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The Tesla, Impulse and Motion discs from MVP Disc Sports were PDGA Approved on 2-22-2014.

"The Impulse, Motion, and Tesla along with the Inertia are part of the 20mm-wing distance driver class from MVP Disc Sports.  This class of controllable distance drivers will have a wide weight range from 155g to 175g.  This allows for an unmatched GYRO™ Push to give throwers increased control in their distance drives.  The debut of this class will start with the slightly understable Inertia in late March or early April, which will be followed by the Tesla, Impulse, and Motion throughout the 2014 season.

The Impulse is the most understable version which will serve low power throwers with reliable hyzerflips for easy, accurate distance.  The Tesla is a stable flyer for high power throwers.  Power throwers can confidently throw the Tesla for long straight lines with the signature GYRO™-induced forward penetrating fade.  The Motion is the most overstable version of this class which offers reliable high speed overstability as well as a delayed dominant fade." by MVP Disc Sports

Impulse Tesla Motion
mvp_impulse.jpg mvp_tesla.jpg mvp_motion.jpg