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Dr. Stancil Johnson #9

  • Hall of Fame Class: 2003
  • PDGA #: 9
  • Birth Year: 1933
  • Hometown: Carmel, CA, USA

Dr. Stancil Johnson known as an artist of life and the flying disc, is a pioneer of competitive disc golf. Stan holds many overall titles. Dedicated to research, he is a renowned disc golf historian. Stancil authored Frisbee A practitioner’s manual and definitive treatise. He penned with eloquence the beauty of flying discs, "When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee". He was instructor of a disc golf class at California State University. He is recipient of the Jim Olsen Senior Award. Stancil Johnson will forever be known as a Hall of Fame mentor.

Dr. Stancil Johnson (left) and Don Dillion (right) showing they still have game using "old school" plastic at the 2010 Pro Worlds.

Disc Golf Hall of Fame