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Hokom, McBeth victorious in Vermont

Sarah Hokom accepts her Green Mountain Championship trophy from Tournament Director Jeff Spring. Photo: Alyssa Van Lanen

As we came into the final round of the Green Mountain Championship, all eyes were on Sarah Hokom. How can we forget what happened during the last GMC, when Paige Pierce came charging from the chase card to beat Hokom by one. On the final hole, Hokom was unaware of the scores and played her game rather than run the 70-footer that would have tied it.

Hokom had a five-stroke lead on Paige going into that round. This year, she had six strokes on Kristin Tattar. Continue reading at>>

McBeth uses GMC as DGPT season victory lap

Paul McBeth came into the final round with an eight-stroke lead, successfully making the final round a virtual victory lap to cap off his phenomenal season. The GMC win meant he took home seven of the nine DGPT events he played and cruised to the season-long points title. Over the course of the season, he birdied 57% of the holes he has played, easily topping Eagle McMahon and Ricky Wysocki, who are in second and third place at 52% and 51%, respectively. Continue reading at>>