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The latest World Rankings and Continental Rankings have been updated based on events and ratings through the 2012 USDGC. Will Schusterick retains the top spot in the World & North America based on his big win at the recent USDGC. Ricky Wysocki moved up to second in the World with back-to-back second place finishes in Majors at both Worlds and the USDGC. Paul McBeth holds onto second in North America on the strength of his 2012 World title. Steve BrinsterGarrett Gurthie and Cameron Colglazier made big jumps into the top 12 in the World. Also, Steve jumped into the top 5 and Cameron into the top 10 in North America.

USWDGC Champion Catrina Allen pulled even with Valarie Jenkins for tops in the World for Women. The points are a dead heat with current World Champion Sarah Hokom barely missing a triple on top by 0.1 point. These three women along with Paige Pierce have gone back and forth with major battles all year long to get to or stay at the top. Sarah Hokom moves to the top in North America followed by Catrina Allen. Five time World Champion Elaine King bounced back into the Top 10 playing well in Women's Open in both Worlds and the USWDGC this year.

Karl Johan Nybo moved into the top spot and Ragna Bygde retains her top spot in the European Rankings. Yuki Fukuhara moved to the top of the Oceanasian Rankings for women and Manabu Kajiyama retains his top spot among men.

The rankings for each continent are done with a separate procedure and set of events than the World Rankings. They are not simply a subset of the World Rankings. While many players will show up in both World and their Continental Rankings, it's sometimes confusing when some have a higher World Ranking than their Continental Ranking. That's because there are additional great players who can only play and travel enough to be ranked in their continent. And some of them have better continental records than some players with higher World Rankings.