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PDGA Disciplinary Action Form

The procedures set forth in the PDGA Disciplinary Process are meant to deal with extraordinary disciplinary matters that cannot be handled using the Official Rules of Disc Golf or Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events. If in the course of a PDGA sanctioned event, a member takes an action that is disruptive to the event and that is not specifically addressed within the PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf or Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events, that action may be reported to the PDGA within 30 days by any active PDGA member who witnessed the incident. If you are the tournament or league director, the incident should also be noted in the event report.

Your name and contact information will be kept confidential.

Please describe the circumstances leading to this submission in detail, including event name and the names of all relevant parties as well as your recollection of the facts as they occurred.

Witness names and contact information will be kept confidential.

Note: If the incident is not related to the single event referenced above and the active member demonstrates a pattern of behavior that is inconsistent with the well being of the PDGA or another active member(s), an active member may petition the DC to carry out a disciplinary investigation of that member. Such a petition must include contact information and signatures of at least 10 active members who witnessed the incident.