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PDGA Radio Episode 14: Masters Cup Rewind, SFO Preview

Steve Hill and Sara Lamberson ride the roller coaster after the Santa Cruz Masters Cup. The hosts discuss a high-profile disqualification at the event (2:25) and how Paige Pierce’s continued dominance affects her competitors’ mental game (7:36). On the Open side, it’s all about Ricky Wysocki’s perseverance (21:40), Paul McBeth’s comeback (22:35), and Noah Meintsma’s breakout showing (25:10). Robert Leonard dissects Wysocki’s double penalty during a Rules Break (30:18) and San Francisco Open Tournament Director Sean Jack stops by later to talk about what to expect from the event (44:40). Steve and Sara discuss the tournament’s decision to charge admission (57:20) and make their picks to round out the show.

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