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The tenth PDGA Player Ratings Update for 2020 is published.  This update includes all 2020 Excel file reports and corrections submitted by 10/08/2020 and all Tournament Manager submitted reports received by 10/11/2020.

The next TD Report and corrections submission deadline is Thursday, November 5th for Excel File TD Reports and corrections, and Sunday, November 8th for Tournament Manager submitted TD reports for the ratings update publication date on Tuesday, November 10th.

New PDGA Player Rating Updates are published on the second Tuesday of every month.  The submission deadline for emailed Excel event reports and corrections is the preceding Thursday (5 days before the publication date), and Tournament Manager submitted reports on the preceding Sunday (2 days before the publication date.)  As always, the ratings schedule may be viewed in the ratings section of the PDGA FAQ here "When are ratings updated?"


Members: If you did not yet receive credit for an event you competed in, please check the list below BEFORE contacting the PDGA Office.

  • If you are looking at the results page of a specific event, either "Unofficial Results" or "Official Results" will be displayed towards the top of the page directly below the "Event Info" section.  If the event is listed as "Unofficial Results" then it has not yet been included in a published ratings update.
  • Check the "Status" item included in the first blue header bar to see where an "Unofficial Results" event is in the reporting process.
  • If the event is listed as "Official Results", and you don't have credit for it on your player profile, then your PDGA number may not have been submitted with the results, or we have already added your PDGA number, but after the deadline for inclusion in the ratings update.  If your PDGA number is missing, please send an email to the PDGA Tour Assistant with your name, PDGA #, and the date and name of the event(s) that your PDGA # should be assigned to.