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Get to Know the Eight Candidates for the PDGA Board of Directors

Eight candidates with wide-ranging skillsets, both professionally and within the sport of disc golf, have filed for three open positions on the PDGA Global Board of Directors.

They're all ready to help take disc golf to the next level.

The PDGA Global Board of Directors is required for nonprofit status and mandated by the PDGA bylaws. In addition to semi-annual summit meetings, the board conducts monthly teleconferences with staff to accomplish its varied goals, such as setting PDGA policies; hiring and supervising of the executive director, who is responsible for headquarters, staff and ongoing operations; financial managements, including an annual budget; identifcation of responsible future board members; and representing the membership's visions for the future of the sport and the association.

Three at-large board member positions will be elected this year during a month-long election throughout the entire month of July. That means that members have well over a month to get to know all eight candidates before voting begins.

PDGA Elections Now Underway »

The three candidates that receive the most votes will serve three-year terms from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2024. For additional information, please see the PDGA Elections page.

Candidates for the three openings on the PDGA Europe Board of Directors have until June 14, 2021, to submit the Candidate Biography Questionnaire and email to [email protected]. The deadline for State and Provincial Coordinators is June 21, 2021.

Here are the eight candidates who have stepped up and are ready to help take the sport of disc golf to the next level, along with their background information, statements of intent and interviews with Terry Miller.

2021 Board Candidates

Wilbur Wallis, #6583

  • Location: Rantoul, IL
  • Education: Some college
  • Occupation: Manager at a bicycle helmet and accessories manufacturer

Biography/Candidate Statement: Married 37 years. One daughter and one granddaughter who may be the first 4th generation PDGA member. I have been heavily involved with the PDGA for many years, and I feel it is time for me to be on the Board. I think that the future of our sport is getting more diversity and more youth involved. I am a supporter of the EDGE program and would love to work with the Youth and Education Coordinator Des Reading to try to get disc golf into more schools. High schools need disc golf teams! I also consider myself a "rules guru" and many people come to me with rules questions. There is a little controversy around a couple of our majors. We need to look at the formats and decide what is in the best interest of players, the PDGA, sponsors, spectators and the sport in general.

Professional Experience: I have worked in retail and restaurants for over 20 years, so I have a lot of experience dealing with many types of personalities. I am currently the Distributions Projects Manager for a large bicycle helmet and accessories manufacturer. I am responsible for a department of 25 people that builds freestanding displays filled with various bicycle helmets and accessories. These displays are in most major retailers in North American. I help design, layout, test, and build these displays. I have interaction with many outside suppliers, salespeople and buyers as well as working with every department within our organization on a daily basis. I have been with this company for 19 years.

Disc Golf Experience: I began playing disc golf in 1986 in Bradley Park in Peoria, Illinois. I joined the PDGA in 1992. In the almost 30 years since then, I have been the TD of over 150 events, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned. I have been on staff at 15 World Championships, 12 USWDGC’s and 4 other Majors, usually as a Course Director. I was named as the first Illinois State Coordinator and served in that position from 2000 to 2004. I was on the Board for the Peoria (IL) Frisbee Club for many years, serving as the President for 10 years. After moving to the Champaign, IL area, I helped start the Champaign County Disc Golf Club and have served as the President since its founding in 2013. I am a member of the Disc Golf Course Design Group and have designed or consulted on 30 disc golf courses in the Midwest. I have run clinics/demonstrations for many years introducing children and adults to this sport. My local DG club is partnered with one of the park districts, and I have taught classes through them. I was named an Innova Ambassador in 2018. I am a moderator/admin for several disc golf Facebook pages.

Robert Decker, #17745

  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Education: BS Accounting
  • Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Biography/Candidate Statement: Many of you know me and many of you don’t so, I think I’d like to start by directing you to the following links:

I hope to create a 2021 election video but, I don’t have too much to say that wasn’t in my 2018 video so, for now, please see my YouTube 2018 election video: You are also welcome to view my 2014 election video on YouTube.

These links will tell you much more about me than I can type here.

During my nearly 17 years of service to the PDGA (the most any board member has had): I have gained valuable insight into the complex operations of the PDGA; the varying needs of its members & the sport of disc golf; and an understanding of the history of the PDGA & how it has come to this point in its existence.   During that time, I believe my steering of the PDGA to become financially healthy in order to continue serving its members during a time of need, helped us to survive and grow during the tragic times we have just experienced. 

My goal will continue to be to make the PDGA a financially strong entity that can continue to lead and support the growth of disc golf worldwide.  I can continue to advise in this area by applying my 45 years of professional & business advisory knowledge and experience as a Certified Public Accountant and my almost 21 years of disc golf operational knowledge and experience. 

In addition, I will continue to use my years of advising many other nonprofit organizations, to properly advise and lead the board to make wise operational and spending decisions as well as to avoid rules changes that would alienate our members.  In all of this, I valued the needs of our overall membership and volunteers over the wants of the vocal few.  I do believe that we can best make disc golf grow through making it a welcome place for everybody but, that takes us all working together for this common goal.

So, as I always have, if re-elected, I promise to do my best to continue to grow the sport of disc golf and the PDGA in the manner best benefiting the majority of its members and the sport in general.  I will continue to keep the long-term view at the forefront as opposed to the “let’s hurry up and do it now” attitudes that I have had to temper during my years on the board: “everything in its own time”.  I will at all times keep both the recreational needs of our amateur members, the “living wage” of our pro members, and the needs of our volunteers in mind in all recommendations that I make or proposals I vote on.  I promise to express my well thought out views and comments, as well as the views and comments that I have heard from our members, even if it means upsetting other members of the board or our committees (which it has over the years).  Above all, I will continue with the mind set of “doing no harm” to our enjoyment of the sport or our members livelihoods.

Please vote for me.

Professional Experience: I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in private practice since early 1976. I have spent the last 38 years of advising and assisting nonprofit organizations, such as the PDGA, in all aspects of their operations and taxes. There are few in the industry more experienced than me in this area.  This allows me to provide extremely valuable knowledge to the PDGA directly related to its day-to-day and overall operations.    

I am also a former business owner. I am currently a principal of our firm (  In addition to the above, my years as a practicing CPA and years of serving on various management teams have provided me with the ability to listen to all sides of a discussion and to formulate ideas and actions that incorporate the best of all opinions.

Disc Golf Experience:

  • PDGA board member since 1/1/2005 (16+ years) - No one else has served more years on the PDGA board.
  • PDGA President for 2 years and PDGA Treasurer/financial director for 13 years.
  • Treasurer of the Kansas Disc Sports Scholarship fund for approximately 15 years.
  • Active on the board of the Air Capital Disc Golf Club from 2000 to approximately 2014.
  • Tournament Director of over 20 tournaments and over 500 club nights.
  • Played in over 100 sanctioned tournaments including 3 in a pro division.
  • Played in 9 AM World’s competitions finishing as high as 16th.
  • Played in countless non-sanctioned tournaments (more than 100) and countless club nights.
  • Have done my best to promote and live by “The Most Fun Wins!” ideal of disc golf!

Tim Petrea, #34756

  • Location: Tifton, GA
  • Education: BS Recreation
  • Occupation: Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Biography/Candidate Statement: Long Time PDGA Member, Certified Parks and Recreation Professional, Tournament Director, Airforce Veteran, and High School Football official.

Disc Golf is an extremely important part of my life and career. I am fortunate to be able to work in the field of recreation and that gives me a great opportunity to speak for diversity in parks. Disc Golf has become a strong option to increase options for diverse park setting. I am very passionate about working with local clubs to increase opportunities to grow the Sport.

Professional Experience: As a leader in the Parks and Recreation Industry, I have the opportunity to Plan, manage, develop and enforce policy, and many other facets of this great field. My network is strong with our State Organization and the National Recreation and Park Association. I have been fortunate to be able to work with Agencies in Georgia, North Carolina and Wyoming.  I am proud to be working for a park system back in Georgia.  I have served in the United States Airforce.

Disc Golf Experience: Certified Tournament Manager, Team Innova (Ambassador), Course Designer, and lover of throwing plastic. I am a former board member two different clubs (one in North Carolina and Wyoming).

Wil McKaskle, #61881

  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Education: Albuquerque Bible College, West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Occupation: Electrician | Asst. Instrument Maker, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Biography/Candidate Statement: I was an elected member of Music City Disc Golf Board of Directors from 2017-2020, serving as Executive Officer in 2019 and 2020. With 350+ members and over 30 events annually, MCDG has become a leading force in the growth of disc golf in Tennessee and the southeastern United States. I also have experience in audio/video production, and have hosted & produced a weekly podcast since 2018.

Professional Experience: I have worked in sales, customer service, technical support, the service/hospitality industry, insurance, ministry, and several other fields, but since early 2010 I have worked in the Facilities Management department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Disc Golf Experience: I am the Tournament Director of the Music City Open, serving on the Event Staff since 2015. In that time, the MCO has grown from a B tier event to its selection as the 2021 PDGA National Tour finale. In addition to the MCO, I have served as TD for the Cedar Hill/Mike Lane Classic, The Bell Witch Open, The Seven Oaks Summer Solstice, as well as a series of 12-15 sold-out unsanctioned events and a weekly league since 2016.

Michel Munn, #70774

  • Location: Petal, MS
  • Occupation: CEO, Transportation Division, LMS LLC  

Biography/Candidate Statement: My love for disc sports began at a young age when my father and mother introduced me to freestyle frisbee, and it was a family staple on camping and beach trips. I then began playing ultimate frisbee in the local church league in my teenage years, which then transitioned to disc golf. I am married with 2 daughters and I am lucky to have a strong support system that encourages me to challenge myself within this sport that I love.  I have always thought of myself as a player first and a tournament director second and have dedicated myself to running events where we do not make a profit. That is my way of giving back to the sport and the players that attend the events that I run. I believe there are many ways that I can contribute as a Board Member for the PDGA.

  1. My extensive regulatory experience can be a valuable asset for the rules committee.
  2. I see a need to continue the work in junior disc golf development and outreach. Through local churches and schools, we are seeing some progress and I would like to help expand on that.
  3. If elected, I would like to work with the technology team to help provide new and first time TDs a seamless process and understanding of the tournament manager to maintain a high standard for PDGA events.

With an incredible infrastructure and PDGA staff already in place, I would like to make these areas my focus if elected as a PDGA board member.

Professional Experience: For the past 18 years, I have worked to help run and build a family safety consulting business. We are a customer service oriented and driven business founded on being accessible to our customers by providing expert subject matter consulting services throughout the Southeast. I manage federal and state level compliance reviews for 120+ customers and help small and large businesses navigate the complexities of regulatory agencies.

Disc Golf Experience: I served for over 4 years as the local club President of the Hattiesburg Disc Golf Association and have served as a board member of the Southern Nationals Disc Golf Series. I am the Tournament Director of the Big Rip Classic A-Tier in South MS, which over the last 6 years has grown to be one of the area's marquee events each year. I was the TD of the Southern Nationals Doubles Championships for 4 years and helped grow that event into one of the largest payout doubles events in the United States. I have served as Assistant TD & Director of Operations of the Ledgestone Insurance Open since 2017 and held those same titles for the 2019 Pro Worlds.

I am the current PDGA State Coordinator for the state of Mississippi and have worked hard to bring my business and customer service experience to disc golf. I have contributed to local course design, course installation, managed small to large sponsor partnerships, and helped organize and contribute to many different charities in my local community. I continue to be a resource for area TDs to provide a level of leadership that they trust and respect.

John Baker, #89855

  • Location: Athens, GA
  • Education: Juris doctor
  • Occupation: Attorney

Biography/Candidate Statement: I am experienced in the governance of nonprofits, generally, after serving as Chairman of FilmAthens and President of the Bar Association. As a result of those endeavors, I accumulated experience in management, marketing, finance, and strategic planning. As a practicing attorney for 18 years, I am accustomed to communicating and collaberating with others to achieve collective goals. I joined the PDGA in 2016; and, my passion for helping to grow this amazing sport has only accelerated since that time.  

Professional Experience: Trial Lawyer admitted to State and Federal Bars in 2002

Disc Golf Experience: After joining the PDGA in 2016, I have enjoyed playing courses across the southeast and playing in tournaments as often as I can. I offered to teach a disc golf class to middle-schoolers last year in an effort to expose more kids to the sport. I have applied for election to the Board so that I can work to help the PDGA make the most of the recent explosion in numbers of those playing our sport.

Leah Tsinajinnie, #139109

  • Location: Decatur, GA
  • Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, B.S. in Business Administration. Arizona State University, J.D. Candidate.
  • Occupation: Full-time Touring Pro

Biography/Candidate Statement: Hello friends! I respectfully ask you to admit this statement as my letter of interest for my candidacy as a PDGA Board of Directors Member. I am a newer community member in disc golf, and I believe that my diverse experiences can bring a fresh look in helping to grow the sport. My extensive experiences include: being an organizer, volunteer, leader, coach, and top level competitor in ultimate frisbee; interning at various non profits while in law school; and traveling this season as a full-time touring disc golf professional.

My passion to be a PDGA Board Member stems from my excitement in being on the PDGA Diversity and Outreach Task Force and my overall enthusiasm to serve the community. I thrive most when I can give back to others that have given so much to me. Disc golf created a fun, safe space for me to feel successful and to make new friends. As a result, I feel strongly compelled to bring others into the sport so that they can see the joy of playing.

Priorities as a Board Member:

  • TRANSPARENCY. Communicating effectively with my fellow Board Members. Being open and honest about Board activities and decisions. Clearly stating goals and directives in a timely manner. Recognizing and acknowledging the value of each member’s input.
  • DIVERSITY AND EQUITY. Making efforts to diversify the sport by bringing in people from underrepresented populations while prioritizing growth in an equitable manner. Redirecting more resources towards communities focusing on growth for women, youth, and Black, Indigenous, People of Color, people identifying as LGBTQ+, and other diverse populations.
  • AWARENESS. Building a sport culture that prioritizes a community-driven mindset and creating strong, local support systems. Recognizing the spectrum of intersectional goals that the PDGA and its members can achieve by identifying and connecting issues within the sport. Making time as a Board Member for reflection and adjustments in all aspects of my role.

I chose these priorities based on my conversations with disc golf community members and listening to the improvements people would like to see, as well as my personal analysis for areas of growth. The time for a better future in disc golf starts now! If chosen to serve on the Board, I will use my education, life experiences, 12 years of ultimate experience, and 10 years of professional experience to ensure a productive, forward-looking Board of Directors.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Disc Golf Experience: I first started playing disc golf in May 2020. In my short time playing, I have competed in 34 events and began touring full-time in the FPO division. I currently serve on the PDGA Diversity and Outreach Task Force. Last fall, I helped organize a tournament called the Color of Disc Golf, which celebrated players identifying as Black, Indigenous, People of Color. I have high hopes for the future of the sport!

David Schreff, #177512

  • Location: Chatsworth, CA
  • Education: MBA Marketing, University of Connecticut; BA Wesleyan University
  • Occupation: CEO, Board of Director of sports, media, tech companies. Current CEO Role is, a media, sports and entertainment software solutions provider.

Biography/Candidate Statement: I’ve devoted my entire career to serving as a senior executive and board director of high growth sports, media, entertainment and tech companies, and developing expertise in event management, player/athlete/talent management, corporate sponsorship sales and marketing, licensed merchandise design and marketing, and TV/online/mobile media.

I trust that I can add measurably and immediately to the growth of the PDGA to further popularize  disc golf as a performance and recreational sport, offer ideas to drive participation and membership, enhance the celebrity of high performance PDGA athlete competitors, enlist the support of media and tech companies to drive viewership/usage, grow licensing of equipment, attract endemic and non-endemic corporate sponsorship revenue to serve the PDGA and the entire disc golf community.

I have particular expertise in marketing to GenX, GenY, GenZ consumers who comprise key components of the future growth of the sport, based on my prior executive or board work at the National Basketball Association, Marvel Entertainment, Walt Disney and the Olympics.  Further, I’ve served as a Professor at leading universities in sports business, sports communication, and entertainment management.

Professional Experience:

  • CEO and Board Director: (media, ad and sports technology)
  • President and COO, Board Director:  Marvel Entertainment (comic book-superheroes development, TV, licensing and marketing)
  • President, Global Marketing and Media, National Basketball Association
  • Vice-President, Walt Disney Television (Disney Channel)
  • Chairman of the Board, USA Volleyball (national governing body of the US Olympic and Paralympics)
  • National Director, Affiliate Marketing and Strategy, Viacom (Showtime Networks)
  • Visiting Professor or Assistant Professor in executive graduate, MBA/MS degree and undergraduate programs in sports management, entertainment management, sports journalism, advanced sports research, and other business/communications topics at UMass Amherst, Marist College, Boston University, Parsons School of Design (New School).


Please note one correction that didn’t yet appear when I submitted my career summary, namely, that I served as Chairman of the Board of USA Volleyball, the governing body of the US Olympics and Paralympics Committee.
Further, through my work as President, Global Marketing and Media for the National Basketball Association (NBA), I sold/managed the corporate sponsorship and media deals through our exclusive rights representation of the USA Basketball Olympic Dream Teams for the 1992 (Barcelona) and 1996 (Atlanta) Olympics. Thank you for your support of my candidacy.