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DiscGolfer Magazine Gets A Digital Makeover

DiscGolfer Magazine has been a staple item for PDGA members since its first official publication in 2009. As the demand for digital versions of printed publications continues to grow, the time has come for us to offer fans of disc golf everywhere, access to editions from their computers, smart phones, and tablets.

With that said, we’re very excited to announce that back-issues of DiscGolfer Magazine are now available for free to the general public in a feature-filled online digital format! Unlike the printed version of the magazine, members AND non-members alike have instant access to the digital archives.

A link to the DiscGolfer Magazine archives is available from the Media link in the main menu of You'll find a carousel with clickable cover images of each of the issues available in the archive. Below are a few tips that will help you navigate through the pages of the magazine quickly and easily.


The Basics

  • Computer users can click on arrows on the sides of the screen to turn the pages, or simply use the left and right arrows on the keyboard.
  • Mobile users on phones and tablets, in portrait or landscape mode, can swipe left and right to turn the pages.
  • Click or touch anywhere on the screen to reveal the toolbars at the top and bottom of the page. To hide the toolbar, simply click or touch anywhere on the screen again.
  • Article titles on the front cover and in the table of contents are clickable links to the exact location of the article in the magazine.

Top Toolbar Features

Asterisk/Snowflake Icon:
Allows users to select a specific page of the magazine using thumbnail page previews, or to select a different edition of the magazine entirely, and subsequently any page of that edition.

Reveals a list of all the companies that placed ads in the edition of the magazine that is being viewed with clickable thumbnail images that take you to the page where the ad can be seen in full size.

Displays a text-style clickable Table of Contents list for the magazine currently being viewed. Large thumbnail images of the front cover from other editions can be selected on the left to reveal the Table of Contents for that specific edition.

Note: To switch from a Table of Contents list to a thumbnail list of all the pages, click the Pages icon in the top right.

Bottom Toolbar Features

Go To Page:
Reveals a slider bar with thumbnail page previews as you drag the bar to different sections of the magazine.

Full Screen:
Allows for full screen viewing (computer users only). Use the Escape key on the keyboard to revert back to standard viewing.

Share: See section below.

Displays a text box for searching through the magazine with filtering options. By default the results displayed will only be from the issue currently being viewed. Clicking on “Publication” and running a search will list results from every available issue where the keyword was found. Results are listed with a preview of the sentence/phrase where the search term was located, and a clickable thumbnail to the left that will take you directly to the respective page.

Toggle the Single/Spread option to choose how to display the magazine on your computer, smart phone or tablet. “Single” will show only one page (best for portrait mode on phones and tablets). “Spread” will display two pages at a time, as if you were reading an open magazine.

Note: The “Language” option only changes the language for text used in the toolbar and toolbar features. The magazine itself is currently only available in English.

Share! Share! Share!

One of the best features of the digital DiscGolfer Magazine archive is the Share icon located on the right of the bottom toolbar. This allows for sharing by email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Users are given the choice of sharing a link to a specific page of the magazine, or sharing a link to the entire issue.

Feel free to use this feature to share your favorite articles, pictures, or even advertisements with your friends, family, and the disc golf population in general. This is yet another great way to continue spreading the word about the great sport that is disc golf!

We hope everyone enjoys the newly available digital versions of DiscGolfer Magazine. If you have any questions or comments, send an email to the PDGA Media Manager.