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Dr. Stancil Johnson #9

  • Hall of Fame Class: 2003
  • PDGA #: 9
  • Birth Year: 1933
  • Hometown: Carmel, CA, USA

Dr. Stancil Johnson known as an artist of life and the flying disc, is a pioneer of competitive disc golf. Stan holds many overall titles. Dedicated to research, he is a renowned disc golf historian. Stancil authored Frisbee A practitioner’s manual and definitive treatise. He penned with eloquence the beauty of flying discs, "When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee". He was instructor of a disc golf class at California State University. He is recipient of the Jim Olsen Senior Award. Stancil Johnson will forever be known as a Hall of Fame mentor.

Dr. Stancil Johnson (left) and Don Dillion (right) showing they still have game using "old school" plastic at the 2010 Pro Worlds.