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We've just released an updated version of the tournament administration system. It's called the PDGA Tournament Manager and it works just like the old system, only better. It includes a ton of bug fixes, it's easier to use, it's faster, and it's more mobile friendly which will make live scoring a lot less stressful. New features include a new Players information page that will highlight PDGA members who:

  1. Haven't passed the Official's Exam for NTs and Majors,
  2. Aren't current for A-Tiers and above,
  3. Have ratings that are too high for the division in which they are registered
  4. Are too young or too old for the division in which they are registered

This is just the first of many improvements in an effort to make the lives of tournament directors easier. If you have any problems using the new PDGA Tournament Manager, please don't hesitate to contact us.