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Chain Reaction (Refer-a-Friend) Recruiters

Chain Reaction (Refer-a-Friend) Recruiters

Last updated: Friday, September 30, 2011 - 10:34

Would you like to know who the lead recruiters are? Check this file for the most up to date information. Remember: Credits are earned and calculated by calendar year. Credits for the 2010 recruiters will be issued this fall in conjunction with the update to our online store. The new store will offer many more items and give you a greater product selection for your voucher . In the future, credits will be issued in January for the preceeding year of recruiting.

CONTEST: The first 5 members who recruit 10 NEW members will receive a  PDGA logo shirt, be featured in a front page story at and mentioned in DiscGolfer magazine as well.

2010 RECRUITING WINNERS: Kenny Pascarelli PDGA #36412 (16 New members) and Trenton Solomon #41078 (10 New members) Congratulations!

Details on the Refer-a-Friend program.

Thank you and good luck!