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They Said It: Twitter Reacts To #DiscGolfOnESPN

Disc golfers have long dreamed of seeing their sport on a major television network. Photo: DGPT / Alyssa Van Lanen

Putting the capstone on a season that has ranged from the dark moments of early season cancellations to the limelight of its first forrays into network television, disc golf made its long-awaited debut on ESPN2 last night and reactions have been pouring in from longtime fans and new viewers alike.

Watson Sets the Pace

Easily the most retweeted comment of the night came courtesy of two-time Masters champion and PDGA member, Bubba Watson, who chimed-in early in the broadcast:

DGPT quickly jumped on the opportunity to let Watson know that there are plenty of disc golf courses that may suit his taste better than Hornet's Nest, which set-off one of our favorite exchanges:

Disc Golfers Rejoice

Many of the night's tweets came from longtime disc golfers expressing their pride and joy in seeing their favorite sport showcased in such a high profile setting, as well as praise for the quality of the production:


New Viewers Discover Disc Golf

But our favorite reactions of the night came from new viewers who were just seeing disc golf for the first time. For diehards like us, getting to watch DGPT and ESPN #growthesport in real time before our eyes was something to behold.

That's a Wrap

Putting a fine point on an article can be a challenge for writers, so we were grateful to come across this tweet from Klinton Pippert who managed to sum up what a lot of us were feeling reading through these comments:


I was the course official for the Hornet's Nest course at the 1997 World's and I did not recognize the course at all! It was great to see all the new players. I don't think the men's winner was even alive when I was in Charlotte in '97. I sure do miss my playing days.