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2014 Major and NT Schedule Set, A-Tier Submissions Sought

The 2014 PDGA Major and NT schedule has been finalized with ten (10) PDGA Majors and eight (8) PDGA National Tour Elite Series events and is shown below. It is now time for Tournament Directors wishing to run a SuperTour A-Tier event to submit their request to the PDGA office for approval and scheduling. Those Tournament Directors who have previously run a successful A-Tier, or have a proven track record of a number of years running a successful, well-received, B-Tier, may now make a request for A-Tier status for their event.

Date Tier Event Location
Feb 26-Mar 1 National Tour The Memorial presented by Discraft Fountain Hills/Scottsdale, AZ
Mar 21-23 National Tour Texas State Championships Round Rock, TX
Apr 4-6 Major World Amateur Doubles Mt. Vernon, TX
Apr 16-19 Major National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships N. Augusta, SC
Apr 25-27 Major Tim Selinske US Masters Championship Tulsa, OK
May 16-18 National Tour "Steady" Ed Masters Cup Santa Cruz, CA
Jun 5-8 Major The Japan Open Tochigi, Nasu Highlands, Japan
Jun 6-8 Major US Amateur Disc Golf Championships Milford, MI
Jun 20-22 National Tour Kansas City Wide Open Kansas City, MO
Jul 3-6 National Tour Vibram presents the Maple Hill Open Leicester, MA
Jul 17-20 Major European Major Sweden
Jul 19-26 Major PDGA Amateur and Junior World Championships Minneapolis, MN
Aug 1-3 National Tour Fort Steilacoom Open Fort Steilacoom, WA
Aug 9-16 Major PDGA Professional World Championships Portland OR
Aug 30-31 National Tour Brent Hambrick Memorial Open Columbus, OH
Sep 5-7 National Tour Rochester Flying Disc Open Rochester, NY
Sep 19-21 Major US Womens Disc Golf Championships Appling, GA
Oct 1-4 Major US Disc Golf Championships Rock Hill, SC

Please note that there are changes in the 2014 Tour Standards that will affect A-Tiers in 2014:

  • The mileage restrictions have been relaxed. A-Tiers must now be 1,250 miles from a PDGA Major, 750 miles from a National Tour Elite Series, and 300 miles from another A-Tier.
  • The Minimum Added Cash to the Pro Purse for an A-Tier has been increased to $2000.
  • An A-Tier MUST upload their unofficial results at the end of each day of competition. 
  • An A-Tier MUST still submit a completed TD Report via email to the PDGA office within 48 hours of completion of the event.

With the current growth in the number of courses and tournament players, the PDGA Tour will easily surpass the 2,000 event mark in 2014. The only thing that isn’t growing concerning the event schedule is the number of weekends available in the year. Despite the somewhat relaxed mileage restrictions, it will still be difficult to fit the A-Tiers into the schedule, so it is critical that TDs submit AT LEAST two possible dates for their event, preferably three. The days of “I’ve always had my event on this weekend” are simply gone - single date submissions (except for concurrent amateur A-Tiers being run with an NT) will NOT receive priority over other events.

The below information is required and must be submitted to the PDGA Tour Manager via email no later than Friday, November 8th to be considered for A-Tier status in 2014. Please note that submission of a request is NOT a guarantee of A-Tier status, some events will still be required to run as B-Tiers in 2014.

The 2014 A-Tier Request form may be downloaded in MS Word format. Or you can cut-and-paste the information below into an email message.

  • Date #1:
  • Date #2:
  • Date #3:
  • If only one date submitted, explain why:
  • # of days of play:
  • Total # of holes to be played:
  • Pro, AM, or Pro/AM:
  • # of available Pro spots:
  • # of available Amateur spots:
  • Course(s) to be used:
  • Any other important format info:
  • Name of the Tourney:
  • Previous Name of the Tourney (if changed):
  • Number of years previously ran and at what Tier level:
  • Tourney City, State and Zip:
  • TD Name:
  • TD PDGA #:
  • TD Phone:
  • TD Email: