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Board of Directors Candidate Submissions Due June 8th

Do you play disc golf on occasion with your buddies, just a few times a year, without really understanding the rules? Are you someone that’s never even considered playing in a sanctioned tournament? Do you see disc golf as a fun hobby but not as a genuine competitive and athletic sport? No need to worry, that’s perfectly ok with us. We all took to the tee pad the first few times with the same attitude. The point is, as much as we love all disc golfers, this article probably isn’t for you.

For those of you that are still with us, we thank you for your dedication and passion for the awesome and increasingly popular sport that is disc golf. Perhaps it’s time to take that passion to a new level. As we get closer to July, the hunt for the best and brightest minds the sport of disc golf has to offer is in full effect. The annual elections are quickly approaching with two open slots for the PDGA Board of Directors. Elections take place online between July 1st and July 31st, 2016 and the 3 year terms will begin September 1st, 2016.

Why do we have a Board of Directors? The short answer is, we have to. On top of the fact that having a board is written into the PDGA Bylaws, it’s also a requirement to maintain our 501(c)(4) nonprofit status. The short answer, is just the insignificant tip of the iceberg. The beauty of a board is that it allows for new people to be elected into office by their constituents which are active PDGA members in our case. They bring with them new ideas, proposals, and analyses from their own perspectives and from those they represent. Without this process, the sport would never change, and perhaps could never grow into something bigger and better as it has with every passing year.

Organized disc golf takes place at the local, regional, national and international levels. There are now over 3000 courses in the United States alone, and the numbers continue to rise across the globe. It takes more than just a board of directors and a small team of employees in Appling, GA to maintain and govern such a vast landscape. This is why we also have State, Provincial, and Country Coordinators whom work with the PDGA and with the clubs and players in their region to help keep the sport organized and moving in the right direction.

If you’re interested in running for one of the two PDGA Board of Directors openings you can find more details about what the jobs entail on our elections page. If this is your year and you’re ready to give it a go, download and complete the Candidate Biography Questionnaire. As stated on the elections page, we strongly encourage that candidates produce a 3-5 minute video, post it to YouTube, and link to it on the questionnaire. This gives people a better opportunity to see who you are and to hear exactly what ideas you want to bring to the sport.

This form may also be requested by contacting the PDGA office or by calling (706) 261-6342. The completed form must be returned to the office along with a candidate statement no later than June 8, 2016 for Board candidates. We look forward to seeing some new faces this year for the annual elections!


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