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Be a Hott Shott

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your club?

Well, Hott Shott wants to help. Hott Shott is a new disc golf-based putting game that can be played indoors or outdoors, which means you can continue club activity throughout the offseason. Our goal for the initial launch is to get as many players as we can to participate in the first ever Hott Shott National and State Championships and we need your help in running a satellite event in your area. The Hott Shott National and State Championships will take place on December 14, 2013.
Through these events we aim to help you raise funds for your favorite cause, whether that goes towards improvements on your local course, donating to a local charity, or just some extra funds for your organization. It will be a virtual competition in that we will collect scores from all of the satellite events and then award titles for each State and National Champion after all scores have been tabulated.

If you are interested in hosting an event in your area, please complete an application, and email it to us at [email protected]. We will accept applications through November 20, 2013.

What is Hott Shott?

Hott Shott is a court game that requires concentration and practice. It can be played by all ages, indoors or outdoors, individually or as a team. Hott Shott uses a unique "Frisbee type" disc tossed into a catching target. (For all of us disc golfers, the “Frisbee type” disc is an Innova DX Sonic.)
A series of shots (tosses) are made from 5 different stations at a catching target. Each station is 5 feet in distance from the previous station, starting with Red at 5 feet from the target.

How do you play?

Begin at the 5 point station and throw each disc at the target one at a time. Continue through each station until all 25 discs have been thrown to complete the first inning of the round. A round is the total of two innings.

How do you score?

  • Record the number of successful throws made of each color and multiply that number by each color value. 
  • Making all discs of any color results in a bonus equal to the value of that color’s disc. 
  • Making all 25 discs results in a perfect inning bonus of 50 points. 
  • A perfect inning score, consisting of all 25 discs, all color bonuses, and the inning bonus, is 525 points. 
  • Add the two innings to determine the round total. 
  • A perfect round of 1,050 points would be making all 25 discs in both innings.

More About the Hott Shott National and State Championships
Titles to be awarded: We will honor champions for every year of age for each gender. For example, we will award a 13 year old male champion, 64 year old female champion, 37 year old male champion, etc. These winners will be emailed a printable National and/or State Champion printable certificate, will be noted on our social media streams, and will be listed on the upcoming Hott Shott website.

National Champion Prizes to be awarded: We will award prizes to the overall National Champions for each gender in five age based divisions: Overall, Senior (60+), Youth (13-17), Junior (10-12), and Cadet (9 & Under).

What’s in it for you?

The disc sets are FREE!! We are willing to rent you the 25 disc set at no charge. Further, we want you to be able to keep them after you are done. If you get 50 players to participate in your event, you get to keep the set. If you don’t meet that goal, we’ll let you purchase the set at reduced price or you can just ship it back to us at our cost.

Raise Money For Your Cause

There are few ways to use the event to make a few extra bucks.

First of all, Hott Shott will not be collecting any fees, so you can choose whether or not to charge an entry fee. Player entry fees provide a way for you to bring in some funds. You may choose to pay some of that back to the players based on the results, or you can award prizes

The event gives you an opportunity to sell sponsorships to interested parties. A local business may be interested in having their logo posted near the target where all of your participants will see. There are all kinds of options you may be able to sell sponsorships for.

Lastly, Hott Shott would like to get some video of people playing the game. So, we are running a promotion along with the National and State Championships. We will reward our Tournament Directors $1 for each video of a player competing submitted to us. If you submit 500 videos that meet the specifications, we will send you a check for $500. It’s that easy. We also require the recordings for a player to be eligible to win the National Titles so your competitors will be wanting you to record them as well.

Wow!! Three easy ways for you to raise money and, if you get 50 players or purchase the set, you will be able to run more Hott Shott events whenever you want. There are plenty of ways to continue to use Hott Shott to aid your club. You can run it as a side event at tournaments or local leagues, run Hott Shott league inside during the winter, set it up at local fairs to raise awareness for disc golf in your area, or wherever and whenever you want.

Be a Hott Shott, fill out an application, and send it in as soon as you can. There is a limit to how many Tournament Directors we can have and earlier submissions will be considered first. We can’t wait to hear from you.