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2014 Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship Nominees

2014 Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship Nominees

Last updated: Thursday, August 20, 2015 - 14:50

A sportsm​an or sportswoman is defined as someone who exemplifies sportsmanship both on and off the disc golf course, observes the rules of play, and wins or loses with grace.

Warren Hollinshead, #47330

I would like to nominate Warren Hollinshead. He is the most hard working and positive golfer I’ve ever met. Not only does he work basically a full time job promoting disc golf in Oregon (specifically Eugene) he does it all for the satisfaction and love of the game. I have competed with him and traveled with him, and I’ve never seen anything but a smile on his face or without a nice thing to say.

Warren was at one point a PDGA intern, so I know you guys have met and seen first-hand the professionalism and conduct he carries. If there is anybody deserving of this award it is Warren Hollinshead, PDGA # 47330.

Nominated by: Matthew Owens, #48643

Andrew Morrison, #45027

I would like to nominate Andrew (Andy) Morrison, PDGA #45027 for the Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship. I started playing disc golf a few years ago when our local course was being installed. Andy, along with many others, was involved with the installation of the course as well as an enthusiastic player. However, Andy went a little above and beyond. To insure the course installation would be seen through, he became a member and then president of The Friends of Punderson, a non-profit organization that works with our state park in order to see through the course installation (note this group does other events and work at the park, not just disc golf). He has been president for three years as the group almost disbanded after he first joined. He has been keeping that group alive and together while helping with the course work, events and leagues at the course. He and I also met with the local recreation board in order to see if we could introduce disc golf into the local school system as an offered sport. In addition to that, no matter what kind of drama may be going on at a tournament, league or other event at the course, Andy keeps a cool head and makes effort to make everyone happy and mediate the situation. He has also had to deal with the ups and downs of the cooperation with Punderson State Park system in which our course is located.

I could nominate a few other people; however Andy has really gone above and beyond to keep our course on track and moving forward. He is always encouraging and supportive on the course and makes everyone feel welcome. If you are having a bad day, he tries to make it better in some way. If it wasn't for him, and of course the other members of our group, I wouldn't have kept playing the sport. I actually joined the Friends of Punderson to help him and the others out for a while, and I help as much as I can to support the course and events even if I can't play regularly. However, I can't even compare to the volunteer hours, blood, sweat and tears he has put into the course for the love of the sport and the goal of making our course one of the top in the country - our course is now rated around #4 in the state of Ohio on Disc Golf Scene and I don't think we would be there without all of his commitment and hard work. I did not know this award existed and as soon as I saw it and read the qualifications there was no question about who to nominate. Andy embodies what this award represents. Thank you for your consideration.

Nominated by: Kathy Shue, #63219

Louie Orozco, #31463

My nomination is for Louie Orozco, 31463, as he is a great example of how disc golfers should act on and off the course. I met Louie in 2013, when I first started playing tournaments in Alaska. He also organizes league play year round, including a fun glow league during the dark winter months, "Wednesday night lights!", which includes black lit neon chains on the baskets. He directs at least one tournament a year and I see him competing at most of the tournaments in Alaska, he's even going down to the lower 48 for a few. I'm always glad to be on his card, because I know he'll be supportive of everyone else's game as well as trying his best regardless of any mistakes. In his free time, aka time not disc golfing, he invites others on outings like watching our local hockey team and going on float trips. He really makes our disc golf community fun to be a part of.

Nominated by: Scott Johnson, #59296

Des Reading, #15863

I would like to nominate PDGA #15863, Desiree Reading for the 2015 Bob West Sportsmanship Award. Des Reading has been a consistent and consummate Professional during her 15+ year career as a touring disc golf player. She learned early on how to be a respectful winner and a gracious loser having played competitive sports the majority of her life from earning seventeen sports letters in high school, to earning a full ride athletic scholarship to pitch Division 1 softball, to winning three Women's PDGA World Championships.

During all of her years on tour I have first hand witnessed Des advocate for women's disc golf by teaching hundreds of new tournament women rules situations and courtesy in a way that's positive, encouraging and respectful. I see Des consistently get asked rules questions as her peers know she respects the rules and holds herself to highest regard here. She most often leads by example and is a glowing representative that one can be competitive at the highest level while still having a great experience with others sharing the round together.

There are many specific stories, but one of my favorite examples I can give for Des Reading's worthiness of the Bob West Memorial award would be the 2011 High Plains Challenge A-Tier in Fort Morgan, CO. I knew going into the event Des was having a nagging injury affecting her play. She had a nice field of five Pro Women to compete against and went into the last round up by one stroke to a young Junior Champion, Paige Bjerkaas, who was playing well beyond her age and above her rating all weekend. The entire event was tuned into the possibility of their state's rising star in position to take down a seasoned disc golf World Champion. Paige played a super solid last round and solidly won her first Pro A-Tier event. I had finally finished my round having already heard all about the upset as the news quickly circulated the course. I went straight away to consul Des figuring she would be mentally whipped by the tough defeat. Des was found not sulking whatsoever and in fact was in the field helping Paige work on her upshots and other things she may have noticed during their play together. Someone else commented to me about Des' graciousness and I responded that I really wasn't surprised as Des has always been quick to tip out the women she plays with and against. She is usually the first person to congratulate someone on their stellar play.

Des embodies all that defines what sportsmanship is about and deserving of this esteemed recognition that is the Bob West Sportsmanship Award.

Nominated by: Jay Reading, #15864

Mike Solt, #32429

I want to nominate Michael Solt # 32429 for the Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship award. Mike is the definition of selfless, bending over backwards to run events, install courses, host clinics and spread disc golf. You could not have a better recipient of the award than Michael Solt.

Nominated by: Eric Eichhorst, #19462

Dana Vicich, #26228

I’d like to nominate Dana Vicich for the Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship award. Dana is a consummate disc golf professional who exhibits the very best of sportsmanship and spirit of the game both on and off the course. Although not a 100% touring Pro, Dana is well known around the country as he does attend quite a few National Tours and PDGA Majors as well as more regional events and is highly regarded by players, organizers, and sponsors alike. Despite the time committed to playing the sport, Dana still finds time to give back to the sport by running multiple tournaments each year as a Tournament Director, helping to run teaching clinics, and raising money for charitable organizations. Perhaps most telling of Dana’s sportsmanship is that he is highly esteemed by his peers who regard him as a very welcome addition on their playing card. For these reasons I believe that Dana Vicich is a great choice for the Bob West Sportsmanship award.

Nominated by: Andrew Sweeton, #21582