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The PDGA Premier Pros list (previously Touring Pros) began in 2004 as a way to recognize the sport’s top professional players.  Players qualify for the list through premier wins in recent years and their overall performance during the prior calendar year.

Due to the growth of the sport, as well as inflation since the last update to the minimum cash winnings, the PDGA is changing the criteria to qualify as a Premier Pro for the 2022 season by increasing the amount of cash winnings required to make the list. These changes are necessary to ensure the PDGA Premier Pros list remains “Premier”.

The following criteria will remain the same (all are singles competition only):

  1. PDGA World Champions for 2016-2021 in Pro Divisions
  2. United States Champions for 2016-2021 in Pro Divisions
  3. Champions of PDGA Majors (other than above) for 2016-2021 in MPO and FPO only
  4. 2021 Elite Series, EuroTour, and A-Tier Winners in MPO and FPO only
  5. Player Rating of 1000+ (Men) or 930+ (Women) as of the February 2022 Ratings Update

However, to qualify for the Premier Pro list, the players meeting criteria 1-5 above must have played a minimum of eight (8) Pro events during 2021 and have earned a minimum amount of Pro Cash winnings during 2021, which has increased to $4,500 for men and $2,500 for women.

Players who do not qualify based on criteria 1-5 above can qualify solely by earning a larger minimum amount of Pro cash during 2021, which has also increased:

  • 2021 Tour Cash Won - Male Players $6,500+, Female Players $3,000+

In all cases, a player must have been a 2021 PDGA member in good standing on December 31, 2021 to qualify for the Premier Pros list.

As well as bragging rights, PDGA Premier Pros receive a complimentary Certified Rules Official Exam and are eligible to vote on two prestigious PDGA annual awards - the Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award and the Brent Hambrick Tournament Director of the Year Award.

The 2022 Premier Pros list will be released in the spring after the February 2022 Ratings Update, which will include all event data from the 2021 season.