Introduction to PDGA Sanctioned Disc Golf Leagues

You may already have some sort of local disc golf league play or ‘action’ in your area.  We are going to make your league better by offering PDGA player ratings to the equation.  Chuck and Roger’s rating system is arguably the most exciting part of being a member. It’s always fun to go online and see what your rounds end up being rated.  Some area leagues offer pseudo ratings but PDGA leagues are going to offer official ratings that will actually affect your player rating.  This is beneficial in many ways;

  • It gives players more rated rounds that equates to more accurate player ratings.
  • It will allow offering handicap events which are popular with recreational players. 
  • It helps to determine which division is best suited for players.

I was involved in a very successful club in Tulsa and I really have a strong desire of wanting to help strengthen clubs and leagues. Giving something back to the club is essential to making the PDGA work for them.   Here are some of the benefits the clubs will get out of the running leagues.

  • Special Promotional PDGA Membership Discounts
  • ½ of the $1 league fee stays with the league for course improvements, baskets, charities, etc.
  • Exposure and advertising for your league through

Here is how PDGA Sanctioned Leagues are going to work.  Leagues can be anywhere from 6-10 weeks. Ratings work much the same way as singles events do; a minimum of 3 propegators must participate in order for the round to be rated, and ALL players must play the same course. For now, all leagues must be singles play, but different formats are being explored for future sanctioned league rounds. For more information, check out the FAQ's.

  • Anyone interested in becoming a league director can contact the PDGA Office with questions.
  • It will be a $25 PDGA sanctioning fee
  • The PDGA will provide the league director a League Director Spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet will be able to track the results of your league auto-magically.
  • Each league then is able to view results on the league page on

The League Director will receive a simplified TD report in Excel spreadsheet format.  It’s a very simple page that just tracks names and scores, for uploading to the PDGA website.  And, for the more dedicated TD's that want to input more data it can be used  to track more detailed stats like your Birdies, Bogies,  wins, losses, etc. 

Format is singles only. Eventually other formats will be incoorporated as well to include:

  • Handicapped leagues
  • Global league where you can compete against players across your state or all over the world
  • Team leagues where teams will play against other teams in a match play system
  • Doubles leagues and Mulligans

So if you like this idea and want to see the PDGA grow, buy into this plan, and start a disc golf league in your area.   I guarantee this is a great path for us to develop on a local level. My belief for true growth of the PDGA is grassroots involvement- the home town recreational players.  There are a lot of players that may have family, job, and responsibilities at home, and they can’t chase their disc golf dreams every weekend. The PDGA leagues are going to provide the platform for the home town heroes to compare themselves to the top pros.  Even if it’s just compared by a rating, it will be a great method of promoting the sport locally and players will see more value out of their memberships. 

— Kevin McCoy