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Fling Registration

Stumptown Disc Golf is once again partnering with KEEN footwear in conjunction with Innova & Next Adventure to bring you the 2011 Beaver State Fling ( This PDGA Elite National Tour event will again take place on Milo McIver State Park’s two beautiful 18 hole courses lining the banks of the magnificent Clackamas River in Estacada, Oregon. Due to changes in the National Tour schedule, the Beaver State Fling, which traditionally had taken place on Memorial Day weekend, has been moved to the weekend of June 24th - 26th. Tournament Directors Jeff Mittl and Jeff Hagerty, who have joined forces to deliver yet another high caliber National Tour event, are hoping this schedule change will result in even better weather for this great event. The Beaver State Fling has a storied past and tradition of excellence which continues to draw top level disc golfers back to the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest year after year.

This year we plan a return to the festival feel from years past. With that objective in mind we are returning to a combined pro-am event on a single weekend. There will be plenty of side events to entertain the masses during and after rounds: including the epic mini disc golf course, a putting competition and a skills contest. We will again be using both the East and West courses which are played as pro par sixty with lengths in excess of 8000 feet. Camping will also be offered again on site this year with more space for RV’s and tent campers, including a space for Thursday camping arrivals. Reservations for the parks designated campground can be made at

We will be offering 160 Professional spots this year for the NT and 144 Amateur spots for the A-Tier event. As always, we are hoping more ladies will make the trip this year to compete for the crown and help round out the field of competitors. The professional divisions will be playing 2 rounds again on Friday, competing for the mid day tee times on Saturday. Their final round will be on Sunday to wrap up the weekend competition. The Amateur Division will be playing two rounds on Saturday with tee times. The first round will be in the morning and the second round will be in the later part of the afternoon. The third and final round will be with tee times on Sunday morning.

Professional Registration:
Due to the overwhelming demand for this event and our own desire to attract the very best players this sport has to offer, with the support of our primary sponsors, we have asked the PDGA for, and were granted, permission to institute tiered, ratings-based registration for the NT side of the event.

Here is how tiered registration will work:
Phase 1: 03/16/2011 @ 6:00pm PST - Registration opens for all 1000+ rated MPO players, plus all FPO women.
Phase 2: 03/30/2011 @ 6:00pm PST - Registration opens for all 970+ rated professional players, regardless of division, plus all age-based professional divisions.
Phase 3: 04/13/2011 @ 6:00pm PST - Registration opens for all remaining professional players.

Important Notes:
* We will have division size caps in place to ensure non-mpo divisions remain viable.
* Anyone attempting to register before their tier is open will have their registration declined.
* As per the NT agreement, we will also be holding a limited number of slots for 2011 National Tour Champions and returning 2010 Beaver State Fling MPO & FPO champions.

Professional Division Sizes:
(Note: these may change slightly based on registration trends. For example: If we receive more than 20 FPO registrations in the first phase of registration we will accept those entries.)

Division - Initial # of Slots
MPO - 80
FPO - 20
MPM - 32

This leaves 28 slots available for "other" professional divisions.

Amateur Registration:
Registration for the amateur side of this event has also proven to be quite the undertaking in the past. The event has filled so quickly that registration felt more like a case of who has the best internet connection, or who can race home to get registered in time. In an attempt to make this as fair as possible for everyone, and with the support of our primary sponsors, we have obtained permission from the PDGA to institute a lottery system for amateur registration.

We will open pre-registration on 04/01/2011 and it will remain open for two weeks. During that time period anyone who would like to play in the event can pre-register at no cost. At the end of the 2 week pre-registration window we will sort all prospective players by division and begin randomly pulling names. We will then send an email to those people containing an email link where they can formally register for the event. Players who are selected will have 2 weeks to register for the event, after which time their slot is forfeited and goes back in to the pool.

Once the event has filled, all remaining names from the initial two week pre-registration window will be randomly sorted and placed on the waiting list. If a slot opens we will pull names from the waiting list in order.

Important Notes:
* We will have division size caps in place to ensure non-MA1 divisions remain viable. We will be requiring at least 4 players in a division.
* Anyone attempting to register before their tier is open will have their registration declined.

Amateur Division Sizes:

Division - Initial # of Slots
MA1 - 72
FW1 - 16
MM1 - 32

This leaves 24 slots available for "other" amateur divisions provided the division meets the four players per division requirement.

In Closing:
We understand some people may not approve of this plan, but after much deliberation we decided this method of registration was as fair as we could possibly make it. We are also confident it will alleviate the server-load issues we have had in the past during registration. We hope people understand the dilemma we face when putting on an event with far greater demand than available spots.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the Beaver State Fling website.

Jeff Mittl & Jeff Hagerty - CO-TDs 2011 Beaver State Fling