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2019 Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles Info

2019 Pro Worlds Mixed Doubles Info

Last updated: Friday, August 2, 2019 - 13:27

Event Info

  • Saturday, August 10, 2019
  • Peoria, IL
  • Northwood Park Disc Golf Course

PDGA Pro Worlds Doubles Format

The PDGA Worlds Doubles format is designed to ensure that the results accurately reflect a team performance by using both partner’s skills and abilities to contribute to the team’s score.

Round 1 - Modified Best Throw

  • The format for the first round is Modified Best Throw where both partners may throw from the tee, but at no time may a single partner’s tee throw be used for three consecutive holes. If one partner’s tee throw has been used for two consecutive holes, the other
    partner’s tee shot MUST be used on the next hole.
  • After the tee-off, both partners make the next throw and the rest of the hole is completed using regular Best Throw format where the team determines which partner’s lie to throw from.
  • The scorecard contains an area to easily keep track of which partner’s tee throw was used on each hole.
  • Using the same partner’s tee throw on a third consecutive hole is considered a misplay on that hole and a two-throw penalty will be assessed.

Round 2 - Modified Alternate Throw:

  • The format for the second round is Modified Alternate Throw where the tee throw alternates between the two team members.
  • After the Tee off, the partners alternate throws just as in normal Alternate Throw.
  • Which partner tees off on each hole is designated on the scorecard.
  • Using the wrong partner’s throw on any hole is considered a misplay on that hole and a two-throw penalty will be assessed.