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Disc Golf Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

Disc Golf Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

New App Connects Players

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - 17:24

The following article is made possible through a paid partnership with Pure'd.

A new disc golf app, Pure’d Disc Golf, has officially launched. Pure’d aims to help existing players grow their community and looks to help new players find community in disc golf a little easier. It’s free and available to download for both iPhone & Android devices. 

When Pure’d’s founder, Caleb Rancourt, was new to his local scene he spent a lot of time at the practice basket. He would putt for 20 minutes waiting to see if someone showed up so he didn’t always have to play alone. It took a few months but he ended up meeting his two best disc golf friends and got plugged into his local club where he now serves as president. This experience inspired Pure’d’s mission – to connect disc golfers one round at a time.  

Pure’d fills a digital gap by focusing on the social and community aspect of the sport. Users can find nearby players with similar schedules & skill levels, post or join upcoming rounds, and view curated disc golf content that encourages improvement. Women in the app have a bonus feature where they can post or join “women only” rounds that are only visible to other women. 

One of the app’s biggest strengths is its simplicity. For example, it does not contain “like” buttons or comment sections. In-app messaging allows users to connect and coordinate without sharing their cell phone number. The app also – intentionally – does not include a scoring platform, so users can still use their favorite digital scoring platform when they play. 


Disc golf entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Pure’d has been Caleb’s full-time pursuit since the Fall of 2022.  Although the sport is growing quickly it is not large enough to entice outside investors. Caleb taught himself to use a software program and built a prototype to reduce costs. He found a developer to build the app, secured a substantial business loan to fund the project, and led the UI/UX team to further reduce costs. It is still just him running the day-to-day although Madison Walker, Chandler Fry, Erika Stinchcomb, and Gregg Barsby have joined the team as Pro Ambassadors.   

Pure’d is just getting off the ground but new features are scheduled to be released later this year.  Start using Pure'd with your friends, to coordinate cards for flex starts, and let’s play more often with more people!  

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