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After further review, the PDGA Board of Directors approved an update to the PDGA Tobacco Policy, the text of which is displayed below. The policy is effective immediately and supersedes all previously published tobacco policies. The updated policy is similar to the Tobacco Policy implemented in 2012 for PDGA Majors, but now extends to PDGA National Tour events as well any concurrent sanctioned events tied to those events. Another key change to the policy is it now applies to Event Staff, in addition to players and their caddies listed in the previous policy.

As the popularity of disc golf continues to grow, so does the amount of media coverage at these events. As we attract more youth players and spectators, as well as the attention of outside sponsors, our goal is to put forth the most professional image of the sport at our premier events. The updated Tobacco Policy is a step towards achieving that goal.

On April 18, 2017, the PDGA Board of Directors voted to extend the existing PDGA Tobacco Policy, which previously only included PDGA Major Events, to also include National Tour events, as well as any sanctioned events held concurrently with those Major and NT events. An example of a concurrent event includes, but is not limited to, running an A-Tier for other divisions while a Major or NT round is also underway.

Additionally, another update to the policy is that it now extends to event staff.

The use of tobacco products by event staff, players, and by extension their caddies, is prohibited at all PDGA Majors and National Tour events, as well as those events held concurrently with those Major and NT events, from the two-minute warning until their scorecard is turned in. This prohibition includes all smoking and chewing tobacco products (excluding nicotine gum) as well as electronic and vapor cigarettes.

For players and their caddies, any open and visual possession of any product banned under the smoking policy will be treated as a courtesy violation, and violators will be asked to put away the product until after the round has concluded. Subsequent violations will be handled per PDGA Rule 812.C with penalty throws assessed and repeated violations may result in disqualification in accordance with Competition Manual Section 3.03 - Player Misconduct.

A Tournament Director may opt to provide designated smoking areas out of the public eye for players, caddies, and event staff to use during the round, and all rules concerning the pace of play still apply (Competition Manual 3.02). In cases where local laws and policies conflict with this policy, please contact the PDGA Tour Manager for guidance.

Updated v4 (1/5/2018) for 2018 PDGA Tour Year

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