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Richard Wysocki #38008 maintains his hold on the top spot in the world for the 2016 PDGA Yearend World Rankings. Yearend rankings only include ratings and results from events and tours played during 2016 without additional weighting for more recent events the way rankings are calculated other times during a year. Karl Johan Nybo #28903 edged past Paul McBeth #27523 into second place on the strength of his much better finish in the shortened 2016 USDGC than McBeth and his increase in rating by yearend. Note that men with ratings over 1019 remain in the rankings even if less active or inactive on tour during a year. Even though they received penalty points for less activity, Simon Lizotte #8332 and Kyle Crabtree #25596 still made the top 15 for the year.

Catrina Allen #44184 had a great tour season to remain atop the 2016 Yearend World Rankings. Paige Pierce #29190 finished second with solid finishes even without winning a Major or Tour category. Pierce edged out Valerie Jenkins #17495 and Sarah Hokom #34563 who finished 3rd and 4th, each winning 2016 Pro Worlds and 2016 U.S. Women's titles, respectively. Yuki Fukuhara #8200 edged into 15th place simply on the strength of her yearend rating where women with ratings over 919 are still ranked even if less active on tour.

It was more challenging to properly rank the women during the 2016 tour year. They had no Majors other than the annual USWDGC and Worlds and no division in the Disc Golf World Tour. For rankings during 2016, we included the 2015 European and Scandinavian Open Women's results in their rankings (with less weight) like we've done in the past for the Japan Open held every two years. However, these results were excluded in these yearend rankings. They were based only on 2016 play. Madison Walker #59431 moved up to 6th from her previous ranking of 12th once the 2015 events were removed from every woman's stats for these final 2016 rankings.

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