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The El Bandito target from El Guapo Baskets was PDGA Approved at the Championship level on 8-31-2018.

"You fire, El Bandito catches. El Guapo Baskets out in the Pacific Northwest has been approved for yet another professionally welded, built in the USA, using strictly USA materials, Championship Level Disc Golf Basket. He heard the cries for a banded model and listened to his customers and fans. You will now have the option of choosing a banded basket with the latest PDGA approved design, the El Bandito, or stay with Original basket, the El Guapo Pro,  that started it all. 

The El Bandito has a 35-chain structure with Señor El Guapo’s signature inner chain deflector which provides 3 tiers of chains with 3 tiers of different tensions. Powdercoated colors, like always, are the customers choice. Contact El Guapo Baskets for more details on other products such as his El Niño Putting basket and El Guapo Mini." - by El Guapo Baskets