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5,000 Sanctioned Events: A New Milestone

A new record for events in a year has been set.

As of July 13th, over 5,000 PDGA sanctioned events are officially on the calendar for 2021 all across the globe. These events include tournaments in 44 countries, ranging from leagues to majors.

The 5,000th event is “Flex Start - Le Phé-Nominingue - Golf Course” a C-Tier in Nominingue, Quebec, Canada slated for October 22. 

The old record of 4,651, set in 2019, was eclipsed during the PDGA Professional World Championships in late June. With five full months left for event sanctioning, this new benchmark stands to grow further.

Here are how the events break down by tier so far in 2021:

Tier Events
League 680
C 3001
B 1130
A 162
Elite 18
Major 9

Take a look at the year-by-year progression of this number since 2010:

Event Growth

*2021 PDGA sanctioned event total as of July 13

Thank you to all of the tournament directors, volunteers, and of course, all of the players, that have made this milestone possible.

See more events and demographics info in the 2020 PDGA Year End Demographics report »

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