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Milestone Hit

Milestone Hit

2,000th disc approved by PDGA Technical Standards

Friday, April 19, 2024 - 08:49

Do you often find yourself blaming your disc for your errant shot?

Luckily for you, there are plenty to chose from and that selection continues to grow.

On Thursday, April 18, 2024, the PDGA Technical Standards Working Group and its chair, Jeff Homburg, hit a milestone by approving the 2,000th disc — the Johnson by Bernoulli — into the PDGA database.

The group hit this number quickly as No. 2,000 comes just under two years since the 1,500th approval in May 2022 meaning that one-quarter of every approved disc has come in the past 23 months.


The rise of approved discs. Stats via Jeff Homburg / PDGA Technical Standards Working Group

Homburg, a field archaeologist since 1978 and 2012 inductee into the World Disc Golf Hall of Fame, became the chair of the PDGA Technical Standards Working Group in 1989 after the group was formed in 1985. That means Homburg has had a hand in approving a large number of the 2,000 approved discs.

"When I became the PDGA Tech Standards Chair in 1989, there were only six companies (Wham-O, DGA, Destiny, Discraft, Innova, and Lightning) with approved discs," Homburg said. "I would only receive a dozen or so discs in a year in those early years. Fast forward to today and we broke a record for the number of approvals for a year, with 275 approvals in 2023, and today there are 155 active brands with approved discs and 42 brands that are inactive. I never thought I would still be doing all the PDGA testing and approval 36 years later, but it's so much fun, I just can't stop."


Get to know Homburg and the disc approval process on this episode of PDGA Radio.

Interested in learning more about the current state of PDGA Tech Standards, check out this presentation that Homburg gave at the 2023 PDGA Masters Disc Golf World Championships.

Some fun facts:

  • 18 countries have disc brands with approvals with the United States representing 71.8% of approvals
  • Around 10% of submissions fail the testing process with 'flex' being the main reason a disc is not approved at 31%
  • There were 275 discs approved in 2023 alone

You can also view almost every disc that has ever been tested via the Flying Disc Museum.

Jeff Homburg joins Scott Stokely to show the testing process.

Here it is, No. 2,000. With that many discs PDGA approved, surely you can find one that hits the fairway.


Learn more about the PDGA Technical Standard Working Group here.

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