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2016 Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship Nominees

2016 Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship Nominees

Last updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 12:07

A sportsman or sportswoman is defined as someone who exemplifies sportsmanship both on and off the disc golf course, observes the rules of play, and wins or loses with grace. The following candidates were nominated by PDGA members for acts of sportsmanship during 2016. 

Carl “Cubby” Cubbedge #14567

Carl Cubby Cubbedge, provides a great spirit and comradery to the sport everywhere he plays. His ability to encourage others to play, to laugh and have fun while playing is infectious. In addition to his efforts to build and install courses, his constant Facebook updates, selfies, live updates and multiple rounds per day every day, all hours of the day rallies others to join him. This behavior is reflected both at tournaments as well as during casual rounds. His documentation of ACES has left him world renowned. 

Nominated by John Birkrem 

Mike Harrington #38024 

I have played the wonderful game of disc golf for right around 20 years at this point. My family started me of at age 7 on Drezka County Park in Milwaukee WI. Since I have played all over the United States, and I make it a point whenever I travel to hit up all the local courses and disc golf shops never by. In my time of doing so have I met many awesome players that exemplify sportsmanship.

One of which I've just met recently, who does work in my own back yard. Mike Harrington PDGA #38024 takes the cake. He is so humble and willing to help you succeed to your goals. Mike volunteers his time well over 100Hours a year to help improve this sport and make new courses. This man is always striving to make the courses in our area cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable for people to play. Not to mention he does this all not expecting anything in return, Just his love for the sport.

Now I may not be the best at persuasive writing or writing in general for that matter; however, when I read about the Bob West Memorial Award I could not see another candidate more fitting. Not only does he show wonderful characteristics on the course, it hold firm into his home life as well. Honesty, Respect, And Compassion. What I Felt The Award Was All About.

In Closing I would like to address that I have only know Mike for about 2months as the 2017 Disc Season has been starting, he is an amazing man and deserves to me acknowledged for what he has done for this sport. 

Nominated by Joe Herrmann 

Alex Russell #66362

I would like to nominate Alex Russell of Vancouver, Washington. Alex goes above and beyond to ensure everyone on the course is treated with dignity and respect. I never hear Alex make excuses for a bad shot or putt. He moves on and with a smile. Alex is now a professional athlete, but he still treats all amateurs with respect. If you would like more detailed information on Alex, I would be more than happy to assist in any way possible. 

Nominated by Luke Johnson 

Benjamin Smith #34835

I would like to put forth a nomination for the Bob West Sportsmanship Award for a Mr. Benjamin Smith, #34835.

I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the smallest of the Canadian provinces. PEI, and the neighboring provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick fall under the umbrella of the Maritime Disc Golf Association, a non-profit that Ben himself set up and spearheaded in 2014, after several years of holding tournaments and events, helping design and install courses, and putting on teaching clinics at schools and for school aged kids outside of school.

Disc Golf is still a fringe sport where we live, but in recent years, we're gaining an incredible amount of momentum, primarily due to Ben's passion for the sport, and for doing everything in his power to make it commonplace. Our membership has grown exponentially the last several years, from 23 members in 2015, to close to 100 this year, and we're noticing more and more new players showing up at our events as we continue to push our brand and the game of disc golf to anyone and everyone.

I personally found disc golf the summer before last, and Ben was one of the first people I met, who shared my passion for not only playing, but just for the sport in general. You can hear it in his voice, and see it in his eyes anytime he talks to anyone about disc golf. It's infectious. Shortly after meeting him, I started offering up any skills I have to help him grow the MDGA and disc golf in the Maritimes, and now we're poised to have our biggest year yet, with over 30 events, not counting countless teaching seminars, and 3 new courses being developed this summer.

Ben is one of the most benevolent people you will ever meet, and his heart belongs to disc golf. If you need actual figures for things, I can dig those up, but the long and short of this story, is that our sport, that we all love, would still just be a hobby known to very few, instead of one of the most thriving communities in our region, if it were not for the tireless efforts (time and money) that Ben has devoted to it. He's certainly a huge inspiration for myself, and I know that there are a lot of other passionate golfers in the Maritimes that feel the same way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you will consider someone in a smaller area, doing everything they can to bring disc golf to the masses!

Nominated by Peter Barrett 

Dan Thompson #35003

I would like to nominate Dan Thompson, #35003 of Murray, KY for the Bob West Award. He is what we think of when we think about a person who is an exemplary disc golfer. He is always promoting the sport, thinking of ways to improve our current course and has worked extremely hard on adding 9 new holes to the course - Central Park, Murray KY - and making sure that the original 18 stay in good shape, he picks up trash, stacks excess wood, etc. as we are walking during play. He is constantly promoting disc golf to others and will stay and talk with people when they ask questions about what we are doing. He keeps extra discs in his trunk to give to people so that they can start throwing themselves and hopefully continue in the sport. He is our main advocate at the park office when they are having meetings concerning what to do and continue to do in the park.

Nominated by Rodney Messenger 

Matthew Richmond #83478 & Ginger Wilkinson #83479

I'd like to nominate Matthew Richmond and Ginger Wilkinson. They are our club presidents for the Umatilla Disc Golf Club. They help out in so many ways! We travel all over Oregon to play different courses. They helped me get into my first ever tournament. I thank them with all my heart for what they do for me and the club. Perfect example of great sportsmanship. 

Nominated by Umatilla Disc Golf Club