Ontario. I have a background in the sciences and teaching, but have chosen to focus my career on disc golf and public advocacy. I have extensive experience with the municipal RFP process, grant writing, and accessibility development working in my capacity with the ODSA as well as the marketing director of Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds. I joined the Canadian Disc Golf Association executive board in 2020 in an effort to share my experience and knowledge and assist with the development of our national sports organization (NSO), qualify for Sport Canada funding, and develop a network between all Canadian provincial and territorial disc golf organizations.

Disc Golf Experience: I began my disc golf journey is 2012 and have since competed in 123 PDGA events and have run over 40. I have organized and published the Ontario disc golf schedule (sanctioned and not) since 2017 as acting PDGA provincial coordinator; ensuring sanctioning standards are upheld and providing Ontario's disc golfers with a comprehensive, organized schedule from which to plan their springs, summer & fall. Notable events that I have organized and/or co-hosted include: The Ontario Provincial Championships (recurring), The Ontario Women's Championship (recurring), and The Northern Ontario Championship (recurring). I have an extended history with disc golf course advocacy and installation within the province as well; I have proposed, designed, or been a contributing partner in notable projects such as Lafortune park (Caledonia), Fireman's Park (Niagara Falls), The Highlands (Collingwood), Dragon Hills (Thunder Bay) as well as a collection of others.


Chas Ford, #12850


Christian Vanier, #67574

Biography/Candidate Statement:  In the 4 years of been Provincial Coordinator, the province has seen a exponential growth in both PDGA events and PDGA members. Now with a solid player base, PDGA leagues and PDGA Tour, we are looking forward to the next steps in developing a competitive MPO division all the while continuing to develop the female and junior divisions.

Professional Experience:  22 years in the hotel industry, occupying various positions at a 5-star hotel with the last 3 in the accounting department. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a strain on the tourism economy and I've lost my job, like 1500 of my fellow hotel workers.

Disc Golf Experience:  8 years of playing, 5+ years of TDing and/or organizing events. 800 rated player and 1000+ rated TD ;)

Rhode Island

Emily Hanson #111460

Biography/Candidate Statement:   As the previous PDGA State Coordinator for RI, I am eager to run again and continue to help grow the sport through this position. Over the last two years I have been reached out to numerous times to help local golfers in a variety of ways, and would love to continue to stay so deeply involved in my local disc golf scene.
I have not been submerged in the community as long as the majority of other PDGA members, but I feel that a fresh, innovative perspective is a necessity in taking this sport to the next level. The rapid growth this sport has recently taken on is a huge inspiration for me and I am determined to continue playing a larger role in it. It is clear that there is a huge discrepancy between men's and women's disc golf and I am very passionate about raising interest in the women's side of the sport (competitively as well as introducing the sport to girls and women) and believe that this will unlock unfathomable growth for the sport we all love.

Professional Experience:  I have 7 years of experience teaching summer and after-school programs to inner-city elementary and middle school students. This experience gave me a one of a kind opportunity to test my creativity, resourcefulness and organization skills by creating my own curriculum and teaching over 35 classes varying from sports and art classes to STEM based programs and everything in between during my time working as a program provider.

More recently I have taught golf instructional classes to children and women's groups and hope to be able to do the same for disc golf in the future. I plan to do a lot of traveling in the near future to immerse myself in the disc golf scene outside of New England and am really looking forward to connecting with disc golfers all over the world.  

Disc Golf Experience:  I was introduced to disc golf about 4 years ago and it has been a wild journey since. So many great memories and learning experiences keep me addicted to this great game and the unique community that dedicates their lives to it. I have been traveling to a few larger A and B tier tournaments recently (MA, NH, VT) as an Advanced player (FA1) and will be competing in the FPO division for the first time in New York this summer. 

As state Coordinator I was recently contacted by an arts festival director who wants to include various disc golf activities into their event in early fall, and hope this position will continue connecting me with similar opportunities to introduce the sport to locals.

As someone who thoroughly enjoys the off season "Team Challenge" competitions, I am proud to say I have finally earned a spot on the Rhode Island team and am so excited to be representing my home state this fall-spring as one of the few female TC competitors in RI. 

I have three disc golf sponsorships on the horizon and am beyond honored for the opportunity to proudly represent local businesses that I whole heartedly support.  

I have a great appreciation for all of the work Tournament Directors put into their events and would love the chance to make their jobs a little easier while growing my own tournament knowledge. I will be applying for my own TD certification in the near future and look forward to helping the community meet the growing needs of disc golfers.


Jeri-Ann Brownbridge #180426

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I wasn’t expecting to be nominated for this position but since I was I will try my best to be the perfect candidate for this position in Saskatchewan. I am fairly new to this sport as I have only been playing for 2 years but what I have done for the growth of this sport I believe speaks for itself. In 2020 my fiancé and I travelled to every single disc golf course in Saskatchewan. We didn’t just play every single course but I personally photographed the entire lay out of every single course and placed it on UDisc. Many of the courses weren’t gps’d and for those courses I gps’d them. There were many courses that weren’t even on the app and I put them there to allow others the ability to know they exist. Currently I am putting these courses on the Disc Golf Scene. My whole purpose of this is to allow new players or travelling players to find these courses and their layouts with ease. Last year I played 65 courses in Saskatchewan. Currently there are 9 new courses and I have played 5 of them. We have plans to play the rest as the summer progresses. 

Throughout my travels I have met several players, club members, board members, course designers and course creators. I have connected store owners to course designers to create growth in the sport. I have made many connections and created partnerships to continue to grow the sport in our province. 

This year my goal is to attempt to play every tournament possible in Saskatchewan and to attempt 3 tournaments in 3 other provinces. This is what makes me a great candidate for this position. It requires organization, planning, time management and communication. These are qualities I possess and are shown based on my travelling experience last year. We were able to accomplish something no one else has in our province and it was all based on organization, planning, preparation, time management and the ability to communicate with complete strangers in order to fulfill my goals. I can use these exact qualities if elected for the PDGA Provincial Co-ordinator. 

My only downfall besides being new to the sport is that I am not fully aware of all the PDGA rules and guidelines. But I can definitely familiarize myself and begin the process of learning. 

Currently I am the media co-ordinator for the Disc Golf Saskatchewan Facebook page and I am a Member at Large for Regina Disc Golf Association. I have been a part of the Women’s Global Event Committee and am currently on the Saskatchewan Open Committee. I have already participated in the USAMP doubles event, Saskatoons Summer Solstice Event,  Women’s Global Event and this weekend I will be a part of the women’s bracket of the USAMP singles event. I am already registered for 5 other tournaments which means I am already focused on the events taking place in Saskatchewan and am able to keep them on track. I am also a tag league member in Regina, I was apart of a winter tag league in Buffalo Pound and the Glow the Game glow league in Regina. 

I hope these credentials provide you with enough confidence in myself to elect me as the PDGA Provincial Co-Ordinator for Saskatchewan. 

South Dakota

Michael Janish #82896

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I am 28 years old and a small business owner in Hartford, SD. My company, Janish Exchange LLC was started in 2019, and I help small businesses with day-to-day optimization and growth. I am looking forward to the opportunity to help the South Dakota disc golf community grow and thrive, which I believe I have already begun to do with the development of Albatross Disc Golf, a tour and disc golf brand. 

My goals if elected would be to streamline the process for TD's, encourage more TD's and players to join the amazing SD community, and find ways to enhance the experience for all players and TD's along the way!

Professional Experience:  I went to school for business management and account, and after college I took a job managing a country club. Following that, I was a portfolio manager for a bank. I was unhappy working a corperate 9-5 life and decided to take a risk. In 2019 I founded Janish Exchange LLC. Since then, I have helped hundreds of small companies and entrepreneurs optimize their business and personal lives. I am fortunate to have a very flexible schedule that allows me to enjoy all disc golf has to offer whenever I want to.

Disc Golf Experience: Been playing for 10 years, the last 4 years being the most serious.

In addition to playing, I have started a disc golf company and tour, branded as Albatross Disc Golf. I saw a need for some growth in the area I live in, and I thought I could help by providing opportunities for both current and new players in South Dakota and beyond.

Texas (South)

Mitch Justice #15022

Disc Golf Experience:  32 years as a player; CoFounded The Heart Of Texas Tour; Member of the Texas Disc Golf Hall of Fame; Last Texas State Coordinator; First South Texas State Coordinator.


Chris Young, #24381

Biography/Candidate Statement:  Born and raised in Vermont. Went on to attend and complete a Bachelors degree in Archaeology at the University of Vermont. Moved out Colorado and Oregon for 8 years where I fell in love with the sport of Disc Golf in 2004 while living in Eugene,Oregon. Moved back home to Vermont in 2007 after the birth of our daughter in 2005. Started to get involved in the sport not just as a player, but as an organizer,promoter and Tournament Director. Served as the President of the Green Mtn DG Club for 7 years and in 2018 I was asked to join Team Innova, served as the Asst TD for the Pro Worlds here at Smugglers Notch Resort and launched my business, Disc Golf Vermont. I have worked very closely with the PDGA over the past 10+ years and have served as the state representative for the past 2 years. This year, Disc Golf Vermont, will host 16 PDGA events in Vermont and I feel that I have earned the trust and respect of the disc golf community here in my home state to continue to serve as the Vermont PDGA representative for another term.

Disc Golf Experience:  Designed and built over 6 courses. Played and competed in over 200 events and over 300 courses. Work with other organizers around New England and beyond. Work with the DGPT and over a dozen sponsors. Run 2 kids summer camps, several after school programs and host many personal and regional clinics for players and communities. Raised over $110,000 in our DGVT Ice Bowl, which continues to be one of the most successful in the country. I have deadicated my life and passion to the sport and I couldn't think of anything I would commit my life to. I love the community, what the sport does for people's lives and I love playing and competing.


John Andersen, #19996

Professional Experience: I am 41 years old and have been playing disc golf for 27 years.  I started playing disc golf in St, Cloud, MN and continued to play in Fargo, ND, Rapid City, SD and currently Lacey, WA.  I have really enjoyed seeing the exponential growth of disc golf and I am very grateful to be a part of the disc golf community.  Disc Golf has been a major part of my life for decades and I am committed to sharing the game so that more people can enjoy it as much as I have.

Professional Experience:  At every place I have lived I have been active in growing the disc golf community.  I started the first disc golf club at NDSU and have been the president of clubs in Rapid City, SD, Pierce County, WA and currently Olympia, WA.  I currently manage PackEx Disc Golf store.  This year we established a egional based disc golf series called the PackEx Cup.  We are committed to growing competitive disc golf and improving everyones enjoyment at sanctioned events.  PackEx strives to support the local disc golf.  

Disc Golf Experience:  I have been with the PDGA since 2001 have been the Washington State Coordinator since 2015.  I run multiple PDGA sanctioned events every year and have been competing in the professional ranks for 13+ years.  Since I have been coordinator the amount of sanctioned events has drastically increased.  I built an online calendar to assist in scheduling all events in Washington.  I encourage open communication between all TD to ensure we create the best schedule.


Mike Harrington, #38024

Biography/Candidate Statement:  I come from a golf background both as a player and as a profession so disc golf seemed like a natural fit for me. I was a single digit handicap golfer for over a decade and had grown somewhat bored with golf. It always took up an entire day, it was expensive, and I simply had achieved a skill level higher than I ever thought I would so it was time to find something new. If you don’t know me well, know this, when I find something I love I do it constantly and without holding back. I already work hard to promote disc golf in Wisconsin. I promote Wisconsin as a destination for disc golfers from all over. I promote friendly fun competition through many weekly leagues and local tournaments every week of the year. I promote the sport of disc golf to private land owners like golf courses that would provide a unique venue for disc golf. I am also very connected to much of the Wisconsin disc golf community from my travels and will continue to foster those relationships to help smoothly manage the states tournament schedule. Using history as a guide while still welcoming new and upcoming tournament directors to get their foot in the door I will do my best to provide a neutral unbiased approach to coordinating the Wisconsin tournament schedule. It’s getting harder and harder to not conflict with another tournament on many weekends of the year.

Professional Experience:  My entire working history revolves around lawns, landscapes, and golf courses. I worked for a landscape company in high school as the grunt laborer in a 3 person operation. I left for college at The University of Minnesota with the intention of becoming a Landscape Architect initially but transitioned over to Horticulture when I realized I was not an artist (on paper) and I wanted to be using my hands and working with soils, grass, and plants in a physical manner. I graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Horticulture with an emphasis on Landscape Design and Management and Turf Management with my career goal of becoming a Golf Course Superintendent. I had already worked on a golf course for 4 years prior to graduation and eventually worked my way up to Golf Course Superintendent in 2003. I spent almost 4 years in that position and decided to join with my wife in business and became co-owner of a landscape management company. 

Disc Golf Experience:  I joined the PDGA within 7 days of my first round of disc golf which was January 1st 2009. It started as a way to break up a long road-trip to Florida and it became an obsession almost immediately. After my first round I knew I had a new sport/hobby that I would enjoy for a long time to come. I am in my 12th year playing and I have accomplished something only a dozen or so people have accomplished; I have played 1250 unique courses. I also found myself working more and more in the disc golf world by running leagues and tournaments that I eventually left my day to day role in my landscape company to be a full time disc golf promoter when I started my company called The Disc Golf Experience. I have a retail disc golf store, I run or at least oversee 10 different leagues each year with the help of some of my sponsored players and I have at least 1 weekly league running every week of the year. I have also gained some momentum in my course design ventures. I have designed 2 nine hole courses, a third has 9 holes completed and working on the other 9, and have two other projects currently that are in the early stages of development. Thanks to a partnership with a company that develops parks, camps, and campgrounds, we are seeing a lot of inquiries for disc golf course design. I have also had some success promoting disc golf to the golf industry as a potential new revenue stream. I now have 5 days of tournaments over 3 weekends on 3 different golf courses and I am very close to convincing another to install baskets on their golf course for year round disc golf. I also am a member of the Board of Director’s of the Disc Golf Foundation where I serve as the Course Development Committee Chairman. My main responsibility  is to evaluate grant applications for assistance in getting baskets at a cheaper price thanks to our partnerships with 5 different manufacturers. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in helping these people better understand course design, and what makes for a safer more sustainable course. The bottom line is that I live and breathe disc golf and have for 12 years since I found the sport. I see no sign of slowing down and the more involved I can be the more complete my experience will be. Thank you for reading my history and please consider re-electing me to a 2nd Two Year term as PDGA State Coordinator for the State of Wisconsin.