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2012 PDGA Players of the Year and Rookies of the Year

2012 PDGA Players of the Year and Rookies of the Year

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 15:34

PDGA members playing in the Men’s and Women’s Open Pro divisions are eligible for Player of the Year awards by earning POY/ROY points based on their place of finish in PDGA B-Tiers and above.  Additional bonus points are earned by top ten finishers in categories such as Annual Rating, Total Earnings, Total Wins, Earnings Average, and Winning Average.

2012 Players of the Year

The PDGA is pleased to announce that the 2012 PDGA Female Player of the Year is Catrina Ulibarri (#44184) from Phoenix, AZ who, interestingly enough, was the 2011 Female Rookie of the Year. Catrina earned an impressive 426 POY/ROY points during 2012 which was a full 100 points more than runner-up Val Jenkins.  Catrina had the most tournament wins amongst the ladies, including the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship, two National Tour Elite Series events, eleven A-Tiers, and six B-Tiers. (C-Tiers are not included in the POY/ROY points.) Catrina had four additional top-four finishes at National Tour events and placed 3rd at the PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships in Charlotte, NC. Catrina was also first in 2012 Total Earnings and had the second highest Annual Rating of 965 (Val was first with a 975 annual rating.)

The PDGA is also pleased to announce that the 2012 PDGA Male Player of the Year is Ricky Wysocki (#38008) of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Like Catrina, Ricky was also last year’s Rookie of the Year winner. The men had a much tighter POY/ROY race than the women, with Ricky earning the title with 317.66 points, only 11.66 points ahead of runner-up Will Schusterick. Ricky’s consistency throughout the year, and almost twice as many tournament wins, ultimately won him the title over Will. Although he was only third in total wins in 2012, he made them count with fourteen of them counted towards POY/ROY points by winning a National Tour, seven A-Tiers and six B-Tiers.  Ricky had both the second highest earnings total in 2012 and the second highest annual rating of 1043 (3 points behind Will Schusterick’s 1046.) When Ricky wasn’t winning events, he was coming very close as he also had twelve second-place finishes in 2012 including four A-Tiers, a National Tour, the United States Disc Golf Championships, and the PDGA Pro World Disc Golf Championships.

Congratulations to Catrina Ulibarri and Ricky Wysocki – your 2012 PDGA Players of the Year!

2012 Rookies of the Year

Annual Rookie of the Year titles are presented to the female and male rookie professional class players who earned the most POY/ROY points during the calendar year.

The PDGA is pleased to announce that the 2012 Female Rookie of the Year is Melynda Apton (#31072) of Dover, Delaware. Melynda was second in total wins for the year and counted three A-Tier wins and eight B-Tier wins in 2012 towards her 189 POY/ROY points. She also played in three National Tour events and two Majors and finished in the top ten at each including a sixth place finish at the PDGA Pro World Disc Golf Championships. Melynda was also sixth in Winning Percentage and ninth in Total Earnings. Overall Melynda placed fifth in total POY/ROY points, quite a start for a rookie after winning the Advanced Women World title in 2011!

The PDGA is also pleased to announce that the 2012 Male Rookie of the Year is Cameron Colglazier (#47407) of Millington, TN. Like Melynda, Cameron also had an amazing Rookie Year placing twelfth in the overall POY/ROY standings with 84 points placing him ahead of the likes of Locastro, Jenkins, and McCabe. Cameron was seventh in Total Earnings, and also seventh in Earnings per Event ratio. Cameron had six POY/ROY wins, one at an A-Tier and five at B-Tiers.  He played in the United States Disc Golf Championships and three National Tour events placing in the top ten at all four events.

Congratulations to Melynda Apton and Cameron Colglazier – the 2012 PDGA Rookies of the Year!

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