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Ricky Wysocki #38008 continues his hold on the top spot in the PDGA World Rankings as the 2017 season unfolds. For this update, the Aussie Open and the Gentleman's Club Challenge are the only new events added so far along with rating updates for players active in events processed through the end of March. Paul McBeth #27523 slips ahead of Karl Johan Nybo #28903 into second. Simon Lizotte #8332 makes the biggest jump into fifth from fourteenth on the strength of his early season exceptionally high rated rounds.

Richard Wysocki #38008 maintains his hold on the top spot in the world for the 2016 PDGA Yearend World Rankings. Yearend rankings only include ratings and results from events and tours played during 2016 without additional weighting for more recent events the way rankings are calculated other times during a year. Karl Johan Nybo #28903 edged past Paul McBeth #27523 into second place on the strength of his much better finish in the shortened 2016 USDGC than McBeth and his increase in rating by yearend.

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Ricky Wysocki #38008 tightened his grip on the top spot in the PDGA World Rankings, opening up a significant points gap over Paul McBeth #27523 in second. The chasers, Karl John Nybo #28903, Nikko Locastro #11534, Nate Doss #11794 and Eagle Wynne McMahon #37817 in 3rd thru 6th respectively, are closely bunched in ranking points indicating more parity among those trying to catch and perhaps pass McBeth and Wysocki.

RIciky Wysocki #38008 takes the final step to the top of World Rankings with an impressive victory in Emporia, Kansas at the 2016 Pro Worlds. Paul McBeth #27523 slips to 2nd after initially torching Jones East, then fighting hard the rest of the week to catch Wysocki who wouldn't yield the lead after round 1. Nate Doss #11794 takes a big step towards the top moving up from 9th to 3rd. Two other new members in the top 10 are Eagle Wynne McMahon #37817 in 7th and Cameron Colglazier #47407 in 9th.

Paul McBeth #27523 retains his hold on the top spot in the PDGA World Rankings. RIcky Wysocki #38008 has been grinding out some impressive wins through several PDGA National Tour events this spring to close the gap in World Ranking points. Will Schusterick #29064 remains in 3rd just barely above David Feldberg #12626 who has been less active on the top tier this spring while rehabbing.

Paul McBeth #27523 continues his PDGA World Ranking reign over the disc golf domain closing out perhaps the most successful season for men in disc golf history with a record final rating of 1055. Paul swept every category used for the calculations winning every Major, ending with the highest rating and getting maximum points for NT/ET performance. Ricky Wysocki #38008 finished second and Will Schusterick #29064 in third.

Paul McBeth #27523 sweeps every ranking metric in 2015 to retain his PDGA World #1 rank after sweeping the PDGA Majors: Pro Worlds, USDGC, Aussie Open, Scandinavian Open, and European Open. McBeth also finished with the best record for the PDGA National Tour events and retained the highest player rating, setting new records along the way. Ricky Wysocki #38008 moved up into 2nd place on the strength of his runner-up finish at the 2015 USDGC, forcing Will Schusterick #29064 and Nikko Locastro #11534 down to 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Paul McBeth #27523 and Paige Pierce #29190 top the PDGA Year-end 2014 World Rankings. McBeth has completed the most dominant year ever since World Rankings were started in 2005 (Ken Climo #4297 likely has had as dominant of a year before World Rankings started). McBeth averaged just slightly under first place in the tournament and ratings elements used to calculate World Rankings. Nathan Doss #11794 ranked second, averaging around fourth place for the year. RIchard Wysocki #38008 ranked sixth may have had the second best season if you eliminate his finish at the 2014 USDGC.

Catrina Allen takes over the top spot in the Women's World Rankings following her win at Worlds.

The PDGA World Rankings have been updated for June 2014. Paul McBeth continues on Top of the World followed by David Feldberg. This is the first update of 2014 following the Japan Open, our first Major of 2014, won by Ricky Wysocki currently ranked fourth. Valarie Jenkins retained her top spot boosted by her first place finish at the Japan Open. But she's now joined by Paige Pierce who is tied with Jenkins in a dead heat for first in World Ranking points.

The rankings for North America and Europe blend player ratings with the results of the tours and major events on each continent to determine the current rankings. The rankings for Oceanasia will only use the PDGA Player Ratings for rankings until an Asian tour develops similar to the National and European Tours. For details on the ranking process for each continent, please read the Continental Ranking System document.

The current Top 10 Men and Women on each continent are shown in the tables below. Click on the links at the bottom for PDFs with complete list of ranked players including results and point scores.

Valarie Jenkins and David Feldberg top the Yearend 2010 PDGA World Rankings

What's up with rankings and ratings as we approach yearend?

Valarie Jenkins regains top spot with recent wins over Sarah Stanhope at U.S. Womens Nationals and the Augusta Classic (pictured).

New updates posted for Ratings, for World Rankings and for Players & Rookies of the Year

Record setting performances all around. David Feldberg has now tied Ken Climo with a 1044 rating, so far the best of all time. Last update, Climo called Feldberg to let him know he was still a point short when he reached 1043. (These guys watch the ratings like a hawk.) Feldberg had to play just a little bit better including Pro Worlds and finally made it. Climo first got the 1044 rating in September 2002 and held it for the next update in March 2003. We'll see if David can hold it for at least the same time period as Climo, or perhaps, can he beat the 1044?

How they work and what's been improved.

PDGA World Rankings started at the end of 2005 partly at the urging of Ken Climo after talking with me about how ratings alone didn’t indicate how players at the top actually fared when playing against each other.

PDGA World Rankings - April 2017 - Men

World Rank Prev Rank Rating* Name PDGA Adj RR Adj NET Adj USR Adj PWR Adj DGP