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Rick Rothstein #2458

  • Hall of Fame Class: 1996
  • PDGA #: 2458
  • Birth Year: 1948
  • Hometown: Kansas City, MO, USA

Without doubt, Rick Rothstein represents one of the most influential figures in disc golf. As a writer, publisher and historian, Rick stands alone as an instrumental communications force that has helped disc golf to grow. Publishing the sport's only quarterly magazine for more than 12 years, Rick's Disc Golf World News has been covering the realm of disc golf even before there was a PDGA newsletter! And while Rick has dedicated his life and livelihood to disc golf, he also has had his share of birdies, claiming several impressive Masters titles in the past decade.A man who stands up for what he believes is in the sport's best interest, Rick's strong voice has informed, educated and inspired disc golfers all over the globe. His efforts have required a burning dedication that has been matched by only a few loyal souls in the sport, and it's hard to find anyone who doesn't respect, honor and praise what Rick Rothstein has done and continues to do for disc golf.