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The Explosive Growth of Disc Manufacturing

Story written by our friends at the Infinite Discs Blog. Photo of Dynamic Discs warehouse by Bobby Brown. 

PDGA Disc Approval Rate

As disc golf becomes undeniably more popular, more discs enter the disc golf scene, vying for space in disc golfers bags. These facts about how many discs are being approved today, vs just 10 years ago may blow your mind.

1964 – 1987 Disc Approval Numbers

According to the list of PDGA approved discs (found here), the first approved disc was in 1964. That disc was named, according to the sheet “Professional” and was made by Wham-O / DTW. Twenty three years later, at the end of 1987 that number had grown to 71 approved discs.

Discs Approved Today

Fast forward to 2013. In 2013 alone, there were 73 PDGA approved discs, and as of October 15th, 2014 there are 70 PDGA approved discs in 2014. Since January 1, 2013 there have been 143 PDGA approved discs. In all, there are 686 PDGA approved discs. Nearly 21% of approved discs in the market, have come within the last two years. This does not take into account the large number of discs which were once approved, but no longer in production. Were currently produced discs only taken into account, the percentage would be much higher.

Disc Approval Rate Per Year, by Decade

One final way to look at how disc production has changed, is to view the average number of discs approved per year, during a given decade.

  • 1960’s: .2 discs per year, or 1 disc every 5 years.
  • 1970’s: 1.6 discs per year.
  • 1980’s: 6.9 discs per year.
  • 1990’s: 10.6 discs per year.
  • 2000’s: 23.6 discs per year.
  • 2010’s: 51.6 discs per year. (to date)

Disc Brand Increase

  • In the history of PDGA approved discs, 48 different brands have produced discs all time.
  • Within the last two years (after October 15, 2012) 27 of those 48 brands have produced a new approved disc.
  • 21 brands have not produced a new model within the last two years, either because they no longer manufacture, or they have not expanded their lineup.
  • Within the last two years, of the 27 that have made an approved disc, 14 of those brands had never created a disc previously. Over half of the brands creating new models today, did not exist before October 2012.

Brand status for the last 2 Years

New Brands Older than 2 years with 1 or more new models No new models within 2 years
Axiom Discs CHING Sports 080 Disc Golf
Deity Discs Disc Golf Association ABC Discs
DMI Sports Discmania Aerobie
Dynamic Discs Discraft Crosslap Discgolf Parks
Essential Discs Gateway Disc Sports Daredevil Discs
Eurodisc Innova-Champion Discs Disc Golf Aotearoa
HOLE9 sarl Latitude 64 Discwing
Kastaplast Legacy Discs DKG Disc Sports
Obsidian Discs Oy Millennium Golf Discs Dynamic/Destiny Discs
Paradigm Disc Golf MVP Disc Sports Ferris State University
Prodigy Disc Prodiscus " Hero Leports Co., Ltd.
Salient Discs Vibram Disc Golf Lightning Discs
UB Disc Golf – Hand Candy Westside Golf Discs Pacific Cycle
Yikun Sports   Plastic Paradise
    Quest Applied Technologies
    Rip Disc Golf
    Snap Discsports
    20. Wham-O / DTW

Discs Approved Since October 15, 2012

The entire list of 160+ discs that have been approved since 10/15/2012 can be viewed at the bottom of the Infinite Discs Blog.



what is the difference between Dynamic Disc and Dynamic/Destiny Disc? Also how can one company take part of another companies name to make another company making similar products?

Dynamic Discs, the company you know of today based out of Emporia, KS is not the same sa Destiny/Dynamic Disc. Destiny is no longer in business. I'm not sure I understand your second question but you should start by contacting whatever company has the name you'd like to borrow from.

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