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Matts Bengtsson #2705

  • Hall of Fame Class: 2005
  • PDGA #: 2705
  • Birth Year: 1963
  • Hometown: Ystad, Sweden

Matt Bengtsson has been a spark of enthusiasm for international disc golf. His hard work and selfless development of disc golf have taken the Swedish game to a new level. Mats has been an ambassador of good sportsmanship. He displayed his high caliber game and specialty as a backhand roller during extensive American tours. His solid game earned him a disc golf titles at the 1989 WFDF Overalls and at two European Championships. Mats' initiatives include directing the Lundagolfen and Helsingborg Open tournaments. Mats was an early Swedish link with the PDGA and the first PDGA Coordinator for his country. The longevity of his Knickarps Frisbee Golf Mekka imports is an example of his persistence. Mats is a role model for disc golfers because he made his hopes and dreams a reality.