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2019 Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship Nominees

2019 Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship Nominees

Last updated: Monday, July 20, 2020 - 15:09

A sportsman or sportswoman is defined as someone who exemplifies sportsmanship on the disc golf course, observes the rules of play, and wins or loses with grace. The following candidates were nominated by PDGA members for acts of sportsmanship during 2019. 

Doug Bjerkaas #14902

All around one of the best people in our sport. He is great to play a round of golf with, great to work with as a TD, and super great to hang out with. As a TD he goes out of his way to help in any way possible. In addition, he is absolutely fair and only wants the best for every player in the sport.

Nominated by Shawn Sinclair

Dustin Leatherman #45395

Dustin may not be one of the big names in disc golf, but that doesn't mean he hasn't helped move disc golf forward in big ways. His humble nature, along with his true professionalism, is very rare in this sport, and I've seen his qualities carried over to others as he's worked with them. I've had the honor and privilege to work alongside Dustin as he directs Eagles Wings Disc Golf. Through his first 5 years as the National Director, he's built an organization from the ground up that is helping Grow The Sport in big ways, especially outside the United States. The disc golf course growth that we've come to know and love in Zambia would not have been possible with Dustin. There are many more great things Dustin worked on and is continuing to work on. I hope you'll consider Dustin for this award because of his hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship in the game of disc golf. We should all learn how to embody his character attributes.

Nominated by Zachary Smith

Cale Leiviska #24341

I've known Cale for many years. He is always a good sport, always upbeat and positive, regardless of how he's playing. I have never seen him lose his temper on the course (or elsewhere). He is very popular here in his home state. He is always smiling, always happy it seems. He recently installed 2 new courses here and they are already getting rave reviews. Cale is one of the 30 to 40 pros who is making a decent living from disc golf.

Nominated by Joe Feidt

Kathy Katnip Hardyman #19150

I first met Kathy at her first Pro Worlds in Flagstaff AZ in 2003. I was very impressed by how sweet and courteous she was as a player. Over the years I have played several rounds with her (and observed many more), and she always has a big smile and always wishes the best for her group mates, encouraging them to play well. Negative thoughts are never a part of her game. I always think of her as one of the most polite players on the tour.

Kathy's long history of participation in the PDGA is exemplary. She has assisted and run over a dozen tournaments, acted as a marshal at several PDGA World Championships, served on PDGA committees, and sponsored many tournaments with merchandise from her disc golf business. She has sold disc golf supplies for over 15 years, is an "Ambassador" for Innova Discs, and has made tags and trophies for clubs and tournaments. 

She has been a big supporter of women's tournaments, leagues, and events. She has also conducted numerous clinics for community groups, like Girl Scouts and YMCA. Kathy is a very accomplished player, and holds one amateur world title and five pro world titles. Even when her bid for a major title is unsuccessful, she is always gracious and supportive of her fellow competitors, as when I saw her lose to Sandy Gast at the Worlds in Emporia in 2016, and again in 2018 at the Tim Selinske when I played in their group. I cannot think of a more deserving player to receive this award.

Nominated by Sylvia Voakes

Colten Montgomery #35876

Colten fits the qualities that this award is built for. Not only does he show quality sportsmanship competing and casually. He is ever encouraging his fellow disc golfers on and off the course. Colten has a very approachable demeanor and his passion for the game shows on how he conducts himself when he is winning a Championship and when he is congratulating someone else for their victory. I believe Colten to be a well suited pick for this award as he is a fantastic representative for the PDGA, his sponsors, and disc golf as a whole.

Nominated by Mike Kemp