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PDGA Radio Episode 122: Jonesboro Open Preview

Things might look different this weekend as the Jonesboro Open enjoys an autumnal appearance on the calendar. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

Steve and Sara chat about the latest news, including the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s hop across the pond and Disc Golf Hall of Famer Elaine King joining the DiscGolfer Magazine staff (3:55). The hosts then dive into a discussion on race and diversity as it relates to a few current events in the sport (7:10). After the break, it’s a preview this weekend’s Jonesboro Open, including some love for the tournament staff and picks (32:35).

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Submitted by koffelr on

Fun rounder Cole Redalen turned 16 AFTER his hot round. Keep your eyes on this kid. Killer putt, smooth forehand, and bomber backhand. He's only 987 right now but he's averaging closer to 1020 in recent months.