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PDGA Europe National Associations' Support Plan

PDGA Europe National Associations' Support Plan

Wednesday, November 22, 2023 - 03:19

PDGA Europe, in collaboration with European Disc Golf Federation, has initiated a program to support the 29 Affiliated European National Disc Golf Associations in order to establish a diagnosis of the current situation of the sport in each country and to determine where it can provide more effective assistance.

The plan consists of four phases:

  1. An individual interview with each of the PDGA Country Coordinator in which, starting from a statistical analysis of the last years (evolution of the number of members, courses, events, inhabitants, GDP per capita, etc.) they will analyze aspects such as international competitions, the educational system, feedback channels, training of TDs, legal differences, Grant Program, relations with the press, broadcasting of National Championships, etc. in order to be able to compare, share ideas, propose successful measures from other countries, etc.

  2. A comprehensive form will be filled out in conjunction with the National Association to study organizational aspects such as the level of national recognition of Disc Golf and the Association, membership type, fees, clubs, etc. This is an update of the one already used in the 2015 Professional Disc Golf Association International Survey, which has the advantage of allowing the study of the temporal evolution in each country and also comparing it with others in Asia, Oceania or Latin America.

  3. A second meeting with the PDGA National Coordinator and the President of the National Association will serve to analyze the results and establish priorities for this Support Plan as well as possible coordinated actions with other near countries.

  4. Finally, after updating the global vision of the situation of Disc Golf in the Old Continent, the PDGA Europe and the European Disc Golf Federation will share their conclusions in order to improve the coordination between both entities in their respective areas of action in order to continue working for the growth of European Disc Golf at all levels.